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Quarterly Meeting
Native American Church of North America, Inc.
Tree Meadows - Shiprock, NM
August 24, 2013

1. Call to Order
President Sandor Iron Rope called the meeting to order at 10:35 am (MST).

2. Invocation
Delegate-At-Large (DAL) of Texas Isaac Cardenas renders invocation.

3. Flag Presentation
Native American Church of North America (NACNA) colors presented prior to the
quarterly meeting by the host NACNA State of New Mexico President Frank Dayish Jr.

4. Welcome Address
Welcome Address offered prior to the quarterly meeting by DAL of New Mexico Terry
Dayish and host NACNA State of New Mexico President Frank Dayish Jr.

5. Roll Call
Secretary Sheila White Eagle calls roll of executive officers:
President Sandor Iron Rope - present
Vice President Leo Dayish - present
Treasurer James Tso - present
Secretary Sheila White Eagle - present
Editor-in-Chief Sara Fanman absent (President Sandor Iron Rope excused Sara
Fanman due to death in family)

Secretary White Eagle reads list of annual affiliated chapter delegates (see list).

President Iron Rope clarifies Delegates-At-Large will constitute the voting body for the
quarterly meeting. He calls out for Delegates-At-Large:
DAL NM Terry Dayish - present
DAL ID Rose Tesheep - present
DAL UT Heather Balchinclowing present (substituting for Mr. Andrew Tso)
DAL TX Isaac Cardenas present
DAL AZ Clarence Chavez present (substituting for Mr. Louie Barton).
5 voting DAL (Quorum satisfied)

6. Approval of Agenda
President Sandor Iron Rope entertains the motion to approve the agenda as stated.

Motion by DAL of New Mexico Terry Dayish to approve agenda as stated. 2
by DAL of
AZ Clarence Chavez.

All In Favor Unanimous Motion Carried.

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7. Approval of Minutes
President Sandor Iron Rope mentions annual minutes are normally approved at the annual
conferences. Regardless, we will proceed with the 63
Annual Minutes.

Secretary Sheila White Eagle reads the NACNA 63
Annual Minutes from Mayetta,
Kansas dated June 14-17, 2012 (see draft Minutes).

President Sandor Iron Rope requests corrections to the NACNA 63
Annual Minutes.

Delegate at Large of Idaho Rose Tesheep would like corrections on 2 items. There are 2
chapters listed for Idaho. Delete Fort Hall and leave NAC of Idaho on page 1, Item 5
and the same for the next page.

DAL of New Mexico Terry Dayish asks for correction on 14) Officers Reports. An insert
of see written reports by executive officers should be noted as former NACNA
President Earl Arkinson and other officers written reports were submitted.

President Sandor Iron Rope requests to include page #s; an adjournment time and vote
totals in Item F 1. Re-opening of Elections for clarity. He also mentions on page 4 of F 2.
Editor-in-Chief is by acclimation but there are two nominees. Encourages legible minutes
and asks for other corrections.

Treasurer James Tso gives credit to pro tem election chair Lance Long and also would
like to include vote totals to the elections.

President Sandor Iron Rope makes inquire to Secretary White Eagle if all corrections
were noted and a complete set can be produced.

Secretary White Eagle mentions at time of elections she had limited information from
then Secretary Shelly Saunsoci who recorded the first part of annual conference. There
were no other attachments or notes. She did what she could from Linda Benallys notes.

Linda Benally comments she was the recording secretary with pro tem election chair
Lance Long. She summarized and listed only final outcomes due to the length of minutes.
In reference to Treasurer James Tso and President Sandor Iron Ropes input on
corrections. She mentioned the election for Editor-in-chief is a correct statement as there
was only one nominee for Editor-in-Chief. Two nominees declined which included
Ralph Harvey; therefore 1 eligible nominee is by acclimation. She will be happy to
include vote totals and same sentence in reference to Sandor Iron Rope being announced
President of the NACNA. She proposed to clean up minutes as much as possible in order
for them to be acted on.

