Lesson 3: Animals & Habitats 1. PPT – Animal Matching a.

Students are shown images of animals and they should be able to call out their names. b. Students will be given an example of an animal’s habitat, lifespan, diet, size & weight, threats 2. True or False Game a. Students are given T/F worksheets with statements regarding the animal we discussed as an example. b. Students will add up the points and see who won. 3. Handouts – Animals a. Students will read about their animals and answer questions on the worksheet. 4. Animal Kingdom Project (Markers Like Paint) a. Student will draw as much information about their animals with color markers. b. Students will use wet paintbrushes to smear the colors and create their picture. 1. Lucky Sentence Game (Finish from previous class) a. Students will be writing compliments (2 times) on paper strips. b. They will keep one and give the other to the teacher c. Students will read their strips to another student and exchange it. d. They need to continue until the teacher tells them to stop. e. The teacher will read the lucky sentence. They win! 2.

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