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CMU Student Teacher Observation

Observation #: __6__

Student Teacher: Katherine Clark
Classroom Teacher: Mrs. Loomis

Date/Time/Grade 4/17/12 2nd hr MS Art Lesson:
Working with clay

Objective: Make clay pinch pots
Observer: Allen H. Strieter

Planning Identifies objective, displays mastery,
motivates & engages
Observations, suggestions, conclusions:
Katherine is always well prepared for class and her
planning for each lesson is very good. She is detailed in
her plans and she uses her time effectively. A good
variety of techniques are planned to keep the students on
task with learning taking place. Great warm up activity to
check prior knowledge of working with clay. The students
wrote on board what they knew about clay.

Teaching Multiple strategies, uses technology,
differentiates instruction, creative, reflective
Observations, suggestions, conclusions:
She is effective at reaching all students. She has that
special ability to reach every one of the students in her
class. Katherine gave two great demonstrations, one on
wedging (working out bubbles) and the second on making a
pinch pot.

Learning Environment - Classroom management, time
management, respectful, safe environment
Observations, suggestions, conclusions:
Katherine provides a learning environment that all students
can succeed in. She has found that fine line that
effective teachers have in being able to have fun, learn,
and work together with the students knowing who is in
charge. The students know when it time to buckle down and
work. She provides a comfortable environment for all
students to succeed.

Professionalism Appearance, collaboration, enthusiasm,
flexibility, confidentiality, ethical
Observations, suggestions, conclusions:
Katherine deserves the highest marks for professionalism.
She is always dressed and groomed for success. She has an
outstanding relationship with staff, administration,
parents, as well as her students. She asks for feedback,
suggestions and uses these to become a better teacher. She
is very trustworthy and dependable.

Communication Uses professional communication skills,
uses mature judgment in communication
Observations, suggestions, conclusions:
She acts professional in communicating with students,
staff, or parents. She demonstrates very good verbal and
written communication skills. Uses good clear judgment
when talking with all she comes in contact with. She uses
language and communication skills that are appropriate to
the situation.

Overall Potential: Observations, suggestions, conclusions:

Katherine will make a wonderful addition to any school.
She works hard to understand the needs of her students and
is willing to differentiate her instruction to meet the
needs of all students. Todays lesson used a variety of
ways to reach the students.( Lecture, Demonstrations, note
taking, and individual practice working the clay) She
takes the time to make sure that the individual as well as
the class understood what they learned today. You gave
excellent step by step instructions. She will take the
time to learn what is expected of her as education trends
change and be a vital part of any staff. Continue to grow
as an educator as you finish your student teaching.