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PAIN, PAIN & PAIN ALL AROUND! *************************** **
Child rushes to mother for solace, Screaming with pain after tumbling over stone. Adolescent shares his pains with, New friends when old selfish leave him alone. Young suppresses another type of pain, Who's beloved marries someone else & is gone. Old bemoans rattling joints pains, Are dutifully supplied painkillers & left alone. Parents are painful that their children, Don't pay due deserving regards nor look after them, Wives are painful that their husbands, Either desert or torture or beat or ignore them. Husbands are painful that their wives, Are more demanding & are not honest to them. Children are painful that their parents, Allow not full freedom leaving everything to them. Leader is pained when, In spite of using all resources, election is lost. Pleader is pained when, In spite of best of his arguments, the case is lost. Doctor is pained when, In spite of his best, the patient breathes his last. Contractor is pained when, In spite of greasing palms the tender is not cast. Producer is pained on learning that, His best envisaged release stands flopped. Hero is pained on learning that, From his best cherished role he stands dropped. Singer is pained on learning that, His best sung melody is not applauded. Director is pained on learning that, His ever best direction effort stands flopped. All complain of pain, pain & pain all around! Yet everyone is haunted by the ultimate painless state, Free from pain to lie in permanent rest on ground! Bravo! Face all types of bullets of pains of life, Like soldier in war before falling on ground. Ideal painkiller is, how best ye bear & laugh around, Ye won’t ever complain that life is painful, provided ye light The torch of mind & find happiness in abundance within & around! 7th.April, 1998. ----- By 2230 Hrs.MUMBAI , INDIA. V.K.Saini -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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