President Sandor Iron Rope requests clarification in the minutes as much as possible to
avoid confusion. Minutes should be done shortly after business meetings as information
is still fresh and available in memory. He inquires if a clean set of minutes can be
available to be approved.

DAL of Utah Heather Balchinclowing conquers on acting on a clean set of minutes.
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President Sandor Iron Rope suggests possibly a clean copy of minutes can be presented at
the mid-year meeting to be approved.

Motion to approve 63
Annual Minutes with corrections by DAL of New Mexico Terry
Dayish. 2
by DAL of Idaho Rose Tesheep.

In Favor 5 Unanimous Motion Carried

President Sandor Iron Rope requests a clean set of minutes to be sent out as soon as

8. Officer Reports
President Sandor Iron Rope gives an oral report. He mentions since a few months have
passed since the annual meeting, he has been encouraging unity with executive officers.
The Peyote Research Project committee has been communicating on the project to look at
sustainability of our medicine with Dr. Deward Walker. Correspondence with Mr. James
Botsford continues regarding a reciprocity committee for Canadian NAC members.
Linden Barber may be able to assist with this committee. NACNA continues to support
the sacred peyote land of Wirikuta. He continues his humble service to the NACNA.

Vice President Leo Dayish gives an oral report. He offers gratitude to host chapter and all
attendees. He refers back to his annual report given at the annual conference regarding
the bylaws committee. He acknowledges bylaw committee members: Joe Holgate, Rose
Tesheep, Andrew Tso, Myrtle Long, Earl Arkinson, Sara Fanman, Kristy Noelson. He is
looking forward to working with committee.

Treasurer James Tso gives an oral report. Offers gratitude to host chapter for hospitality
and extends gratitude to all officers and DAL. He refers back to his annual financial
report given in Wisconsin and all medicine given to host chapter. After annual conference
in Wisconsin with all expenditures paid as of August 16, 2013 remaining balance is
$771.72. He expresses dissatisfaction in remaining balance. He feels a sacredness to
handling the finances. Many members share concerns but not many willing to assist. He
has also paid $250.00 travel each to Secretary Sheila White Eagle and President Sandor
Iron Rope. He has been inquiring from local NAC chapter members: Red Valley Cove,
Ashii Be To, State of New Mexico, Steamboat and Monument Valley to help assist
generate finances. He ends with gratitude to all who made efforts to attend the meeting.

Secretary Sheila WhiteEagle gives an oral report. Give appreciation to host chapter for all
efforts. She did her best to consolidate the 63
Annual Minutes with limited information.
She encourages other members to share and assist, as this is a group effort of cooperation.
She finished 64
Annual Minutes with also limited information as others were assisting
with notes. She did make contact with the National Museum of American Indians to start
the archiving process. A meeting is set for 3
week in November with Museum. She has
sent a letter of inquiry to Secretary of State of Oklahoma to update the registered agent,
as the current is Woodrow Wilson. A letter to update NACNA executive officers has
been sent to the Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS). She also has made an
inquiry in a peyote report from TXDPS. She thanks all who have assisted as most
funding for paperwork comes from out-of-pocket expense.

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Editor in Chief Sara Fanman Absent (excused)

President Sandor Iron Rope entertains a motion to accept executive officers reports.

DAL of New Mexico Terry Dayish inquires about officers travel reimbursement funding

Treasurer James Tso elaborates since Arkinson administration there has been travel funds
allocated to executive officers to attend duly called meetings. The president and treasurer
signs off on all transactions.

President Sandor Iron Rope shares that prior his administration there has been a practice
of giving travel reimbursements to executive officers to attend duly called meetings. He
encourages clarity to such travel polices with Bylaw committee to promote clarity and
yearly accountability.

DAL of New Mexico Terry Dayish shares knowledge about policy and procedures and
inquires under what authority is such practice? Not to be answered immediately.

President Sandor Iron Rope entertains a motion to accept officers reports.

