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Published by: Mario Martín Sánchez on Jun 10, 2014
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Dear Stratovarius Fans


It is time to stop the silence and announce what some of you have
already been speculating. Stratovarius is no more.
Last October I told the guys that I am stopping the band and told them the
reasons why. This letter is addressed to you, Stratovarius fans, who have
supported the band for so many years. I first thought that I would write
ust a very genereli!ed, typical "music business" statement that basically
never says anything. Then I decided that you deserve to hear at least
parts of the truth what has been going on behind the scenes so you will
be able to understand my decision better.
#ll the time, since T$ and %&rg oined the band, there have been tensions
and negativity flying around. This has been concentrating on me, T$ and
%&rg. The reasons %ari $ainulainen was fired some years bac' were so
absurd that I am not even try to e(plain them here. If I write a boo' one
day, maybe then. #nyways, I thin' the seeds were planted already bac'
then, something li'e )* years ago. There were many confrontations, %&rg
has been complaining to me about T$ and T$ complaining to me about
%&rg. #t a times it was a mess, although of course, it never would show
outside to the fans. It is not my intention to disrespect T$ and %&rg here.
They are both fundamentally good guys. Things ust sometimes happen
and relationships go to directions we don+t want them to go. It+s li'e a
divorce, nobody wants it to happen but sometimes it is best for all so
everyone can continue their own lives. ,lus I want to tell how things have
been behind the curtains. -ou always only see the good side anyway,
you don+t really 'now what is going on.
.e had ama!ing years, )/ records, 0 world tours with over a thousand
shows all across the 1lobe, 2 gold discs, a Finnish 1rammy and almost 2
million records sold. I have arrived to my decision after careful, long and
rational thin'ing of over a year and I 'now it is the right way for me. I ust
felt so bad being in Stratovarius. Something was terribly wrong in there
and nobody seemed to care.
The countdown really started from the last Stratovarius album in *334. #t
that time the atmosphere in the band was e(tremely weird. I had spent
most of *33/ recovering from my nervous brea'down in #pril *33/ when I
was hospitali!ed. It was at this point when things started to change. %ens
supported me immensely during *33/ with his phone calls. .e then did
that "Stratovarius" album, which I thin' is an awful album and went for the
subse5uent tour production. 6y that time it was apparent to me that things
really were bad. 7obody seemed to care about anything. I had the idea to
use proection screens and for that, you need to produce graphics. I
planned those and basically the whole show. 7obody seemed to have
any interest in it. It was more li'e, the less the better. The atmosphere at
the rehearsals was awful. Lauri ,orra who had ust oined the band was
wondering what is going on with this band. %&rg 8ichael came straight
from Sa(on to this tour wearing a Sa(on shirt during most of the shows.
9is attitude for most of the tour was e(tremely arrogant, pretty much
towards everybody. 6ut especially towards me and T$. #nd T$+s attitude
towards me was lu'ewarm and polite, but I could sense the hostility. Of
course we as professionals put on very good shows but it was more
craftmanship and rehearsed performance than a great united band
playing emotionally from the heart. I thin' T$ was always very bitter
about that he could not get his songs and:or lyrics on Strato records. I did
not understand this really cause he had:has his solo band where he could
do what he wanted. It too' me many years to learn to simply tell him that I
don+t li'e his songwriting and lyrics and that the main difference between
me and him is that I am writing songs that end up being Strato songs
while he is trying to write Strato songs that end up being $otipelto songs,
which means they belong on a $otipelto record. It is not easy to say to
someone that you don+t li'e his music. -ou guys and girls dont li'e all
music, neither do I. 7either does T$. I am not anyone to tell what is good
and what is bad music, but I do can tell what 'ind of music I li'e. #nd T$+s
stuff ust doesn+t do it for me. I do have to say that I thin' he has written
many great songs as well during his solo career. ,lus he probably would
say the same things about my songwriting. .e are ust very different. 9e
has a very different sense of humor than I have. 8aybe the weirdest
thing in Strato was that we never really were friends in the band. I visited
T$ in )* years perhaps 4 times. To me %ens was the closest in the band
and lately Lauri ,orra, who is a wonderful guy. 6ut none of use was really
ever real friends. It might be surprising to you but that is the truth.
