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Honsco Kennels

Summer Newsletter
H onsco Kennels is a great
place for your pet to stay while
you are away this summer!
Honsco Kennels offers safe
and secure boarding for your
pet! At Honsco Kennels, we
have over 30 years of experi-
ence in the pet industry and the
veterinary field. You can assure
that while staying here, your
pet will be in great hands and
he/she will be very well-cared
for while you are away. At
Honsco Kennels we will treat
your pet as if it is our own! We
will exceed your expectations!
At Honsco Kennels, we allow
you to bring your pets food,
bedding and toys so your pet
has a comfortable experience
while staying with us! We have
many special features at our
kennel that make your pets
stay at Honsco Kennels as
comfortable and fun as possi-
ble! Some features we offer are:
Spacious indoor/outdoor
Double runs for multiple
Fully fenced outdoor play
Grooming services availa-
Individual on/off leash
walks in a safe environ-

Our main concern at Honsco
Kennels is your pet. All of our
features here were incorpo-
rated based on the comfort,
safety and health of your pet.
Here at Honsco Kennels, we
can assure you that your pet
will be safe, comfortable and
have a lot of fun! Ensure your
vacation is stress-free by
choosing Honsco Kennels for
your best friend!
Our spacious indoor/outdoor runs
allows your pet to have lots of fresh
air and exercise!
Congratulations to Rufus for
coming 1st place in our Spring
into Summer Photo Contest!
We would also like to congrat-
ulate Max for being the runner
up in a very close contest. Our
winner will receive a treat bas-
ket, a $100 gift certificate to
Petsmart and their picture in
the St. Catharines Standard!
Our runner up will receive a
treat basket! It was a very hard
decision considering how many
photos were submitted. A big
thank you goes out to everyone
who submitted a photo!
Spring into Summer Photo Contest Winners!
June 2, 2013
Our Services
1 Dog $20
2 Dogs $35 1 Kennel
3 Dogs $50
2 Kennels

Departure Bath $35
Nails Trimmed $10
Brush & Blow Dry
Ears Cleaned $5
Self Bath $15
15% tax on all services.

Summer Hours
Mon 9am-8pm
Tues 9am-8pm
Wed 9am-8pm
Thurs 9am-8pm
Fri 9am-9pm
Sat 9am-9pm
We will treat your
pet as if it is our
When my dog is at Honsco Kennels, I know he will have the time
of his life and also be kept healthy and safe. The staff at Honsco
Kennels have become another family for my dog! -Karen, customer
for 35 years
When my wife first suggested that we put our dog, Rover, in a
kennel while we were on holiday, I was very skeptical. I did not
want my dog to get mistreated or have to be in an uncomfortable
environment for a long period of time! When we took Rover to
Honsco Kennels, I was immediately impressed with the service we
received and the environment the kennel provided. Honsco Kennels
provides a safe, clean, fun environment for all pets and their first
concern is the animals! Whenever we go on holiday, my first instinct
is always to bring Rover to Honsco Kennels and he definetely does
not complain! -Steve, customer for 5 years
34 Linwell Rd, St. Catharines, ON
Go on our website for more details!
become lethargic, have
bloodshot eyes, and ap-
pear very pale.
3. Keep your dog hydrated!
Keep in mind that dogs
with darker coats absorb
more heat than those with
lighter coats. Also, over-
weight dogs are more at
risk for dehydration. Carry
a bottle of water for your
dog when you are out on a
walk and make sure your
dog always has a supply of
cold water available.
4. Let your dog dig! Dogs dig
to find food, hide, give
birth and to keep cool! If
possible, locate a shady
A s the temperature heats
up, it is important that your
dog stays safe in the hot weath-
er. These are some tips to fol-
low to help your pet beat the
1. Exercise your dog early in
the morning or late at
night since these are cool-
er parts of the day there-
fore the walk will be more
comfortable for both you
and your pet.
2. Watch for signs of dehy-
dration. Since dogs cant
sweat, they cool off by
panting. An overheated
dog will drool excessively,
area for your dog to dig!
5. Never leave your dog in a
parked car. A car retains
more heat than an open
area even when it is in the
shade. Also, a dog may get
overexcited when in the
car, or panic from claus-
trophobia making dehy-
dration more likely. When
you are on a long car ride,
make sure you have the air
conditioning on and have
lots of water for your dog!
Resource: http://
Beat the Heat!
Phone: 905 493- 3435
Fax: 905-234-7657

Honsco Kennels