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Virginia tech

Virginia tech

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Postal Mail


Graduate School Graduate Life Center at Donaldson Brown(0325) Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA 24061 540/231-2494 540/231-3714

Phone: Fax: E-Mail:


Virginia Tech Work 302 Whittemore Hall Blacksburg, VA 24061-0217 Work(540) 231-8636

Admissions E-mail : gradappl@vt.edu Web site : http://www.grads.vt.edu Electronic application : http://www.grads.vt.edu

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Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA 200 7200 8 Outofstat e tuiti on$ 13,5 56 2007 Average quantitat ive GRE score of new entrants in both master's and doctoral program s749

Sco re 55

2007 Total graduate engineerin g enrollment 1,807

2007 Research expenditure s per faculty member (in thousands) $310.89

2007 Engineeri ng school research expenditur es (in millions) $107.26

2007 Overall accept ance rate21. 6%

2007 Faculty members hip in National Academy of Engineeri ng2.3 %

Overview : Virginia Tech
Admissions Application deadline Application fee rolling $50

Academics 2007 Ph.D. student/faculty ratio 2007 Full-time faculty Fall 2009 Financial Aid Information In state, full-time: $7,361 In state, parttime: $410 (per credit hour) Out of state, full-time: $13,556 Out of state, part-time: $1,130 (per credit hour) $1,795 per credit hour 2.6 345


Required fees Student Body 2007 Total graduate engineering enrollment Fall 2009 Admissions Information Application deadline Application fee Application fee for international students Director of admissions Average GPA of new entrants in both master's and doctoral programs Average verbal GRE score of new entrants in both master's and doctoral programs 2007 Average quantitative GRE score of new entrants in both master's and doctoral programs Average analytical GRE score of new entrants in both master's and doctoral programs Average writing GRE score of new entrants in both master's and doctoral programs


rolling $50 $70 Dr. Karen P. DePauw 3 510 749 N/A N/A

TOEFL TOEFL required for international students? Minimum TOEFL score required for computer test Minimum TOEFL score required for paper test Engineering Department Contacts Mechanical engineering phone number Mechanical engineering E-mail Mechanical engineering website Students specializing in mechanical engineering
Interested in studying at Virginia Tech? Please read a special message from our Dean, Dr. Karen DePauw. Application Requirements Students are strongly encouraged to apply online. Applying online streamlines the application process and reduces processing time. All required documents must be received by the Graduate School by the application deadline in order for your application to be complete. Please ensure that your application contains the following: Formal application Complete and submit your application online. Transcripts Submit two sets of transcripts. The Graduate School Admissions Office must receive official transcripts (with English translations) by the appropriate application deadline date. Submit an additional set of transcripts to the academic department to which you are applying. Letters of recommendation Three letters of recommendation should be sent directly to the academic department to which you are applying. We request that your references complete the attached Reference Form. Test scores (if applicable to the department to which you are applying) Test scores such as the TOEFL and GRE/GMAT should be sent to the Graduate School, institution code 5859. There is no department code. Please have the testing authority submit your scores to Virginia Tech directly. If you submit the scores with your application, only official, sealed copies will be accepted. Application requirements vary by degree and department. Prior to completing your application, please review the requirements listed below (organized by campus) to ensure that you have all of the required application materials and test results.

Yes 213 550

(540) 231-7183 hillcath@vt.edu http://www.me.vt.ed u/ 11.7 %

• • • • •

Blacksburg Hampton Roads Center Northern Virginia Center ( Falls Church ) Richmond Center Roanoke Center

• •

Southwest Virginia Center (Abingdon) Washington Alexandria Architecture Center

Testing Requirements GRE (Graduate Record Examination) or GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) requirements vary for both international and domestic students by department. For example, applicants to the Pamplin College of Business are required to submit the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) instead of the GRE. Check the department listings above for details. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores are required of all international students whose first language is not English, except those applicants who have graduated from an accredited university where English is the language of instruction. The university-wide minimum requirement is 80 for Internet, 213 for Computer, and 550 for paper; However, some departments require a higher score. TOEFL scores are not required of US permanent residents and US naturalized citizens. Official test scores should be sent to the Virginia Tech Graduate School, institution code 5859. Do not enter a department code. Return to top Application Deadlines We encourage applicants to submit their complete applications, including supplemental materials, early to allow sufficient time for application processing. International applicants must be accepted by the Graduate School no later than May 15 for fall and October 15 for spring to allow sufficient time for immigration processes and travel. Each department may have its own application deadline. Please contact the department directly or gradrecr@vt.edu for more information. Prospective students seeking scholarships and loans should contact the Virginia Tech Office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid for financial aid deadlines. Application, Re-Admission & Department Decision Deadlines The following application and decision deadlines have been established for the upcoming entry terms: Deadlines Application Dept Decision Fall* July 1 July 15 Spring December 1 December 15 Summer I April 15 May 1 Summer II June 1 June 15

International Dept Decision

April 1 May 15

September 1 October 15

January 1 February 15

February 1 March 15

Readmission Dept Decision

August 1 August 15

December 1 December 15

April 15 May 1

June 1 June 15

Note: Decision deadlines are suggested by the Graduate School and may not be the final timeframe in which academic departments are able to complete their recommendations for admission. * Students seeking assistantships for funding should submit all required admissions materials by January 15th for full consideration. Please note that International students must have a decision on their applications no later than the deadlines indicated for the terms shown above. Any decisions made after these timeframes need to

be approved in advance and on a case-by-case basis, by the Graduate School’s International Graduate Student Services staff. The contact email is igss@vt.edu . For those in the National Capital Region, please contact mtelbisf@vt.edu. Fees and Tuition Rates Degree seeking applicants must pay a $45 non-refundable application fee. Non-degree applicants and those former students who wish to re-admit must pay a non-refundable $25 application fee. Teachers and other school administrators in Virginia qualify for a special reduced tuition rate and should complete the Request for Reduced Tuition Rate for Grades K-12 form. Additional information about tuition and fees >> Return to top Applying Online Click on the button below to apply online. Applying online will expedite the processing of your application. The $45 non-refundable fee is valid for one year. You can track your application's progress online once it has been submitted and processed. We will send you an e-mail providing instructions for checking your application status.