The tour continued and %&rg+s drum roadie told me drun' that %&rg is
leaving the band after the tour but he is doing the tour cause "he is a
businessman". I guess you could say that %&rg+s attitude pretty much
culminated what he said to me in Seattle on that tour. 9e told me that he
thin's the band is over. .e tried to record, 2rd time, a live D;D in Sao
,aulo but could not use the shootings because we played so badly. It was
ust plain awful. #lthough we roc'ed lot of crowds on that )*3 date world
tour, still the overall vibe was very much li'e "going to wor'". 7ot for me
though. 7ot still at that point. 6ut it felt to me that nobody+s heart was in
the band and it was ust for the money.
The tour came and went, we survived and %&rg didn+t leave the band. 6ut
it was the weirdest tour I have ever done. ;ery succesful, but still it felt
li'e forcing something. It was not fun. It was sad.
The ne(t thing I had in mind was to write a really fresh good old fashioned
,ower 8etal album in the vein of ;isions. I felt our fans deserved it and I
felt it was the right thing to do. This was the infamous "<<" album. The
songwriting was flowing and the songs sounded really nice and melodic
and very much li'e old Strato. I was all the time on my toes because of
the situation in the band and I was anticipating difficult recording
sessions. #nyways in late *330 we completed a demo tape containing )3
brand new songs. I wasn+t too happy about the demo, but it did serve its
purpose, to present the songs to the record company. I then boo'ed )*
days from Sonic ,ump studio in 9elsin'i for 8arch *33=. This was the
weirdest session I had ever had. %&rg was all the time tal'ing about that
we have to get the ";isions hunger" bac', although I don+t thin' he
himself had that hunger. 7obody had. The session was nothing li'e the
recording sessions before. 7obody had rehearsed the songs really and
everything sounded pretty awful. I twea'ed the drum trac's for a wee'
and gave up. It was around this point when I really was starting to thin'
why am I 'eeping this alive when it+s so difficult. I remember how much
time, energy and money we put to >lements ). There was nowhere to go
after that anymore without ust repeating the past. I do 'now that T$ didn+t
li'e that album at all, which yet again shows the difference between him
me. It doesn+t mean that he has to li'e it of course, but to me >lements )
represents the pea' of the Strato evolution and perhaps I should have
stopped the band already then.
Last year, *33=, was the turning point for me in many ways. I felt better,
but regarding Strato I felt worse. There were fights about everything, even
about trivialities, which really annoyed me. # lots of fights. # lot. I had to
use a lot of energy to try to get merch to Stratoshop, which was on the
shoulders of %&rg and T$, because there was no merch for people to
order but still they were ordering cause the items were on the page. The
SSL certificate that proves the site is secure was e(pired a year ago, I
tried to get that fi(ed, could not do it because I wasn+t authori!ed to do so.
The most popular items from the shop were sold out and %&rg refused to
print more. I could not understand any of the things that were going on. #t
the same time, I was having more fun than in years with my roc' opera
Saana. .hen I was ma'ing that, I reali!ed what was lac'ing in Strato? the
enthusiasm, creativity and fun. It wasn+t li'e that in years. Saana gave
me hope that there still could be something new for me to learn at this
age and it gave me a whole new world of things and a start for something
new. ,lus I 'new I had some really cool new 8etal songs in the wor's.
.e did have @ festival shows during *33= and it was then, when I was
standing on stage in .ac'en 1ermany before /4 333 metalheads , when
I fully reali!ed that this band is over. I remember clearly playing those
same old songs we had played so many times before and a feeling came
to me that told me? this band has no soul anymore. I loo'ed around and I
felt li'e I am part of a play that has a script or machine and that there is
nothing fresh and e(citing happening anymore. The band sounds awful.
7obody+s heart was in it. It was ust the same old song. %&rg wor'ed at
this point full time in artist production company doing tourmanaging and
he was wor'ing at .ac'en too. 9e literally came to play from production
office and returned there after. >verybody was polite, on the surface, but
there was no friendship, all I could sense were the underlying tensions of
relatioships that had come to an end. I had felt during that year that the
band e(isted only for one reason and that was the money. I had felt that
this was the main motivation what 'ept %&rg and T$ in the band still
despite of the underlying tensions. .hile standing on .ac'en stage to
my absolute horror, I understood that also for me that had now become a
reality. I was 'eeping this alive for money. It was then when I decided that
I must stop the band.
