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SBA Ofsted Report Release June 2014

SBA Ofsted Report Release June 2014

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June 2014
Embargoed until Tuesday 10
Improvements at Sandown Bay Academy praised
by Ofsted Inspectors
Once again Sandown Bay Academy is proud to announce improvements praised by Ofsted
inspectors during a two day monitoring visit on 20
and 21
Inspectors praised the rincipa! high!y and commented on his "#uiet and very firm determination$ to
bring about improvements. %hey fe!t that the impact of his strong !eadership is apparent across the
%he report pub!ished today& states that achievement is improving in a!! year groups as a resu!t of
‘better teaching and the wide range of interventions and special support.’ 'isab!ed students or those
with specia! educationa! needs are a!so set to ma(e better progress because provision is better.
Improvements in the #ua!ity of teaching were seen throughout the schoo! and praised by the
inspectors. %hey commented that more teaching is now "good.$ %his is being gauged by good
%here were many more positive observations made& inc!uding)
• Improvements in the #ua!ity of mar(ing and feedbac( on students$ wor(.
• Improvements in students$ reading s(i!!s and spo(en *ng!ish due to the considerab!e focus
on !iteracy in the academy.
rincipa!& *ric +ac(son said&
‘I am extremely proud of the achievements of the academy, its staff, and the students, and their
commitment as we continue on our journey to make our best better. We must now be one of the
fastest improving schools in the country and we will continue in our journey towards excellence.

Bever!ey erin& ,hair of the Management Board and 'irector of ,ha!!enge and Intervention for A*%& said&
‘his has been a year of exceptional progress at !andown "ay and I wholeheartedly welcome and endorse
#fsted$s praise for the academy$s leadership, staff and students.’
%he report notes that students fee! there is a ca!m and respectfu! atmosphere in the academy.
Students are near!y a!ways wi!!ing to !isten and wor( hard in c!assrooms. %hey commented that
Ethics Approval received from the
University of Melbourne (HREC 0608357)
attendance& particu!ar!y for students in -ear 11 targeted for intervention& is good& this is a ref!ection of
how we!! these students fee! supported by staff.
he !ixth %orm ‘drives achievement securely, offers intellectual challenge and supports good levels
of motivation and aspiration for higher education.’ %he inspectors noted ‘&enuine ambition for
students continues’ . it is an ambition that has seen Sandown Bay Academy students secure 1/
p!aces at 0usse!! 1roup universities to study medicine and veterinary courses if they achieve their
predicted resu!ts. %hey found that !eadership in the Si2th 3orm remains a strength and that the good
range of courses on offer meet students$ needs we!!. %hey observed that teaching in si2th form
!essons continues to be strong.
1ary ,!ar(e& 4ead of Si2th 3orm said&
‘I am pleased that the strength of the sixth form has been recognised once again. We had our best '
(evel results ever last summer with students going on to exciting and impressive destinations. !ixth
%orm students are pushed to aim high) *ear ++ students see this and want to be part of it, I am
delighted that we have had over +,- applicants for sixth form next academic year.’
%o continue to improve at this fast pace& the academy has p!aced a (ey focus over the summer term
on p!anning !essons which cha!!enge and support a!! groups of students& on reducing e2c!usions and
improving attendance.
– ENDS –
For further information on this news or other events and activities at Sandown Bay Academy then
please contact aren !uc" on #$%&' (#%$&( or !uc")sandownbayacademy*or+*
Notes to Editors,
• Sandown Bay Academy 5SBA6 is a fu!!y comprehensive schoo! for students aged 11718
5-ear 9 to -ear 1/6. It opened in September 2011 with 1000 new students fo!!owing the
Is!and$s 27tier schoo! re7organisation& %here are current!y 1:;/ students on ro!!.
• In summer 201/ we had our highest ever A <eve! resu!ts with an A=>A pass rate at /0? and
A=7, grades c!imbing to :1?. @ocationa! courses had an impressive 100? pass rate with
over ha!f of grades 'istinction or 'istinction=& the e#uiva!ent of / A !eve!s at grade A. %hese
resu!ts are the best on the Is!and for the pub!ic sector.
• 2 of our current year 1/ students have received their first choice offers from O2ford
Aniversity. 'y!an Boyd received an offer of a p!ace to study hysics at Bew ,o!!ege and
+ordan Strobach7Morris received an offer to study hysics and hi!osophy at Ba!io! ,o!!ege.
%his represents a second consecutive year of 100 per cent success in app!icants to O2ford
securing offers of a p!ace to study at this wor!d c!ass university.
• %he strong house system encourages invo!vement& competition and student !eadership.
• Our recent production ‘(ittle !hop of .orrors$ at Shan(!in %heatre showcased the fabu!ous
singing and acting ta!ents within the academy. It received rave reviews and high!ighted why
Sandown Bay Academy e2ce! in performing arts.
• Sandown$s sports teams dominate in 4ampshire and Is!and competitions. In 201/ they won
the 4ampshire Schoo!s 1o!f ,hampionships for the third time in 8 years& with students
+ordan Sundborg and +osh Oddy being se!ected for the *ng!and s#uad. <ast year Sandown
Bay Academy were unbeaten in every sing!e cric(et match that was p!ayed on the Is!and and
the Ander 1/ boys team reached the fina! of the 4ampshire ,up. Students a!so brought
home 2 si!ver meda!s from the Bationa! Indoor 0owing ,hampionships.
Ethics Approval received from the
University of Melbourne (HREC 0608357)

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