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6/9/2014 TEIIS - University of California, Los Angeles, Graduate School of Education, & Information Studies 1/3
Supervisor Candidate Standard Evaluation
University of California, Los Angeles
Graduate School of Education
& Information Studies
Derived from the California Standards for the Teaching Profession, CCTC Competency and Performance
Standards, and aligned with Teacher Performance Expectations.
Section 1 - General Assessment Information
Candidate Name: Daus, Lauren Arzaga
Assessment Term
Section 2 - Assessment
Knowledge, Skills and Practices
Description of scoring criteria:
4 = Consistently uses the knowledge, skill, and/or practice appropriately and competently.
3 = Demonstrates a developing ability to use the knowledge, skill, and/or practice appropriately and
2 = Demonstrates an awareness of the knowledge, skill, and/or practice and its importance., but not able to
demonstrate competent use.
1 = Shows little or no awareness of knowledge, skills, and/or practices in contexts where there should be
awareness and/or use.
N = Evidence or observation opportunity too limited to evaluate knowledge, skill, and/or practice
Domain A: Making Subject Matter Comprehensible To Students - TPE 1
3 Demonstrates knowledge and command of subject matter content.
2 Organizes curriculum to support student understanding of central themes and concepts of subject
3 Interrelates ideas and information within and across subject matter areas.
2 Utilizes instructional strategies appropriate to the subject matter and student developmental levels.
Lauren makes subject matter comprehensible to students by facilitating their own interests and perspectives directly
into the curriculum and final projects. Lauren does a great job creating supplemental materials for English Language
Learners. She strategically creates graphic organizers using SDAIE methods to include the variety of student
language developmental levels. Lauren is continuing to work on utilizing a variety of instructional strategies to target
all diverse learners.
Domain B: Assessing Student Learning - TPE 2, 3
3 Aligns assessment activities with learning goals.
N Collects and uses multiple sources of information to assess student learning.
2 Involves and guides all students in assessing their own learning.
6/9/2014 TEIIS - University of California, Los Angeles, Graduate School of Education, & Information Studies 2/3
3 Uses assessment to guide planning and instruction.
N Communicates appropriately with students, families, and colleagues about student progress.
While, I was unable to see all of the ways that Lauren may have assessed students, the way she
organized group presentations did demonstrate a great deal of backwards planning and consistent learning goals
between individual lessons and assessment activities. In doing so, the assessment appeared to greatly guide daily
planning and instruction. Lauren also gave students the opportunity to assess themselves in group presentations and
make improvements to their projects based on that assessment.
Domain C: Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning - TPE 4, TPE 5, TPE 6, TPE 7
4 Connects students' prior knowledge, life experiences, and interests with learning goals.
2 Uses a variety of instructional strategies and resources to respond to the diverse needs of students.
3 Facilitates learning experiences that promote independent and collaborative learning.
4 Engages students in problem solving, critical thinking and other activities that make subject matter
2 Builds on student comments and questions during the lesson.
This is a strong point in Lauren's pedagogy. She consistently uses students' prior knowledge, experiences,
and interests to form final projects (i.e. artistic expression project based on history content). The activities that
Lauren has her students complete promote independent and collaborative learning. Students sit together in small
groups, each person is responsible for a particular role and then all the different small roles make the project a
whole for the small group. As a novice teacher, Lauren is working on holding students accountable to their
independent roles while within the small group work time. I have also seen some growth, and would like to see
more, in how Lauren builds on students comments and questions during the lesson.
Domain D: Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for all Students TPE 8, TPE 9
4 Plans instruction that draws on and values the backgrounds, prior knowledge and interests of
2 Establishes and clearly articulates goals for student learning.
3 Develops and sequences instructional activities to facilitate student learning.
2 Modifies instructional plans as appropriate to adjust for student engagement and developmental
As mentioned previously, Lauren is exceptional in the way she draws on and values the lived
experiences of her students in order to create final projects. While her lesson plans clearly articulate the goals for
student learning, she is still working on making those goals explicit for students. Additionally, Lauren is still working
on differentiating all instruction for diverse learners. I expect that a teacher, like Lauren will show great
improvement in this area in her next student-teaching placement.
Domain E: Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning TPE 10, TPE 11
3 Uses instructional time effectively.
4 Creates a physical environment conducive to learning for all students.
3 Establishes a classroom climate that promotes fairness and respect.
4 Promotes social development and group responsibility.
2 Establishes and maintains standards for student behavior.
3 Plans and implements classroom procedures and routines that support student learning.
6/9/2014 TEIIS - University of California, Los Angeles, Graduate School of Education, & Information Studies 3/3
Lauren creates a classroom in which she uses time and space effectively. She typically arranges the tables and
chairs in a way that promotes small group, whole group (i.e. Socratic Seminar), or independent work - depending
on the goal of that day. As a novice teacher who is establishing her own procedures and routines to support small
group work, Lauren is working on creating a balance between direct instruction and independent work time.
Domain: F: Developing as a Professional Educator TPE 12, TPE 13
4 Maintains professional demeanor and uses appropriate language with students and other
professionals in the school setting.
4 Arrives on time and fulfills obligations at the school site.
4 Appears well groomed and in professional attire.
4 Accepts direction as assigned for completing work related to the assumption of teaching
4 Reflects on teaching practice, initiating and accepting ideas for improvement.
Lauren is a professional educator. She is open to new ideas, works very well with a variety of colleagues. Lauren is
reflective about her practice and has a great sense of humor - this makes and will serve to make her more resilient
as she encounters her first year of full-time teaching. Lauren is a pleasure to work with.