So it was during this show, I decided that it+s over. I was still thin'ing
about everything but I felt that for my future, it was the only logical thing to
do. I did not want to fire T$ and %&rg because they are and have been as
much part of Strato as I have been and it would not be fair to the fans. I
then decided that it is best to lay rest what is already dead. I informed
guys by email in October *33@ about my decision and e(plained in detail
my reasons hoping they would see my points and agree what is real. Only
%ens and Lauri answered. T$ and %&rg did not even answer to that mail.
%ens understood my decision, Lauri did not. I understand him, he got a
taste of what it is to be in a succesful roc' band touring the world. It is not
easy to give that up. 9e did fail to see my side of the story. That T$ and
%&rg did not comment anything really spea's for itself. I did want to finish
the Stratovarius saga with style and naive as I am, in February *33@ I
wrote a mail to the band and proposed that we would say goodbye to our
fans with style and do one more tour. I won+t go into details here, but this
time I did get a response from T$ and %&rg. I wished them well and wrote
bac' that I can see there cannot be any more tours with this band
because of the hostile reactions.. So that was that. I felt good about my
decision, but not good that out of legal reasons I have had to wait for this
announcement for so long.
Then I thought that since I have all these great songs in my hands, I
wanna put these out somehow. So I contacted a few friends, we laid the
basic trac's in the same place where the Strato << session had ta'en
place a year ago and it was ust flowing. There was happiness. There was
energy. The songs sounded great. 8y friends 8ichael $is'e and Tobias
Sammet agreed to sing on the album. I decided to form a new band
called "<>;OLATIO7 <>7#ISS#7B>" which would continue the legacy
of Stratovarius. In this first album I ust wanted to release these songs
finally so I did not have time to search for a permanent line up. I am now,
so if you are interested, drop me a mailC The album comes out 0.0.*33@
through Frontiers <ecords.
I am e(cited and happyDfor the first time in years. I can hardly wait what
the destiny has in store for me with my new band, proects, songwriting. I
am living a very creative times. I have my production company and I am
doing lots of different proects and not only metal but basically anything
that moves me.
First I would li'e to, despite of all, than' %&rg, T$, %ens, %ari, Lauri,
Tuomo, #ntti and %yr'i for these ** years. It was a 5uite a ride. I wish
%ens, T$, %&rg and Lauri the very best with whatever they decide to do in
their life and success with it.
Last but most importantly, I want to than' you Stratovarius fans for your
love and support and for the great life. .e will be seeing each other in
some ways, somewhere. -ou will always remain in my heart.

.ith Love, Timo

Tolkki's main motivation was greed
Timo Tolkki published a statement» on on April 2 this year. The other
members of Stratovarius would now like to set the record straight.
You can't argue with someone's perception of things you can !ust
e"plain how you see things differently.
The confrontations fights incompetence tensions negativity
bitterness hostility disinterest bad musicianship and unfriendliness
that Timo described were never there. #e constructed this alternate
reality around these simple and for him painful facts$
1) The band's momentum has been slowing since 2004.
2) The media chaos of 2004 made him lose a lot of trust and
respect both within and outside the band.
3) Stratovarius' label Sanctuar had severe financial problems
from 200! on. "t forced us to start a legal process at the
beginning of 200#.
%f you live your life through other people's eyes declining sales or a
perceived loss of power are matters of deep stinging personal
&ther sad facts remain. The legal fight left us without a way to make
a new album and financially strapped. Timo's main motivation for
what he did was greed not issues of friendship or art.
%n the summer of 2''( he presented the Stratovarius) *evolution
*enaissance demos we had all financed and recorded to +rontiers
*ecords and signed a recording agreement for a solo pro!ect.
,nbelievably he promised +rontiers that he alone could -and would.
stop Stratovarius from being active for the duration of the *.*.
pro!ect for marketing reasons. %n e"change for this Timo alone was
paid /01''' ,S dollars.
#e did this behind our backs as we were deep in pursuit of Sanctuary
legally with a large legal bill. #e still hasn't had the guts to tell us
what he did. 2e pieced it together from various press releases of his
and scattered email correspondence.
%n &ctober he sent us a mail saying he didn't want to continue a
3uite impersonal way after having been in the same band for /2
years. #e e"plained that he was tired of Stratovarius and would
concentrate on things like his opera. 2e had known for some time he
really hated playing live.
He did not mention anything about his Frontiers deal, which placed
the rest of us at great financial risk. #e very clearly asked that we
wouldn't contact him and try to talk him out of it which we all
respected. #e would later make much of the fact that nobody tried to
talk him out of it.
