HJSplit 3.

1 for Linux
Freeware file splitting (and joining) program for Linux.
HJSplit is able to split files of any type and any size.
Homepage: www.hjsplit.org
Version: 3.1
Release date: November 21, 2010
Installation and usage
Just unpack the contents of the archive 'hjsplitlx.tar.gz' into a directory of y
our choice. That's it!
The program itself is the file 'hjsplit'. You can start the program directly fro
m inside the Linux file manager (or open a terminal window, navigate to the dire
ctory and type ./hjsplit<enter>). You might need to change the program file's pe
rmissions to 'executable' first. The program does not need to be installed nor d
oes it require any special libraries (unlike previous releases). You can also ru
n it off a USB stick.
License for use
Freeware. Free for private/personal use and free for corporate use ('corporate'
means here: business, government, non-profit, church, army, police, etc.).
License for distribution
You can distribute this program, freely and without charge (on CD-Roms, Websites
, etc.) provided that you do not change the program or the compressed archive in
any way, provided that the program is clearly described as freeware, and provid
ed that you do not ask any money for the program itself. You may charge a nomina
l fee for material and/or distribution costs.
Copyright 1995 - 2010 Freebyte.com

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