Legal Counsel Linda Benally comments regarding her recollection with officers travel
funding practice. The minutes are not clear but she recalls at the NACNA annual
conference in Rocky Boy, Mt (2008) that then Treasurer Angeline Love Joy submitted
her annual financial report and proposed annual budget that included a budget lien item
for officers travel. The allocated funds were $500.00 for each officer to attend the
annual, mid-year meetings. The annual convention delegates approved such budget and
nothing has been done since. In closing she states the authority lies with the Delegates-
At-Large and more so with the annual convention delegates on how funding will be

President Sandor Iron Rope entertains a motion to accept officers reports.

DAL of Texas Isaac Cardenas moves to accept officers reports. 2
by DAL of Arizona
Clarence Chavez.

All in Favor Unanimous Motion Carried

Host chapter President Frank Dayish Jr. offers his expressions about leadership
difficulties; he commends NACNA leadership. He elaborates on a strategic plan about
ethics and preservation of way of life, encourages a spending plan. Commends DAL
responsibilities and encourages them to act on changes that can be then ratified at the
annual conference. Shares his due respect and gratitude to all.

9. Committee Reports
a. Bylaw Committee - Committee Chairman Leo Dayish gives oral report. He states
there were 16 changes made to the bylaws. The bylaws are the heart of the
organization. He reiterates about the 2012-15 bylaw form created last year by the
bylaw committee in Mirando City, Texas. This Form allows us to track changes
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and potential recommendations to the bylaws. The form is available. He
expresses changes to financial policies. Expresses gratitude in serving in his
position as bylaw chair.

DAL of Idaho Rose Tesheep expresses her gratitude to host chapter and Dayish
family. Encourages changes to the bylaws and there are many recommendations
to come from Idaho. She has concerns with finances, as there are still outstanding
expenses with logo. She also inquirys if officers are bonded.

Motion to freeze all assets till June for accountability by DAL for Idaho Rose
Tesheep .

Treasurer Tso states he has inquired about bonding and yes the president, vice-
president, and the treasurer are bonded.

Bylaw committee chair Leo Dayish entertains a 2
to the motion by DAL of
Idaho Rose Tesheep.
No 2
Motion dies.

Motion to terminate all travel spending for officers until such policy is approved
by DAL of New Mexico Terry Dayish. 2
by DAL of Idaho Rose Tesheep.

DAL of Utah Heather Balchinclowing inquires if its to suspend or

DAL of New Mexico Terry Dayish states to terminate.

Bylaw committee chair Leo Dayish calls for the question.

Treasurer James Tso comments he dont know how he will assist executive
officers should they need any assistance.

President Sandor Iron Rope commends DAL for moving forward to provide
clarity and accountability with policies.

In Favor 4 Opposed 1 Abstentions 0 Motion Carried

b. Finance Committee Committee Chair James Tso gives oral report. He inquired
others to assist with committee: Heather Balchinclowing, Rose Tesheep, Stuart
Lone Tree, Lance Long, and Caroline Dayish. He will get in touch with
committee members and inquire about fund raising ideas. He encourages
members to donate and shares the NAC Red Valley Cove experience of members
donating to their chapter.

c. Archive Committee Committee Chair Sheila WhiteEagle gives oral report. She
initially inquired about committee volunteers but nobody volunteered. She will
continue to do as needed. She states she has a meeting with Michael of the
National Museum of American Indian in Washington, DC in November (2013).
She continues to elaborate on cooperation in all things.
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Archive committee member Frank Dayish Jr. expresses agreement with
committee chair Sheila White Eagle. There has been no activity for 2 years with
archiving. In 2011 the NACNA of New Mexico delegate Robert Billy White
Horse attended the annual conference in Blanding UT. He then laid out the plan
for the archiving committee. Mr. White Horse then asked if the Deed of Gift
could be signed, as it was ready with the Smithsonian Institute. Since then no
action was taken. Mr. Frank Dayish Jr. encourages DAL to take action with the
Deed of Gift and have President Sandor Iron Rope sign it to begin the archiving
process. If anything needs to be added we can add later.