This year Sanctuary agreed to settle but Timo's announcement and
Timo's announcement alone ruined that leaving us with a debt of
01''' ,S dollars. The total loss is around 415''' ,S dollars. There
was no reason for the timing of his announcement other than some
foolish belief it would make the promotion of Timo's pro!ect record a
bit easier. 2hat he did to the rest of us was stupid selfish and more
than disappointing to us since we all stood shoulder to shoulder with
him financially in 2''1.
Then late 6anuary surprisingly he proposed us playing as hired guns
on *.*. -turning it into a Stratovarius record. and doing a tour with
6ari on bass. Apparently he again had financial problems due to his
failed opera pro!ect. #e then 3uickly dismissed the idea himself.
%n short it's not so much a story of simmering discontent leading to a
wise and respectable decision. %t's definitely not a story of naivit7. %t's
the story of +aust the story of madness of a band's natural and slow
decline but in the end something mundane$ the story of a supreme
narcissist going broke and betraying friends of /2 years who helped
save him a few years earlier.
#opefully this e"plains the situation a little bit. Sorry if it is long on
business crap and short on humor or music. This was a terrible
disaapointing blow to us.
2e would like to thank our fans who make it all worth it and despite
it all we would like to thank Timo for the past the nice music and the
good moments.
The rest of us want to make clear that we are doing great and that
we will continue making music together because we care about each
other and we care about our fans. 2e have grand plans indeed and
we will have some very interesting news in the months ahead8
9T: 6; 66 <=the remaining members of Stratovarius

Sr. 8ember
.ed 8ay 3=, *33@ ))?33 pm
I am very surprised about this. 6ut my original
statement in www.timotol''i.com is still all I have to say
about this. There are several outright lies in the Strato
statement and it is also clearly written by %ens alone. I will
ma'e some comments about these here?
EIf you live your life through other peopleFs eyes, declining
sales or a perceived loss of power are matters of deep,
stinging personal humiliation.E
.ell I dont really live my life through anybody elseFs eyes.
7either I felt Estinging personal humiliationE. I felt sad.
EOther sad facts remain. The legal fight left us without a
way to ma'e a new album, and financially strapped. TimoFs
main motivation for what he did was greed, not issues of
friendship or art.E
8y main motivation was not greed, it was what you can
read in my statement. ItFs true of course that my decision
was a hard one and left others on their own. 6ut sometimes
in life you have to ma'e decisions based on your own well
being and what you want to do.
#ll the guys have a stable income from other sources, %&rg
is running a boo'ing agency, $otipelto has his own band
and record label, %ens has a record label with his brother
and Lauri has loads of wor' as a bassist. 6y the way, ust
yesterday Lauri sent me an S8S where he was inetersted n
oining << and he was as'ing 5uestions about who will be
playing in it.
EIn the summer of *33=, he presented the Stratovarius:
<evolution <enaissance demos we had all financed and
recorded to Frontiers <ecords, and signed a recording
agreement for a solo proect. Anbelievably, he promised
Frontiers that he alone could Gand wouldH stop Stratovarius
from being active for the duration of the <.<. proect, for
mar'eting reasons. In e(change for this, Timo alone was
paid )4/,333 AS dollars.E
I didnt present any Stratovarius demos to Frontiers at that
point. 6tw I paid for those demos and I mi(ed them without
any fee in Sonic ,ump studio, which alone would cost
)333I. The contract was signed after I bro'e Strato.
There were * contracts? One for Saana, my solo album and
one for <<. I of course felt no obligation to tell anything
about my personal life:business to people whom I have left
.hy should I do thatJ
Frontiers demanded the Stratovarius clause because they
probably thought that I might put Strato bac' again. It
simply says that as long as << contract is valid and active,
there cannot be any Strato records, which was totally o'ay
for me since the band was already bro'en up. .hy should
that be a problemJ The money I dont comment other than
thatFs a blatant lie.
So to ma'e is clear? First I bro'e up Strato and finished my
Opera and then I started thin'ing about forming a new
E9e did this behind our bac's, as we were deep in pursuit of
Sanctuary legally with a large legal bill. 9e still hasnFt had
the guts to tell us what he did. .e pieced it together from
various press releases of his and scattered email
#gain, these were my personal business things after the
Stratovarius was already bro'en up.
So nothing behind anybodyFs bac'.
