1)how many days GL Interface taken to upload? 10 2)Waht are the Interface tables?

3)What are the Base tables? 4)what process you have followd? 5)What are the Error tables? 6)What is the standard concurrent Program to upload data? 7)What are the Parameters we need to give while running Jornal Import? 8)What are the Validations you have done? 9)whata are the tables you have come Across? 10)what are the Mandatory columns in Interface table? 11)What are the setups needs to e done before GL Interface? 12)How to Post the Jornals?and How to Correct and Delete the journals? 13)What are the Errors you have faced while runnig GL Import? EP04 EP02 EC08 EB03 EE02 EM03 EM26 This date is not a business day. This set of books does not have any open or future enterable periods Invalid currency code. The budget year is not open. Invalid or disabled encumbrance type. Invalid set of books id. Invalid originating company.

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