President Sandor Iron Rope thanks the archive committee for their updates.

Linda Benally comments on the history of the Deed of Gift from the annual
conference at Blanding UT in 2011. She concurs with archive committee member
Frank Dayish Jr. She also states there are already provisions in the Bylaws and
Standard Operations Procedures (SOP) for such archiving. She states there were
to be two location of archiving documents. One location was to be a central
location such as Boulder, CO or San Juan College Farmington, NM. Due to the
expressed two locations a archiving committee was established to decide on the
other location. She states some options:
1) As Frank Dayish Jr. suggests have President Iron Rope sign the Deed
of Gift.
2) Continue to wait until because we want to deposit documents in another
location with National Museum of American Indians but documents will
still be waiting.
3) Or wait until committee establishes a plan or central location to deposit
However there is a provision in the Deed that allows copies to be made and sent
to another location when location is decided upon. The Deed of Gift is ready.

President Sandor Iron Rope expresses the importance of history and archiving. He
applauds the Dayish administration with their involvement in archiving process
with the valuable documents.

DAL of New Mexico Terry Dayish states there are provisions already in the SOP
for archiving and we have documents waiting to be archived.

Motion to have Deed of Gift signed by President Sandor Iron Rope to start
archiving with the National Anthropological Archive of the Smithsonian Institute
by DAL of New Mexico Terry Dayish. 2
DAL of Utah Heather Balchinclowing.

President Sandor Iron Rope asks if the Deed of Gift can be read so DAL
understand. Linda Benally reads the Deed of Gift.

Vice President Leo Dayish interjects and shares a quote from his uncle Robert
Billy White Horse to the DAL, you tare making history and thanks them all.

In Favor 4 Oppose 0 Abstentions 1 Motion Carried.
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d. Website website committee chair Sara Fanman is absent.

President Sandor Iron Rope briefs on the status of website concerns. A committee
was to form to keep updates on the developments. There continues to be pros and
cons of website but a motion passed at the annual authorizing such. He
encourages participation with the committee to assure the concerned members
have a voice.

President Sandor Iron Rope gives his gratitude to the movements of change. He
encourages positive changes for preservation. The bylaw form is available use it.
You have the ability to review the financial budget and make good policies. Its
important to all agree because its preservation of our way of life. Generations will
read what is archived.

President Sandor Iron Rope entertains a motion to recess an hour for lunch.

Motion to recess for an hour lunch by DAL of New Mexico Terry Dayish.
by DAL for Arizona Clarence Chavez.

Recess for lunch at 1:00 pm (MST)

President Sandor Iron Rope reconvenes meeting at 2:05 pm (MST).

10. Old Business - N/A
a. Research Project (moved to Legal updates)

11. New Business
a. USFW proposed changes to National Eagle Repository distribution process

President Sandor Iron Rope states there was information presented to DAL on the
USFW proposed changes to the distribution process of eagle feathers. He inquires
from legal counsel for clarification on issue.

(Linda Benally uses the opportunity to include the Legal updates with the USFW

Linda Benally expresses (Dine clanship) gratitude to executive officers for
holding their quarterly meeting. She will be walking through some items that the
legal team felt were important and appropriate to bring to the delegation. She
mentions Steve Moore (NARF) and David Armstrong (Wisconsin Judicare) send
their regards. The legal team usually rotates responsibilities with NACNA
coverage due to limited travel funds. She offered to cover the quarterly meeting as
David Armstrong will cover the mid-year meeting if it occurs. She has a number
of items; some require action from the voting delegates and some are for
information only.

Linda Benally thanks the State of New Mexico chapter for hosting the event and
the Delegates-At-Large (DAL) for making the meeting, as they are the ones who
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make movements between annual conferences. She shares the importance of the
DAL responsibilities. She states her gratitude that a quorum is present to be able
to address some issues.