EIn October he sent us a mail saying he didnFt want to
continue, a 5uite impersonal way after having been in the
same band for )* years. 9e e(plained that he was tired of
Stratovarius, and would concentrate on things li'e his
opera. .e had 'nown for some time he really hated playing
#nother lie. The mail was e(tremely long and I as'ed them
to come bac' to me after reading it.
#t that point I did and was concentrating in my opera. There
was no plans of << at this point. I was fully in the
production of my Saana opera. I told in the mail the same
reasons I am telling in my www.timotol''i.com statement.
E9e did not mention anything about his Frontiers deal,
which placed the rest of us at great financial ris'. 9e very
clearly as'ed that we wouldnFt contact him and try to tal'
him out of it, which we all respected. 9e would later ma'e
much of the fact that nobody tried to tal' him out of it.E
I could not mention anything about the Frontiers deal
because there was no Frontiers deal at this point. I for sure
didnt want Eanybody to tal' me out of itE. .hy would I want
to do that after I ust bro'e up the bandJ #nd %ens has all
the time been sending me emails and we have been tal'ing
on the phone with very friendly terms. 7ow I see that this all
has been ust a big lie.
EThis year, Sanctuary agreed to settle, but TimoFs
announcement and TimoFs announcement alone ruined
that, leaving us with a debt of 4/,333 AS dollars. The total
loss is around 2/0,333 AS dollars. There was no reason for
the timing of his announcement other than some foolish
belief it would ma'e the promotion of TimoFs proect record
a bit easier.E
-es, this is very unfortunate, but %ens is ma'ing a mista'e
by assuming that << is a proect.
It is a band as everyone can see? I am loo'ing for
I waited as long as I possibly could in announcing the <<
band, but the reason why the legal case did not succeed
was that Strato management and lawyer could not get us
out of the deal although they had O7> #7D # 9#LF years
time to do that. That is a very bad peformance for a simple
case if the record company ta'es the option or not. I was
not informed about anything at this point about the legal
case although I was as'ing constantly. So I had no choice,
but I waited to the very last day I could before the
announcement. #nd also, all those losses and legal costs
are my concern as well...
#nd I 'new that if I would release << without telling about
Stratovarius brea' up, everybody would ust ta'e it as a
proect, which it is not. So these are the reasons for
announcing the split before the << release.
There are lot of business tal' here and money figures and
that anger EFaustian greedy narcistE. 8aybe you compare
my statement to this one...
EThen late %anuary, surprisingly, he proposed us playing as
hired guns on <.<. Gturning it into a Stratovarius recordH,
and doing a tour with %ari on bass. #pparently he again had
financial problems due to his failed opera proect. 9e then
5uic'ly dismissed the idea himself.E
This is a lie. I as'ed them if they would li'e to do a farewell
tour of Stratovarius, as I have e(plained in my statement. It
was nothing to do with financials, but as a respect towards
Stratovarius fans. 8y Opera wasnFt even out yet, so how
could it have failed at that pointJ
It is now ta'ing off nicely and I am happy. I dismissed the
idea of farewell tour, that %ens was happy about, but
$otipelto and %&rg in a very hostile way reected.
EIn short itFs not so much a story of simmering discontent
leading to a wise and respectable decision. ItFs definitely not
a story of naivitK. ItFs the story of Faust, the story of
madness, of a bandFs natural and slow decline, but in the
end something mundane? the story of a supreme narcissist
going bro'e and betraying friends of )* years who helped
save him a few years earlierE.
.ell IFve never been called a Faust before so at least thatFs
a new one. I donFt consider that I have betrayed anyone, but
that I have stayed true to myself and my beliefs. #lso from
the very beginning I shared all the income from every
source e5ually between all the band members.
That doesnt sound li'e greed to me. 6itter it does sound.
It is not a story of Faust, it is a story of a roc' band and this
statement verifies all those things I am writing in my
statement. There is hate. There is tension. #ll those things
were and are still there.
The statement ends Ethe remaining members of
StratovariusE. #lthough I own the name and all the rights to
that, I have no problem if the guys want to continue the
band without me.
I am very happy with << getting interesting fresh musicians
and doing loads of creative stuff in my life. Too bad it had to
end this way.
8ay 3@, *33@ )3?*2 am Timo Tol''i
I really have no way of 'nowing as I have two conflicting
stories and both them seem somewhat embellished.
