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Senator Turner Joins Democratic Lawmakers
in Letter to Governor

Columbus—Yesterday, State Senator Nina Turner (D-Cleveland), along with other House and
Senate Democratic legislators, sent a letter to Governor John Kasich urging him to exercise his
line-item veto power to remove a campaign finance provision tucked inside House Bill 483.

The provision, added to the budget bill during Senate committee deliberations, would eliminate
disclosure requirements for political communication spending by outside groups. While current
law requires groups to list both their name and location, the proposal by House and Senate
GOP lawmakers would only require a group’s name to be listed.

“Disclosure is the foundation of campaign finance regulation and is necessary to ensure an
open and honest electoral process,” said Senator Turner. “This provision further erodes the
public’s trust in the political process by cloaking campaign activities in secrecy. Ohioans deserve
to know who is funding our campaigns, and where they are located. Ohioans deserve

During the Senate Floor debate on HB 483, Senator Turner offered an amendment to eliminate
this provision from the bill; however, the amendment was tabled 23-9, on a party-line vote.

Passed last Wednesday, Gov. Kasich must still sign the bill into law.

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