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Ex-juvenile offenders currently have to pay anywhere from 85 to 210
dollars to seal their records.

Jack Detsch reports an assembly bill that would overturn the fee is scheduled
for a hearing today.

[[Getting a job or renting an apartment isn't easy in California -- and for
people with juvenile criminal records, it can be especially tough.

Former offenders CAN have their juvenile records sealed... but in most
counties, that can cost up to 150 dollars.

Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner's bill would eliminate that fee.

She says it's unfair to people who have turned their lives around.
They no longer have offended, and they have proven that - hey look, I 'm
changed my path.

Rachel Johnson-Farias [Fa-ree-yas], a fellow at the East Bay Community
Law Center, says clean records also make it easier for former offenders to
stay out of trouble.
[I t's a win that a lot of them need to continue on a path that doesn't
involve adult criminal system involvement.]

Groups opposing the bill say the law already gives local authorities the
power to waive fees.

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