TT? -es, but this is the $>- 5uestion.
.ell, Gas you can see from the guysF reactionH your
business plans and the bandFs business plans were very
much interrelated. #fter all, you were the main figure in the
band. -ou should also note that you singleLhandedly Gand
abruptlyH decided to bro'e the band up even though the
band was in the middle of a legal process and had
considerable monetary problems to solve. -ou made your
own decision without disclosing your own plans with the
others, thus I thin' it is completely natural that they feel
betrayed even if that wasnFt your intention.
TT? 7o they were not. StratoFs business structure was
completely in the hands of the management. The legal
process was lenghty and ridicilous. I wasnt informed about
anything although I as'ed constantly.
So finally after brea'ing the band, I had to come to public
with it. #nd as I reminded, I did this by 'nowing that I TOO
have to pay those legal costs.
To lower to the level of calling me Egreedy narcistic faustE is
I sense that they feel theyFve been left in a difficult situation
without a proper e(planation:discussion. In other words,
they feel youFve been operating behind their bac'.
TT? #fter I informed them in Oct, there was nothing to
e(plain. I e(plained everything bac' then what was to
e(plain. There were no plans of new band at that point. %ust
incredible tension and sadness.
Do you tell your old wife that you cannot even tal' to about
your EplansEJ
#s an outsider to the situation, I feel the chaos made you
lose a lot of credibility and respect both within and outside
the band. Li'e many, I believe that the media chaos G8iss
$. etc.H contributed to %ari leaving the band Gof course he
had other reasons as wellH. # lot of fans were also very
upset about your eccentric actions. Of course, these are
ust my interpretations and possibly do not fully reflect
TT? #s you very well 'now, unfortunately T9#T 'ind of
things are what people are really interested about. 7ot
about the things that I write such as love, peace and
%ari didnt leave the band, I fired him because for him things
li'e hoc'ey games and bicycling were always more
important than Strato. Sometimes he didnt show up to
recording sessions and didnt bother to call.
The last straw was when he demanded that he will bring his
girlfriend to the whole tour. It was li'e %ohn and -o'o. .hen
he was recording his bass, she was sitting ne(t to him.
>verybody in the band agreed that this is too much. I got
tired of it and saw Lauri ,orra being the great replacement.
,S. 8any Esoap operasE are planned by the managements
and you really should not believe all what you read and
ma'e assumptions about a person. I am ust saying that
there was more to that than you thin'....
TimoTolkki wrote:
#s you see, it has been mainly about the money after *33/...
.ell, the band is a group of professional musicians,
meaning that thatFs how they ma'e a living. If the band Ge.g.
StratovariusH has hundreds of thousand to pay in lawyer+s
fees, then money certainly is an issue not to be passed.
TT? -es it wasnt that what I meant. I meant that if thats the
O7L- reason, then I dont wanna be a part of it. #nd as I
said, I have to pay my share of those legal costs too. 7ow
everybody is free to do what they want with their talents.
6ut I will not spend this precious life in an environment that
is destructive and negative for me.
8ay 3O, *33@
from blabbermouth?
This was ust too yummy not to comment onCCC I love it when cra!y
people try to sound normal and saneC Firstly... why on earth would
all four of them ust blatantly LI> about anythingJ They have nothing
to lose by telling the truth as they see itJ The only person who has
to lose here is you, Timo. .hy are you Every suprisedE about all of
thisJ I mean, your statement about brea'ing the brand brea'ing up
<AI7>D the settlement. -ou e(pected people to perhaps pat you on
the bac' and line up to give you some nice, uicy blowobs and say
Ewell doneCC we didnt want or need that money anywaysCCE .ell, you
are a cra!y person.. so maybe that is what you e(pected.
Secondly, ust for shits and giggles... I wanted to point out how you
lied about getting stabbed and beaten up for publicity that one time.
8embers of the band had to lie to cover up how bat shit fuc'ing
insane you really are. 8aybe youFll get luc'y and get stabbed for
<>#L right before the << release and you use that to your
promotional advantage once again. .ho 'nowsJ
#ll this stuff about EitFs my personal business, itFs my personal
business... ya' ya' ya' whine whine blahE. .hen your Epersonal
businessE Gwhich is including, but not limited to hiring prostitutes on
several occasions... which isnt related to what iFm saying, but i thin'
it should be noted.H .hen your personal business starts fuc'ing with
/ other peopleFs Gfriends, evenH lives... then it becomes notLsoL
personal. The truth here is, youFre willing to steam roll over others to
meet your own selfLsatisfying ends. -ou 'ind of ust err... proved that
point yourself.
