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Brittany Tidwell

Professional Growth Plan 2014-2015

Domain Goal and Evidence Indicators
Domain 1: Planning
and Preparation
Have a plan for students of what to do if they finish something early
Expectations for early finishers can be posted
All students will be engaged throughout the progression of the lesson
Students will not need to rely on teacher, transitions will be independent
Creating assessments that are aligned to objectives
Students are able to communicate the goals of the lesson
Assessment only assesses goals (if struggling reader modification is made)
Student progress on each skill will be able to be tracked
Domain 2: Classroom
Increase use of positive framing and narration
The classroom will be calm where students feel appreciated and uplifted
The teacher maintains emotional constancy in the majority of high stress situations
Sweat the details
Expectations are clearly communicated
Students reflect when they have not met expectations and do it again until the expectations
are met
Students are able to communicate the importance of meeting expectations whether academic
and personal
Domain 3: Instruction Using assessment to drive instruction
Formative assessments will be given daily. I will track student progress and inform my
instruction based on their performance
Scaffold the amount of teacher talk to be more student talk
Later on in the year students are able to guide class discussions where they incorporate other
classmates into the discussion that havent participated
Incorporate various ways to engage students in learning
I want to work to incorporate more technology into my instruction to enhance student
learning. For projects have students create something on a site versus just writing and
I want to have more Socratic seminars or fishbowls where students are discussing, but also
reflecting on the quality of contributions made
Domain 4: Professional
Communicating with families
As a first year teacher, it is going to be crucial to communicate with parents to develop the
respect and rapport and get to know my students on levels that I will not be able to get just
from the classroom.
Maintaining accurate records
I want to maintain records of student progress so that they know how they are doing, the
parents will know, and I will be able to determine how to better enhance my teaching
Growing and developing professionally
Take opportunities to observe experienced teachers in fields that I want to grow
Take advantage of professional developments in the areas of technology, content based
literacy, and discussion techniques
Record and reflect on various lessons to enhance my delivery