Brand new Toyota 2014 Innova E Diesel AT

Unit Price P1062,000
all in 15% down 59,000 tfsph
69,000 eastwest
3 yrs P33350
4 yrs P26357
5 yrs P22186

all in 20% down = 107,000 tfsph
3 yrs P31389
4 yrs P24807
5 yrs P20881

free items:
1 year comprehensive insurance with acts of nature
lto registration 3 years
processing fee
glass tint
floor mats
seat cover
set of tools
under coating (rust proofing)
toyota umbrella
toyota mug
10 liters of fuel
1st 1,000km and 5000km change oil labor cost only
3years warranty or 100,000kms whichever comes first

for inquiries please contact:

Gil J. Deyto
marketing professional
toyota otis inc.
1770 paz guazon st, paco manila 1007
 0917-892-0088(GLOBE)
 0922-892-0099(SUN)
 0918-321-0000(SMART)
 6322152618

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