She states prior to the quarterly meeting the legal teams communicated and
walked through a few items appropriate for the NACNA delegation to address.
She will address following:

1) Canadian issue (information)
2) Copyright for Logo (action by executive committee)
3) Cortez CO property (information)
4) USFW Regulations proposed changes (action item)
5) Hawaii Mooney case (information)
6) Research Proposal (information)

She states once an item needs action she will share that with the delegation for

1) Canadian issue -
NAC Canadian members have issues transporting medicine and
ceremonial items across borders. These members have reached out for
support on these issues. Communication with the Canadian counterpart of
the DEA to resolve the issue is being looked in to.

Former DEA Attorney Linden Barber has agreed to work pro bono with
the reciprocity committee. Linden Barber was with the DEA during the
time the American Indian Religious Freedom Act (AIRFA) Amendments
were passed. Therefore he is familiar with the language in AIRFA which
only applies to members of Federally Recognized Tribes. AIRFA
excluded First Nations relations.

We are working on a Letter of Engagement with Lindens law firm.
Once the letter is executed we can proceed with ideas to resolve the issue.
Future action item is to look into modifying the DEA regulations to
resolve the issue. However discussions are very preliminary. More updates
to come.

2) Copyright for Logo -
Linda Benally gives a brief history of the logo issue. In Blanding UT the
legal team was tasked with getting copyright protection for logo due to the
sale of merchandise with NACNA Logo (without NACNA permission).
Attorney Emily Bayton, who practices Intellectual Property law with the
law firm Lewis & Roca in Phoenix, AZ, has agreed to represent NACNA
pro bono to obtain copyright protection for the logo. An engagement letter
between NACNA and Lewis & Roca needs to be executed by President
Iron Rope and Vice President Dayish in order to proceed.

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Ms. Bayton will handle all filings with U.S. Copyright office and U.S.
Trademark office pro bono; however, NACNA will have to pay for the
copyright and trademark application fees and any incidental costs.

She explained that before any filings could be made, the NACNA had to
identify the artist who created the logo and attain legal rights to the logo,
via an assignment agreement which gives all rights of the logo to the
NACNA. The assignment agreement has been signed by the heirs of the
artist of logo (late Charlie White Eagle). David Armstrong will send the
assignment agreement to the three heirs to be signed. The heirs signing
the assignment agreement will position NACNA to begin the filing

Linda Benally explained that pro bono legal counsel (Lewis & Roca)
encouraged compensating the White Eagle family for the logo. In contract
law, you have to have a mutual exchange of something or compensation.
In Wisconsin the NACNA delegation agreed to have a plaque made
honoring the White Eagle family for their contribution of the logo to the
NACNA. This plaque still needs to be made or presented in order to
effectuate the assignment agreement with the three children of the late
Charlie White Eagle. She doesnt know the status of the plaque but
suggested that step should happen soon.

There will be fee of $350.00 to file the application. In previous reports
regarding the application fee, she had reported the costs would be
$1000.00. However after Emily Baytons review of in-kind work,
current cost is $350.00. She encouraged such amount be set aside to be
paid out when needed. Lewis & Roca will pay for upfront costs in filing
but do expect reimbursement within 30 days. Linda offered to front the
$350.00 fee with the understanding that she would be reimbursed at the
annual conference in 2014.

Linda Benally turns floor over to President Sandor Iron Rope for

President Sandor Iron Rope request input from Delegates-At-Large.

Motion to have each chapter donate towards the $350.00 application fee
with the signing of the Engagement Letter with Lewis & Roca by DAL of
Utah Heather Balchinclowing. 2
by DAL of Arizona Clarence Chavez.

In Favor 4 Oppose 0 Abstentions 1 Motion Carried.

Vice President Leo Dayish thanks DAL for clarification with the motion
and request a correction to President Sandor Iron Rope last name with the
Engagement Letter.

