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Unplug computer from all power sources

Use screw driver to open one side of computer

Slide panel open and you will see the interior of your computer
Remove power cables that go to the different drives (remember where they go or create a
small diagram so you know where to put them when you are finished cleaning)
Use canned air to remove dust particles inside
Re-attach the drive cables
Close panel
Use canned air to clean USB ports, and plug outlets
Use a slightly damp (not wet) cloth to wipe down front and sides of the outside case (do
not use damp cloth on the back of the computer or any place where plugs or USB cords
go and make sure your computer is unplugged before you start)
Polish case with a Static free, lint-free dry cloth
How to clean your keyboard
Unplug keyboard from computer
Use canned air or vacuum to blow out dust particles in between the keys while holding
the keyboard on its side or upside down
Use a slightly damp, lint-free cloth to wipe down (NOT WET
Polish with dry static-free cloth
How to clean your computer screen
Unplug computer
Unplug your computer screen from the wall and from computer (for wireless screens
unplug the router)
Gently remove dust with canned air
Use a slightly damp (not wet) lint-free cloth to wipe down screen and case
Gently wipe screen dry with static free, lint-free cloth
Gently polish case with static free, lint-free cloth
Re-attach cords, plug and router
What to do After you finish cleaning your computer
Shut down and Restart your computer

How to clean your PC.
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