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An important principle to remember before taking a loan
Hazrat Shaikh (Rahmatullahi Alaihi) once mentioned that it is essential when one takes a loan that he
pays back the loan on the appointed time. In the beginning, my close riends would lay down strict
conditions beore gi!ing me a loan (which I needed in order to pay or my deceased ather"s debts).
#hereater, ater a short period o time when the creditors were conident regarding my paying back the
loan on time, they did not hesitate in gi!ing me a loan. It is mentioned in a Hadith that when a person
takes a loan with a irm intention o paying back the loan upon the appointed time, then Allah #a"ala"s
di!ine assistance will be with such a person. $n the con!erse, i a person takes a loan and casually says
that he will see i he can pay or not, then he will not be able to settle e!en a small debt.
Remember this principle% &hen taking a loan, the responsibility o settling the debt is on the debtor and
not or the creditor to pursue him. ('aloozaate Hazrat Shaikh ()*+)