Apply Online Now

Paper Applications If you are unable or choose not to apply online, you may download the application form.

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US and Permanent Resident Student Application International Student Application

Readmission and Change of Admission Status Graduate students who have not been enrolled for more than one year must formally apply for Readmission. Graduate students previously admitted to a degree who will be returning to the same degree level and the same degree program may apply online for Readmission. Public school teachers previously admitted to do professional certification coursework can also use the Readmission application. A $25 non-refundable fee is required. The Change of Degree Status form can only be used to change from one degree seeking status to another degree seeking status within the same program/department (e.g., MS to PhD, PhD to MS). Students classified as Commonwealth Campus (a type of non-degree status) who are requesting admission to degree status must submit a new on-line application to enter a degree program. A $45 non-refundable fee is required. Return to top Admissions Decisions Once an applicant submits an application, a file is created containing support materials such as reference letters, test scores, transcripts, and other information. When the package is complete, information is reviewed by the prospective department. The head of the department and a departmental graduate committee will make a recommendation. With the department's recommendation, the Graduate School will make the final decision, and a letter from the dean of the Graduate School is sent to inform the student of the decision. Please allow six to eight weeks for a decision to be made. Additional Assistance For additional information or assistance, please contact the Graduate School.

Telephone: 540/231-8636 E-mail: gradappl@vt.edu International Graduate Student Services

Application and Pre-Arrival Information
International students from all over the world choose graduate study at Virginia Tech. Tech offers a vibrant graduate community in which students and faculty from diverse backgrounds collaborate to advance research and scholarship. Tech welcomes international applicants and offers a range of services to support international students throughout their courses of study.
Application Information and Procedures Learn about the application process for international and domestic students as well as testing requirements and deadlines. Financial Requirements Information about financial requirements for students seeking an F1 or J1 visa. Pre-Arrival Planning Immigration requirements, travel tips, and helpful information for international graduate students accepted to Virginia Tech. Medical Requirements Immunization requirements from the Schiffert Health Center. Health Insurance Requirements Guidelines for purchasing health insurance that meets Virginia Tech's requirements. Transferring to Virginia Tech For students in F1 or J1 status transferring to Tech from another American institution.

Can I apply to more than one department? Yes, you may apply to two departments. Applicants must complete two applications and pay two application fees. How long does it take to process an application? It depends. Your application will not be sent to the department until all required materials have been received. Some departments hold applications and process them all at one time; in such cases the processing time may be longer. With the department's recommendation, the Graduate School will make the final decision, and a letter from the dean of the Graduate School will be sent to inform you of the decision. How can I find out the status of my application? That's easy. After we receive your application, you will be sent an e-mail with instructions on how to check your application status on the Web. Please allow for processing time as you are monitoring the status. How will I know if my application is incomplete?

The checklist on the application describes each component that is required by the Graduate School, such as test scores or transcripts. Once we receive your application, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to check your application status. Due to the large volume of applications received, we kindly request that you utilize the online tracking system. Have you received the letters of recommendation from my references? Recommendation letters are handled by individual departments. Please contact the department to which you have applied to check on the status of your recommendation letters. When can the Graduate School tell me if I have been accepted? Your application undergoes a thorough review by the Graduate School and by your proposed department. After the review committee meets, a recommendation is sent to the Graduate School. You will be notified by postal mail of the final decision. The Graduate School is unable to release admission decisions over the phone.
International Student Information

Do I have to submit financial documentation with my application for admission? Financial/funding information and documentation may be submitted along with the application for admission or after the admission decision has been made. When was my I-20 mailed and to which address? To find out when and where your I-20 was mailed, you can call the Graduate School at 540/231-8486 or e-mail igss@vt.edu . International students should refer to the Graduate School's Prearrival Information web page for more information . Where can I find more information about requirements for international students? You can visit the International Graduate Student Services section of this website. There you will find the latest regulatory information, access to forms that you may need to complete for our office, and questions most frequently asked by international students. If I'm an international student transferring to Virginia Tech from another school, what do I need to do to get an I-20 from Virginia Tech? You will need to complete a Transfer-In Form. Complete the top portion, and take the form to an international student advisor at your current school. They will complete the bottom of the form, send it to our office for processing, and release your SEVIS record to Virginia Tech. If you are accepted for admission to Virginia Tech, then we will pick up your I-20 record from SEVIS and print a new I-20 for you. The I-20 will state "Transfer Pending from N University". Once you arrive at Virginia

Tech, you must come by the Graduate School to check in and to have your transfer completed so that you show as a continuing student at Virginia Tech. How do I obtain information about Virginia Tech student health insurance plans? Access to student health services in Schiffert Health Center is included in your comprehensive fee. The Schiffert Health Center provides services comparable to that of a family doctor. To learn more about medical insurance offered through Virginia Tech, visit the graduate health insurance pages of this website or contact the Student Medical Insurance Office (540/231-6226).

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