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The University reserves the right to alter the program format and/or costs in case of conditions beyond its

control. If the program

is cancelled or a student withdraws, please refer to the Study Abroad Ofce Refund Policy for details.
The interplay of innovation, design, and management is critical for businesses to succeed in complex
global markets that demand innovative solutions. The two courses in this program help students
approach innovation more creatively - identied as the top leadership skill in a recent global CEO survey.
Innovation and Management (BUS 495) links key management and design-thinking principles that
enable innovation. Observation and Creativity (D 292) examines in depth the key observation skills and
methods necessary for creative discovery. The vibrant culture of Prague gives a unique setting for students
to practice and experience creativity in a global context.
Innovation, Design, and Management Program
BUS 495: Special Topics in Business Management - Innovation and Design
Taught by Jon Bohlmann, (3 credits)
Innovation is more than simply being something new, and design is more than ba-
sic aesthetics. For innovation and design to be relevant in the marketplace, there
must ultimately be some benet to the user or customer. In this course well com-
bine key principles of management and design, and focus on how to make things
happen (innovate) for the benet of those we serve (customers, society) and work
with (our business, stakeholders). This perspective is sometimes called design
thinking. A mix of cases, seminars, exercises, and a condensed mini-project are
planned for the course. The mini-project will be crafted to give students practice
at creatively solving a market need relevant to the Prague area.
D 292: Special Topics in Design - Observation and Creativity
Taught by Hernan Marchant, (3 credits)
The city of Prague and its environs will provide the classroom setting for this
course. It is a unique opportunity to experience and observe a place in order to
improve understanding of the environment in its different forms, such as social,
physical, and cultural contexts. Students will learn to develop a personal and
formal method of seeing, by direct observation with the intention to see what you
see to distinguish the underlying and sometimes hidden structures, compo-
nents and meanings of the world around us. They will identify and test differ-
ent recording systems to capture process and document their ndings, such as
note-taking, sketching, diagramming, and capturing both still and moving images.
No previous knowledge is required.Learning different ways of seeing and perceiv-
ing in order to discover through observation of the natural or articial context is a
fundamental tool in both science and art disciplines, enabling the germination and
cultivation of creative concepts and ideas.
For PCOM students taking D 292, the course counts as an elective for Additional
Breadth, Interdisciplinary Perspective, Global Knowledge, or Free Elective.
For COD students taking BUS 495, the course counts as an elective in the same 4
categories as above.
Additional courses offered in:
Art and Design | Architecture | Communication
Education | English | Music | Philosophy
Science, Tech. & Soc. | Womens and Gender Studies
An initiative of the College of Design at NC State University
FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact: International Programs Coordinator Sean Addley at:
NC State Prague Institute Facilities
The Prague Institute is in a 13th Century building
inside a courtyard just a few minutes away from the
Old Town center.

Wi-Fi internet | studios | lecture rooms | seminar rooms
computer lab | library | complete kitchens | common room
with lockers
Program Dates
May 12, 2014 - June 22, 2014
Costs and Application Information
Total Program Cost: $5600
Application Fee: $300
Program Deposit: $500
Program Fee: $4800
Total program cost includes tuition, program deposit, and application fee.
Program includes housing with breakfast, eld trips within the Czech Republic,
cultural events such as opera, ballet or jazz club performances, visits to galleries
and museums, a travel pass for use on Pragues public transport, a city map and
phrasebook, Wi-Fi internet access, and international accident and health insurance.
Application Deadline: Feb. 7, 2014
Preference will be given to students who apply before December 2, 2013. To ensure
early consideration, the Application Fee [$300] and Program Deposit [$500] must be
paid, and all study abroad forms completed by the deadline.
How to Apply: Applications are available on Study Abroads website at www. The Application Fee [$300] and Program Deposit [$500]
are both non-refundable and, once accepted, applied toward the Total Program Cost.
Should the program be cancelled or you are not accepted, the Application Fee [$300]
and Program Deposit [$500] deposit will be refunded. Check for scholarships and
nancial aid at the Study Abroad Ofce.
Housing and Transportation

Students are housed in a penzion in the popular Vinohrady sector of Prague. The
convenient location is an easy tram or metro ride away from the NC State Prague
Institute and within walking distance of numerous affordable restaurants and
grocery stores. The penzion rooms, shared by two to four students, are spacious
and welcoming, equipped with a refrigerator and kettle. Students can start every
morning with a complimentary breakfast. All students receive in-city travel passes
to ride on trams, metro, and buses. An orientation upon arrival acquaints students
with the mass transit system, currency, and social customs.
Excursions and Cultural Events

The program includes excursions within the Czech Republic to nearby castles,
UNESCO towns, and the picturesque countryside. It also includes visits to museums
and galleries, and evening performances [ballet, opera, or jazz concerts].