Technical Department

Wireless Access Operations
Technical Department
Outages Reduction Plan
Following 3 types of faults should be reduced to
get better performance:
• Ufone DG faults at colocated sites
• Exchange DG faults
• Faults of power at WLL Independent Sites

Technical Department
Ufone DG faults at colocated sites
• Weekly meeting of PTCL field teams with
• Fortnightly meeting of PTCL HQ with Ufone.
• Battery Backup should be increased by
implementing FCB solution.
• Microwave power down at sites (I have
forgotten the context of this point)

Technical Department
Exchange DG faults
• Repair of DG sets.
• Arrangement of DG sets where unavailable.
• Arrangement of DG sets where DG sets are faulty
and irreparable.
• ATS panel functionality should be ensured at
unattended sites specially.
• Under utilized staff should be placed at unattended
• Rationalization/ Optimization of load when DG set is

Technical Department
WLL Independent Sites
• Implementation of FCB solution.
• Dual phase supply in case of single phase
connection.(I think this point is technically wrong because for BTS 3-phase
connection is required)
• Supply from two different power
routes/feeders. (I think this point is not feasible as most of the independent
sites are at far off places )
• FCB solution has been taken up with HUAWEI.

Technical Department
Top 10 worst sites
Ne Name Wireless Region Region Name Duration(min) Cause Code
Loralai Roudlin Ufone-WTRNP4095-U1483 Wireless South QTR 1869 WLL_Power:Ufone/PTML DG Fault
Mohallah_Moza_Khash_Kaba-WTRSP4117-U1443 Wireless South QTR 1128 WLL_Power:Ufone/PTML DG Fault
Fateh_Khail_Koser-NTR2P4084-U4449 Wireless North NTR-II 980 WLL_Media:DRS M/Wave Fault
BARSHORE-WTRNP2019 Wireless South QTR 1018 WLL_Media:DRS M/Wave Fault
Khipro-STR1P4159 Wireless South HYTR 1121 WLL_Media:OF Cable Cut
Huramzaii-WTRNP4090-U1449 Wireless South QTR 1047 WLL_Power:Ufone/PTML DG Fault
Khas Bara Mangla-RTRP4176-U2270 Wireless North RTR 1031 WLL_Media:DRS M/Wave Fault
Khuzdar-UFONE WTRNP4128-U1496 Wireless South QTR 1068 WLL_Power:Ufone/PTML DG Fault
Garhi Dupatta-MUZP3004 Wireless North Muzafarabad 1129 WLL_Media:DRS M/Wave Fault
MUZZAFARABAD-MUZP2001 Wireless North Muzafarabad 1128 WLL_Media:DRS M/Wave Fault
Patika-MUZP3003-U8917 Wireless North Muzafarabad 1131 WLL_Media:DRS M/Wave Fault

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