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FROM K-Q-E-D NEWS, I'M Stephanie Martin.

Labor talks are at a standstill between resident physicians and
management at the recently renamed U-C-S-F Benioff Children's Hospital

Jack Detsch has more.

[[The Childrens' Hospital residents are asking for a one-time bonus of 25-
hundred dollars each. Their starting salary is about 52-thousand dollars.

Chief Medical Officer David Durand says the bonus isn't possible, given a
recent drop in federal grant money.
Our financial hands are really tied and so we really don't believe we're in
a position where there's a middle ground.

But the hospital, which recently affiliated with U-C-S-F...just received a 50-
million dollar donation from Salesforce-dot-com C-E-O Marc Benioff
[BENN-ee-off] and his wife Lynne.

The hospital has rejected ten contract offers in the past year from the
Committee of Interns and Residents, which represents the doctors.

Administrators have only budged on a meals benefit.

Christiana Tai is one of ninety physicians C-I-R represents at Children's.
We just really want our voices heard and it seems like they're not hearing

Resident physicians are licensed to practice, and are completing specialty
training in pediatrics.

For K-Q-E-D News, I'm Jack Detsch.]]