Treasurer Tso mentions NAC Aneth Ext chapter will donate remaining
balance for logo application after donations are received, if needed.
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Linda Benally reiterates the $350.00 is only the application fee, there will
be costs above and beyond for making copies, etc. and will be billed to

3) Cortez Colorado property-
Linda Benally shares history of the property. Property has been on agenda
for several meetings. A gentleman (Art Neskahi) gifted land south of
Cortez, Co to NACNA and he wanted this to be treated as a nonprofit
transfer. This potential transfer of land has been floating around in various
discussions. Wisconsin annual delegation voted to have a local NAC
chapter to explore the transfer and also legal team to explore transfer and
responsibilities more thoroughly.

The legal team is attempting to identify a pro bono counsel who works in
Colorado real estate. Once identified, local chapters close to Cortez, CO
can meet and discuss the property. The NAC of New Mexico and NAC
Aneth Ext should meet and discuss property in near future. Once pro bono
counsel is established we will meet with presidents of the two said local

4) USFW Regulations
Linda Benally explained that the legal team has a draft letter in response to
the USFW request of May 13, 2013. The USFW request is addressed only
to officials to federally recognized Tribes. The issue that the USFW is
attempting to address is the length of time it takes for one to receive
feathers from the repository. The local repository in the area is in

USFW solicited input regarding their proposed changes throughout the
year from only Tribes. Now USFW has developed proposed changes to
their repository regulations. USFW implemented some, but not all input
from Tribes that they received throughout the years. Once changes are
implemented, USFW will monitor the wait time for feathers and assess
whether the length of time decreases.

NCAI reported that they were not invited to comment on the USFW
proposed rule changes. The legal team reached out to USFW special
agent Steve Oberholzer; however, they were told that information would
not be shared, as they were not elected Tribal leadership.

The legal team then drafted a response letter to the USFW, which would
be sent to USFW with a copy sent to others in DOJ, the White House and
BIA/DOI. The due date to submit comments is Aug 31, 2013. Due to this
deadline it was important to have a quarterly meeting so Delegates-At-
Large may move to authorize officers to sign and submit letter should they
choose to. The NACNA draft letter is a response to the areas of proposed

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USFW stated 42% of applications to repository come from the Southwest
region (AZ, UT, NM, TX). Immature Golden Eagle is the most highly
requested feather, which takes about 4 years to receive feathers. USFW
states over half of the repository requests are from prison inmates. Many
are repeat application requests.

USFW distribution process proposed changes includes 1) Limit order
allowed by inmates to one order until released, and 2) process replacement
orders, not re-orders.

The NACNA draft response letter to USFW recommends the evaluation of
the distribution process be handled in an equitable manner. Linda advised
that NACNA may choose to include (or not include) any comments
regarding inmates in the letter. Inmates are not the NACNAs constituent
base therefore it is encouraged that these comments not be included

Another USFW proposed change is requiring Tribal certification of whole
eagle request for ceremonial purposes. A concern regarding this change is
the undue burden on tribes. This change may lead to religious
discrimination within tribes as certain tribal leaders may not be not
familiar with NAC or other ceremonies of tribal members. This proposed
change may not be favorable for NAC members.

Another proposed change is updates to the USFW regarding ordering
Eagle feather and/or parts. We are supportive of this change.

In comments received from Tribes, there were comments on tribal
aviaries; however, USFW did not support the comments. The draft letter
asks that tribal aviaries be reconsidered.

Due to the limited comments allowed by the USFW, the legal team felt it
important to get the word out regarding the proposed changes as others
may have not known of the proposed changes. The letter may not be heard
but to increase the chances of it being received and read, a copy of the
letter will be sent to DOJ, the White House, and BIA/DOI.

Linda Benally explained that guidance from the DAL on whether it wants
to submit a letter, and if so, what NACNA would want to include in the
letter to USFW.

President Sandor Iron Rope comments on the length of the information yet
important to understand. It is his understanding that the NCAI Eagle
Feather working committee was not allowed to submit comments to
USFW. Linda Benally concurs.

