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Quintin Hernndez

3322 Avenue K Fort Worth, Texas 76105 817.291.0355 q.r.hernandezt!

High achieving, results driven, sales professional with extensive experience in identifying customer
needs & providing solutions.
Worked while completing degree and served on numerous boards in leadership capacity.
Fluent in Spanish and nglish.
!ecogni"ed for leadership capabilities.
!ecogni"ed for academic success as a #exas $hristian %niversity Scholar, &ean's (ist, and Honor
Professional Experience
Operations Manager )**+,-+))
PDQ Trucking Inc., Fort Worth, TX.
&eveloped client relationships and successfully attained new business.
!esponsible for handling customer service issues & opportunities.
Started as a $&( $lass . &river and was /uickly promoted to management role.
(ed team of )+ individuals.
Handled all H!, payroll and leadership re/uirements.
0nsured all e/uipment met safety standards and that all personnel were trained in safety procedures
and best practices.
#eam leadership, customer service, budgeting, payroll, inventory and tax preparation.
!esponsible for employee training programs emphasi"ing best practices in safety and operations.
Student Technician 1While completing degree2 -+)3,
TCU Center for Instructional Service, Fort Worth, TX
!esponsible for assisting staff with all technology related needs.
.ssist students in resolving technology issues and offering instruction of new solutions.
Information Technology 1While completing degree2 -+)),
Texas Christian Catholic Counit!, Fort Worth, TX
Supervised set,up and break,down of all technology re/uirements.
Package Handler
-+)4 , 5resent
Fedex,6round, Fort Worth, #7.
Fedex,6round package handler
Scan and load packages into trailers
8achelors of .rts, 9a:or; History<9inor; $ommunication Studies = #exas $hristian %niversity = 9ay -+)4
.ssociate of .rts , #arrant $ounty $ollege = .ugust -+))
Leadership and Community Inolement
#exas $hristian %niversity (eadership 9edallion !ecipient
>olunteers of .merica ?rgani"ed $ommunity vents
8oard of &irectors 9ember for @eighborhood Housing Service
.dvisory 8oard >ice 5resident of Weed and Seed Fort Worth
@eighborhood .dvisory 8oard 8oys and 6irls $lub of .merica
#ransfer Student .dvisory 8oard at #exas $hristian %niversity
$atholic $harities 0# >olunteer
Technology Experience
5roficient in 9S ?ffice .pplications 1Word, 5ower5oint, ?utlook, xcel2
9ac ?S & i?S
Willing to !elocateA !eferences .vailable %pon !e/uest