Executive Summary

In fact, for the students of BBA (Hons), the six weeks internship is a golden chance to develop the
capability and skill of administration and management in the practical environment of different
organizations. In the context, I had the honor to flourish my skills in the rich environment of Attock
Refinery Ltd.. In this six weeks of internship I had a work experience at Human Resource department of
ARL under the supervision of Senior Manager of H.R Deptt.
My learning experience with ARL begins with my joining from July 17th, 2011to August 31
, 2011. As
an Intern, I learnt to deal with different situations, different Cases that H.R Deptt. Has to face and have
experience of organization Culture. Time decision making, consistency, hard work, team work, seeking
success out of dark, innovation, creativity, organizational survival, handling conflicts and customer
handling techniques are the key learning’s.
I would like to highlight this that my experience with ARL was very memorable and full of leanings
where I found lot of positive changes in my attitude learning and behavior.HRM practices are described
in relation with their functions to improve performance. After the theory describing the HRM practices,
the HRM policies of ARL like recruitment, selection, orientation, exit interviews, training and
development, performance appraisal, empowerment, grievance handling etc. are described in detail.
After the detailed description of ARL’s HRM practices some recommendations are given to remove flaws
and for further improvement of ARL. In the end conclusion is drawn.

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