President Sandor Iron Rope mentions points to consider are the inmates;
tribal authorization of eagle feathers, and language within our response
letter. He feels that inmates are not within our scope. Certain tribes are
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supportive of NAC and others tribes are not. He mentions his tribe
acknowledges the NAC but is not very supportive. Giving authority to
tribal leaders who are not fully aware of NAC ceremonies or other
ceremonies to govern the need of whole eagle and or parts is not

DAL of Texas Isaac Cardenas offers gratitude to all, the hosts chapter and
Dayish family. He states his years of service in the US Marine Corp
defending the rights and privileges of the US citizens. Its very disturbing
when the government is picking and choosing their information on such an
issue. He feels discrimination is at hand and as a veteran he is distraught.
The lives of our defenders and generations are at stake.

DAL of New Mexico Terry Dayish makes an inquiry; elected tribal
leaders can only submit comments. Can the NACNA even comment?

Linda Benally states that if it is important to the delegation, the NACNA
could will submit a letter to USFW and send a copy of the letter to those
individuals with whom NAC has a working relationship.

President Sandor Iron Rope reiterates Linda Benallys points and does feel
a bit of discrimination by the USFW with this issue. USFW manages
many regions dealing with tribal members yet not clearly understanding
the dynamics involved.

DAL of Idaho Rose Tesheep comments she will take this letter back to her
tribal leadership. She has done so in the past and directed to take concerns
to the BIA Superintendent. Whatever we decide here, she will take the
letter to her tribal council. They are fortunate to have tribal council
members who are NAC members to hear such concerns. Getting the word
out there is making improvements.

President Sandor Iron Rope entertains a motion to accept letter to USFW
with specific language.

DAL of New Mexico Terry Dayish states we have heard the concerns and
the deadline is August 31, 2013.

Motion to turn the issue over to legal counsel to respond accordingly
excluding inmates by DAL of New Mexico Terry Dayish. 2
by DAL of
Utah Heather Balchinclowing.

Vice President Leo Dayish inquires from legal counsel what content
would be in the letter.

Linda Benally responded that the content would not include the references
to inmates as it is not within NACNAs constituent base. The letter would
address the tribal authorization aspect which the legal team feel should
NOT be adopted.
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President Sandor Iron Rope calls for the question.

In Favor 5 unanimous Motion Carried.

Treasurer James Tso announces the collection for logo application is
$165.00 with $185.00 from our account gives a total of $350.00 for logo
application fee. Fee will be given to legal counsel.

5) Hawaii Mooney case (brief information)
Linda Benally states that this is a brief update from Steve Moore. Legal
counsel is monitoring a case in Hawaii which involves an individual
named Michael Raging Bull Mooney who is the son of James Mooney
of the Oklevueha NAC. In the Hawaii case, marijuana was shipped to
Hawaii and was confiscated by DEA. Mooneys chapter filed a claim
against DEA demanding the return of the confiscated marijuana.

Mooneys organization claims marijuana is used as a sacrament in the
NAC services and they have a ceremonial right to use it within the NAC.
The NACNA would like to clarify the record that marijuana is not used in
NAC ceremonies. The primary concern is the mischaracterization that
marijuana is used in NAC services.

Legal counsel has been communicating with U.S. Department of Justice
attorneys. Vice President Dayish is designated to testify in court should
the DOJ lawyers deem it helpful to their case. Also Dr. Deward Walker
from University of Colorado, Boulder, CO submitted expert testimony on
behalf of NACNA through NARF.

6) Research Proposal (brief information)
Linda Benally shares that the peyote sustainability of supply and demand
surfaced when the delegation was exploring importation from Mexico.
Mexican laws have changed in last 4-5 years, which authorizes some
tribes to have peyote. DEA discussions were supportive about
sustainability of peyote; however, DEA encouraged factual data regarding
supply and demand.

Dr. Martin Terry engages in research regarding preservation of cactus,
such as how long the cactus takes to reach maturity, pruning methods,
harvesting techniques. His information is regarding the overall
preservation of the plant. His research is helpful in the area of cultivation.

If importation should be explored in the future, the NAC needs to answer
the supply and demand questions. By action of the annual convention
delegates, legal counsel identified Dr. Deward Walker from the University
of Colorado as the best source to conduct the research. Dr. Walker has
provided services to NARF in the past.

