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[[BART Future Trains/Detsch/spot_140417

[[POSSIBLE BACKANNOUNCE: You can find locations where BART will be showcasing the
new cars at the agency's website bart-dot-gov.]]

BART riders are getting a closer look inside the transit line's new train cars
at events across the Bay Area this week.

Jack Detsch reports the proposed design is getting mixed reviews.

[[BART has ordered nearly eight-hundred new train cars, which include
digital maps, thinner seats, and doors that block noise.

The agency hopes to add over 2-hundred more cars to the order, revamping
the oldest rapid transit fleet in the U-S.

Joel Keller, President of BART's Board of Directors, says officials want to
ensure the new design works for riders.
I t's important to the Board and the staff to get it right, and be sure that
everyone has equal opportunity to access, equal opportunity to use, and
that everyone has a comfortable, comfortable ride.

Some advocates for disabled riders say the new cars don't work because
poles near the doors limit wheelchair access.

A BART official says the agency is still working on a final design.
The new trains are expected to begin running in 20-17.]]

The train cars will be on display tomorrow afternoon at the West Oakland