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Brian Chesney

The College of New Jersey
Ewing, NJ
Degree: Bachelor's of Music in Music Education (Saxophone Concentration !"#: $%&'&
New Jersey Certified Teaching License (anticipated summer 2014
New Jersey !u"stitute Teacher #$%&'!( )usic Content *nowledge
June ((, )*() Score:('+
+arassment 'ntimidation and Bullying (,ecem"er 2012
Student ,eaching -all )*($:
./$ !eneral Music
!lac-wood !chool
0awrence, NJ
Cooperating ,eacher: ,an1a Da2on
Successfull1 taught general 2usic lessons to classes that included 2ainstrea2ed special
education students as well as self contained special education classes%
3 4
!rade 5nstru2ental Music
)ontgomery .pper )iddle !chool
Montgo2er1, NJ
Cooperating ,eacher: 6on 7eller
Conducted 8,hree #1res fro2 !loucester9 and 8Bosnian -ol: Songs9 in the winter
;or: Experience:
La-e /iew ,ay Camp0 1ast Brunswic-0 NJ
June 20123#resent
6esponsi<le for twel=e to eighteen +/(( 1ear olds including 2ainstrea2ed special needs children%
Coached sports tea2s and lead acti=ities including 2usic, sports, swi22ing, and art% "erfor2ed
in the ca2p <and%
)usic Teacher
The 1dison !chool of )usic and ,ance0 1dison0 NJ
January 20103present
,aught $* />* 2inute pri=ate lessons on piano, guitar, <ass, and dru2 set% ;or:ed with a wide
range of students fro2 different socioecono2ic classes including students <etween the ages of >/
!u"stitute Teacher
June 20123#resent
"u<lic school su<stitute teacher% 6esponsi<le for children grades :/()% ,aught lessons in =arious
su<@ects including 2usic, English, ph1sical education, and 2ath% Conducted the #=enel Middle
School <and for se=en rehearsals in June )*($%
Computer La" Technician
The College of New Jersey0 1wing0 NJ
%ugust 20113)ay 2014
Co2petent in <oth Mac and "C s1ste2s, as well as a wide =ariet1 of software% .nowledgea<le
a<out the installation and 2aintenance of =arious t1pes of hardware, as well as printers%
6elated Experiences:
4uest Conductor #ennsyl5ania %5enue !chool0 Colonia0 NJ
and 6
grade Band
Conducted Ja2es SweringenAs 8,he BluesB9 in rehearsals and in concert
!ocial )edia78e" Chairperson
New Jersey )usic 1ducators %ssociation Collegiate Chapter
%ugust 20123)ay 2014
6an the we<site, twitter, and -ace<oo: page for the NJME# Collegiate chapter% "articipated in
e<oard 2eetings and conference planning% "resided o=er two sessions at the )*(? NJME#
conference and spo:e at the collegiate luncheon%
#resident (20123120 /ice #resident (2012314
National %ssociation for )usic 1ducators TCNJ Collegiate Chapter
%ugust 20103)ay 2014
Made executi=e decisions for student run organiCation% Successfull1 organiCed e=ents,
fundraisers, concerts, wor:shops, and audition da1s%
TCNJ )artellatos Bell Choir
%ugust 20113)ay 2012
6esponsi<le for recording the finances of ,he College of New Jerse1As student /run <ell choir%
6esponsi<le for the organiCationAs <an: account, as well as contacting the ,CNJ Student -inance
Board% Successfull1 <alanced the )*((/() <udget and filled out expense reDuest for2s for )*()/
#ri5ate )usic Teacher
June 201132012
,each $*/>* 2inute, wee:l1 <ass guitar lessons% ;as successful in teaching 21 student all his
2a@or scales and how to read the <ass clef%
/acation Bi"le !chool Teacher7)usic !pecialist
July 2009 3%5enel #res"yterian Church0 %5enel0 NJ
July 200:0 July 200;0 July 2012 3 New ,o5er .nited )ethodist Church0 1dison0 NJ
6esponsi<le for teaching lessons to children ages $/() for one wee: during the su22er% ,aught
songs and choreograph1 to children ages $/()%
Conferences #ttended
New Jersey )usic 1ducator<s %ssociation Conference (20120 2014
#ttended 2an1 sessions and tal:s% "resided o=er two sessions at the )*(? conference%
College Band ,irector<s National %ssociation 1astern ,i5ision Conference (2014
"erfor2ed with the ,CNJ ;ind Ense2<le and attended tal:s <1 nota<le 2usic educators,
co2posers, and scholars such as !unther Schuller, John Mac:e1, and Da=id #2ra2%
Nota<le "erfor2ance #cco2plish2ents:
/"erfor2ed 8,he Star Spangled Banner9 at Citi -ield with the ,CNJ Saxophone Euartet <efore a NF Mets ga2e%
/"rincipal #lto Saxophone in the ,CNJ ;ind Ense2<le
/-irst ,enor Saxophone in the ,CNJ JaCC Band
/"erfor2ed at 0incoln Center with the ,CNJ Chorale
/7eld a saxophone 2asterclass at ,CNJ's spring )*(? 7igh School Band -esti=al
/"erfor2ed throughout New Jerse1 in =arious roc: and reggae groups