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Callanan Middle School

3010 Center Street

Des Moines, I A 50312-3722
(515)242-8101 Fax: (515) 242-8103
Mr. Douglas Calaway, Principal Mrs. Wendy Hopwood, Office Manager
Mrs. Tambi Greene, Vice Principal Mrs. Sone Lovan, Nurse
Dr. Cheryl Modlin, School I mprovement Leader (SI L) Ms. Becky Pool, Counselor

Mission Statement
Callanan Middle School is a diverse learning community committed to providing
a meaningful, challenging curriculum in a caring, respectful environment.
April 9, 2013

To Whom It May Concern,

It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Andrew Wade for a leadership or administrative
position. In my role as school improvement leader, I have known Andrew for two years,
and I have worked closely with him in the role of 8
grade team leader, scheduling expert,
technology cadre member and lead math teacher at Callanan Middle School. Andrew is an
excellent teacher and has extremely high standards for himself, his students and his peers.

Andrews talents and skills are many. He is a gifted instructor that works tirelessly before
and after school to make sure his students are prepared for instruction and upcoming
assessments. He has bent over backwards for students who have missed work, been out for
lengthy periods of time, are struggling due to their time in the United States and will create
alternative assignments easily. He takes a very active interest in his students and holds
them to high standard of academic and behavioral excellence. He serves as a mentor for
many students and is well respected by his peers. He is sought after for his perspective,
advice and leadership from many and has received Teacher of the Month nominations
multiple times during my time at Callanan.

He is a quick thinker and is able to respond promptly and appropriately to any situation or
conversation that may arise. He is also a methodical careful thinker who can analyze
problems, brainstorm possible causes and solutions, and carefully choose the most sensible
and productive answer. He is an excellent facilitator of students and teachers who is
comfortable with an audience and knows how to put them at ease--often with a good use of
humor, and can then guide them through their learning and/or problem-solving. I have
relied on him heavily for assistance and perspective and he is always willing to help.

I urge your careful consideration of his candidacy for a leadership or administrative
position; I am confident he would serve you well.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Cheryl Modlin