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The legal team and executives are working on shaping the scope of the
research. The team is looking for potential funding sources for the
research project as well as how NAC members will be involved in the
process. NARF is serving as the fiscal agent for the research project. This
project requires funding for two years at a cost of $104,000. The focus is
to research the impact of peyote decline on NAC members and to develop
and support access to and use the sacrament for our client the NACNA.

Eventually, this research may support importation of Sacrament from
Mexico. Recent years show a decline in domestic supply of peyote in
Texas and it is under threat of sustainability due to an array of factors. The
4 possible sources for the decline include: a growing demand from NAC
members, exploitation and commercialization by non-natives, damage
from private land owners, and damage from incorrect harvesting and
overharvesting of the peyote cactus.

We want to document the supply and demand pressures on domestic
supply. The research would be a 2-year project with 2 phases:

1. Phase 1 addresses the decline of availability of the peyote specific to
the NAC. The growing impact of that decline on American Indian
practitioners. Environmental impacts and to the extent of harvesting
concerns, as well as weather or climate issues. The research also
hopes to learn how much sacrament is inaccessible due to location.
A desired deliverable from this phase is a natural map to where the
peyote is growing. (1 year)
At the end of phase 1, a report will review of history of peyotism,
examine decline and availability, strategies for cultivation,
demonstrate a supply issue, and examine legal strategies for

2. Phase 2 2
year includes the interview of NAC membership to be
conducted by lead researcher Dr. Deward Walker. Very important for
ALL NACNA delegation to meet Dr. Walker. An advisory group to be
formed to identify tribes who will be part of the research. The
research pool could include tribes that Dr. Walker knows or affiliated
NAC organizations such as NACSD, ABNDN, NAC of Oklahoma.
There will four interview sessions, and the deliverable is a culmination
of literature review and interview report. Steve Moore will coordinate
the project. If there is no funding source found NARF may be able to
fund. The interview phase will include sensitive questions. Therefore
good to get to know Dr. Walker. Currently, funding is an issue, and
the team is searching for more funding.

DAL of Texas Isaac Cardenas suggests seeking funding from the
Administration for Native Americans (ANA).

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President Sandor Iron Rope asks for any comments. He thanks Linda Benally for
the lengthy and necessary information on the research project. Turns floor over to
Secretary Sheila White Eagle for next item.

b. National Congress of American Indians
Secretary Sheila WhiteEagle is proposal for discussion to all affiliated members
and delegates. This proposal is for 2 seats with the National Congress of
American Indian. 1 seat is for the organization NACNA without a vote and the
other is an individual seat with a vote. Each seat is a lifetime membership of
$1000.00. There are important concerns that cross both organizations tables such
as eagle feather issues, religious freedom and sacred sites. This is for discussion
with your members and a formal proposal can be presented at the Mid-Year
meeting in Texas.

12. Legal Updates
(All updates included in 11. New Business by Legal Counsel, Linda Benally Esq.)

13. Announcements
President Sandor Iron Rope extends gratitude to Michael Lowe & family for his efforts
with the events and festivities. He gives announcements on regarding the evening prayer
services near Salvador Johnson residence.

Vice President Leo Dayish gives thanks to all and the master of ceremonies Michael
Lowe. Thanks all cooks and all presenters. He also announces there will be a presentation
by Dr. Leo Johnson Jr.

DAL of Utah Heather Balchinclowing gives thanks and will not be attending prayer
service due to prayer service at Ashii Be To Chapter in Salt Lake City for the youth.

14. Benediction
President Sandor Iron Rope offers gratitude to host and everyone in attendance. He
encourages the goodness of preservation and offers a prayer.

15. Adjournment
President Sandor Iron Rope entertains a motion to adjourn

Motion to adjourn by DAL of Utah Heather Balchinclowing. 2
by DAL of New Mexico
Terry Dayish.

Adjournment 3:51pm (MST)