What Is OracleBI Discoverer? Business Intelligence has never been easier!

Discoverer is an integrated, intuitive, and interactive business intelligence solution, giving you complete coverage of everything related to report creation and delivery, from data preparation in the database, to final presentation in an interactive dashboard. Powerful Multidimensional (OLAP) and Relational Analysis OracleBI Discoverer allows you to access Oracle's powerful multidimensional (OLAP) data sources. Users work with the OLAP query model, using their own common business terms and definitions. This allows users to quickly and easily add new analytic calculations to their reporting environment that look, feel, and operate just like stored measures and that execute directly in the database. You can also use OracleBI Discoverer to access the powerful analytic functions available for relational data in Oracle database. Leveraging the powerful OLAP and relational analysis capabilities in Oracle database has never been easier and helps you deliver quality business insight. OralceBI Discoverer allows you to create and edit, analyze and customize, and distribute and share reports built against multidimensional (OLAP) data sources, as well as relational data sources. Convenient, Personalized Dashboards Business users can access and analyze their reports from within Oracle Application Server Portal (OracleAS Portal) via a convenient dashboard presentation. For most business users, this is the easiest way to use Discoverer. You can use Discoverer's Portlet Provider to publish any existing Discoverer report to OracleAS Portal, making it easy for you to create secure and personalized dashboards that track and report the business performance measures you care about. Gauges make it easy to construct dials, which track important metrics derived from your existing Discoverer reports, with just a few steps of a wizard - absolutely no coding or technical expertise is required. Discoverer Viewer is specifically designed with the business user in mind. Its easy-to-use, pure HTML user interface provides convenient access to your reports from a standard Web browser, without the need to install any additional software on your desktop. Discoverer Viewer complements the presentation of Discoverer reports with OracleAS Portal, giving you additional capabilities, such as exporting to Microsoft® Excel or e-mailing your reports as attachments. Clicking on the Analyze link in any Discoverer report on the Portal page automatically transfers you into Discoverer Viewer. Discoverer Viewer's interactive reporting environment lends itself to self-service business intelligence. You can easily make report changes to customize information to your needs. Don't like the chart type used in the report? Change it! Need to run the report for a different department or add "traffic light" formatting to spot trends? Done. Leverage the business insight you find by exporting your reports to Excel, HTML, PDF, or other popular file formats. You can even send these files as e-mail attachments directly within Discoverer Viewer, making your organization more productive. Because Discoverer is integrated with the other tools in the Oracle Application Server suite, you can take advantage of powerful distribution capabilities. A simple wizard lets you publish any existing Discoverer report or chart to OracleAS Portal, making it easy to create secure, personalized dashboards that track business performance measures. At a glance, you and your team can take the pulse of your business. Easily Create Powerful Reports Discoverer Plus is Oracle's Web-based report authoring tool for nontechnical users. It is designed for report creators who need a productive, easy-to-use reporting tool. In addition to efficient, interactive report layout and formatting capabilities, Discoverer Plus helps you find business insight through value-added analysis. You can add totals and percentages to your report with a single mouse click or add data driven "traffic light" formatting to quickly spot trends. You can even add sophisticated numerical and statistical analysis by leveraging the computational power already built into the Oracle database. Discoverer Plus makes it easy to do this with built-in calculation wizards.

Quick calculations … … ... ... ... ... ... ... or more sophisticated ones Share your reports directly with colleagues or send them as Excel, PDF, or HTML files for easy consumption. Discoverer's export-to-Excel capabilities can even turn the popular crosstab report format into Excel pivot tables, and transfer report formatting options from Discoverer directly into Excel, giving you an accurate Excel representation of the report you were just working with in Discoverer. With Discoverer Plus OLAP, you enjoy the same easy-to-use report-authoring environment against your OLAP data, as you do against your relational data. Discoverer Plus OLAP shares virtually the same user interface, which means you and your team can be more productive, faster, reducing training time. Discoverer Plus OLAP lets you save report definition steps and calculations independently of the report, so you can save time creating reports by sharing and reusing your work with others. Powerful Data Management Power users can use Discoverer Administrator for metadata management. It is a powerful data management tool that oversees the database end of your Discoverer solution. Discoverer Administrator allows you to manage the Discoverer reporting environment for your users. By tuning the Discoverer End User Layer (a metadata layer that insulates end users from database complexity) you can transform your database into an easy-to-understand, report-authoring environment for nontechnical users, giving your users easy, high-performance access to the data they need without DBA involvement. With Discoverer Administrator you can also secure your reporting environment via user priviledges and access rights. Discoverer Administrator takes advantage of native database security or Oracle Applications security, so you never have to define your users or their access privileges twice. All your existing database or Oracle Applications security policies are automatically adhered to. Availability OracleBI Discoverer can be installed from the Oracle Business Intelligence CD. OracleBI Discoverer Administrator is available on the Oracle Business Intelligence Tools for Windows CD.