OOOOOoooooooOOOOoooo and if i remember correctly you DO7T
own the band name, one of the <>#L original members do, and you
dont even own the catalog now because thatFs also something you
LOST the band when you made your Estrato is over statement.E
I cant wait for your insane cottageLcheese te(tured ass:head Git
seems you thin' with the former, so weFll use these terms as being
interchangeableH to self destruct and e(plode in a cottageLcheesy
orgy of insanity.
Oh 6T. i loooovvvvee this 5uote from you E6ut sometimes in life
you have to ma'e decisions based on your own well being and what
you want to do.E
<>#LL-JCJCJCJCJC O' well if the other four guys had been
functioning on the same principle as youFre using then they would
have ditched your insane ass when you had your mental brea'
down and were in the hospital. -ou put them though an emotional
ringer and they STILL stood by you. #nd for you to fuc' them up the
ass after what theyFve stood by you though ma'es you a very tiny
tiny person, it ma'es you a user.
One day youFre going to wa'e up and youFll reali!e nobody fuc'ing
li'es you. #nd youFll wonder why, but all youFll have to do is loo'
bac' on how youFve treated people, in strato and otherwise, who
have supported you... and youFll have your answer.
Bheers Timo, you fat fuc'ing waste of humanity.
Timo Tol''i 8ay 3O, *33@
Loo' at that hate. This girl is called >rin by the way. She
destroyed the marriage of %ens and at progpower first
fuc'ed %ens for 2 days and then came to me and gave me a
GbadH blowob. 6ut such a hate..wow.
I didnt 'now Im insane, Ive bee very sane for the last 2
years living very calm and productive life and Im happy?H So
I leave you to your fights here and maybe see some of you
somewhere somehow. #nd >rin, I still have those na'ed
pics of you that you sent me and which I forwaded to for
e(ample 9ammerfall guys?H 7ice ** year old, but a bit too
fat ass, but I guess you get rid of it if you try 6yeeC
08 may 2008, 00:00
6ust wanted to let you know that % will be away for a while. % need to get away
from this negative and hate filled atmosphere of the last days.The statement of
6ens > co hurt me deeply with its aggressiveness and hate not to mention the lies
they wrote to make it look like totally my fault. % have been very down the last
days so % need some time alone.% still cannot believe that it is not possible to go
separate ways in a civili?ed way. ;y statement was in my opinion like this. +rom
their statement all % get is this enormous hate and bitterness towards me plus that
they made it public even including figures there. @eing accused of being greedy
narcistic +aust by someone % talked on the phone in the last 5 months countless
times laughing like before and making !okes comes as a very heavy blow. %
thought 6ens was my friend.%nstead of staying what % considered a very sick band
and getting all that money % decided to start from scratch without anything even
members. And knowing % will have to pay lot of money too from the legal costs but
that was irrelevant at that point because % gave the management and lawyer all
the time % could and 5' days before the release of my new band % had to come to
public about Stratovarius.So the greediness attack comes as a total surprise to me
against the facts and also their lies.;ainly about the timings. The idea for ** was
born and the contract singned long after &ct 2''( when % broke Stratovarius.Since
it really seems that they will continue under the name Stratovarius that % own and
that % have contracts with each of them % have to of course think what should % doA
As clearly as there cant be Strato without :otipelto as clearly there cannot be
Stratovarius without me. That was my band totally since around B5 ten years
before anyone of these guys !oined the band. % think there is something else behind
this and % dont believe that they really will continue under that name. That would
make them look like they would !ust want to use the bands name to make money.
2hy not start from the clean table like meA%n any case my first initial thought was
to let them use the name but now % have started to think that since all this hatred
is pro!ected to me and the obvious reasons to use the name would be !ust financial
why should % give it to them. Stratovarius was a band that % controlled in a very
similar way than Tuomas of Cightwish up until % got very sick in 2''1. The things
started to be taken away from my control and that lead actually to the demise of
the band. Do you think Cightwish could e"ist without its soulA % suppose it could
but again what would be any other point than capitali?e the nameA2ith these
thoughts % leave you now for some time and come back with a bit more clear head.
Thank you for your support and take care of yourselves.
<ove Timo

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