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A detention hearing takes place today for a political consultant to San
Francisco State Senator Leland Yee, caught up with the senator in an F-B-I
corruption sting.

Keith Jackson faces charges of fraud, gun-running and a murder-for-hire

Jack Detsch reports, the consultant has been a fixture in San Francisco
politics for two decades.

[[Keith Jackson began his political career at thirty-two, winning election to
the Board of Education on a platform of "family values."

"He had not really been involved in the School District at all before his
That's Jill Wynns [Wins], also elected to the Board in 19-94. She says
Jackson, a political novice, wasn't up to the task.
"So when he got elected people were surprised. He came to the board not
very well prepared."

And... Jackson resigned three years later, briefly taking a job with the city's
Recycling Department.

He resurfaced in 20-08, when developer Lennar [LEN-arr] hired him to
champion the Hunter's Point Shipyard project in the black community.

Jim Ross, a San Francisco-based consultant, says that Jackson had
credibility as an organizer in the neighborhood.
“Of the consultants or the people that you might reach out to and hire,
especially in the Western Addition on the Bayview/Hunter's Point
Neighborhood, Keith would be really high on that list.”

Ross says in 20-10, Jackson abruptly left the political scene. According to
the F-B-I affidavit, that's right around the time he began talking to Raymond
"Shrimp Boy" Chow... also arrested in the case.

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