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[[Immigrant Licensing/Detsch/spot_140513


From KQED News, I'm Stephanie Martin.

California lawmakers could soon allow undocumented immigrants to obtain
professional licenses for dozens of jobs.

Jack Detsch reports the proposal has already cleared the state senate.

[[Senator Ricardo Lara's bill allows immigrants here illegally to use tax I-D
numbers to get licenses for a range of jobs ... from pharmacist
to security guard.

Jazmin Segura, Policy Manager for Educators for Fair Consideration, says
the legislation will help immigrants educated in California give back to the
[Providing them with licenses would not only generate more jobs, but also
allow them to fully contribute to the State of California that has invested
in their education.]

But Ira Mehlman [MEL-men], spokesman for the Federation of American
Immigration Reform, says the proposal hurts legal residents.
[You have the state coming along and undermining them by saying 'hey,
you're going to have to compete against people who are in the country

Lara's bill now moves to the Assembly after passing the state Senate last

For K-Q-E-D News, I'm Jack Detsch.]]