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Editor: McEvoy ]]

The buses that carry tech workers from San Francisco to Silicon Valley
might have to pay to use city bus stops, under a plan supervisors will
consider today.

Jack Detsch [[Det-CH]] reports, some housing activists want the board to
rule against the buses.

[[ Residents have argued that tech buses hogged busy intersections. In
January the city came up with a solution: charge tech companies a dollar per

But activists say the new plan was done without an environmental review--
that the buses increase pollution and housing costs.

Attorney Richard Drury is leading the appeal.
“We could identify the best places to have these stops. There are
mitigations that would allow these buses to operate in a way that
minimizes its environmental impact.”

Supervisor Scott Wiener supports the buses and says they shouldn't be the
scapegoat for San Francisco's housing woes.

For K-Q-E-D News, I’m Jack Detsch. ]]