Daytime Pick-Up Revealed

The Art of Meeting, Connecting and Seducing Women In Coffee Shops, Malls, College Campuses, and Anywhere Under the Sun!
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IntroductIon A Word on consIstency GettInG the Most FroM thIs MAnuAl WArnInG!

Table of ConTenTs

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Section 1: the FirSt Step to Meeting And dAting More WoMen thAn You cAn hAndle 8 WhAt Is dAy GAMe? 8 An eye opener on cold ApproAchInG 9 WelcoMe to WoMen’s everydAy reAlIty 10 creAtInG A vIsIon 11 ActInG on your plAn 12 4 steps to IncreAse the eFFectIveness oF GoAl settInG 13 IntroductIon to the 8 essentIAl dAyGAMe FActors 14 Section 2: the 8 eSSentiAl dAY gAMe dAting FActorS FActor 1: Inner strenGth FActor 2: IdentIty FActor 3: lonG terM And short terM vAlue FActor 4: eFFectIve coMMunIcAtIon FActor 5: eMotIonAl connectIon FActor 6: coMFort & trust FActor 7: loGIstIcs FActor 8: InvestMent Section 3: putting it All together: StArting converSAtionS, rAcking up dAteS, And getting phYSicAl KIller MIndset For MeetInG WoMen Where to Meet WoMen Be In tune WIth the enerGy level crAsh course In stArtInG conversAtIon WIth WoMen BreAKInG doWn the opener deAlInG WIth contInGencIes GIFt shIFt theory the pInG ponG MetAphor 

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Go FIrst prIncIple poWer tAlK WhAt to do AFter InItIAtInG the conversAtIon you Must creAte A connectIon hoW to AnsWer lIGht rApport QuestIons BuIldInG suBstAnce: ActIve lIstenInG, FIndInG her core vAlue, And leAdInG WIth your pAssIons leAdInG WIth your pAssIons A couple oF eFFectIve conversAtIonAl tools here’s A conversAtIon I hAd In the pAst BuIldInG FAMIlIArIty & suBstAnce the Art oF GettInG phone nuMBers & settInG up dAtes 8 tIps For An unForGettABle FIrst dAte on creAtInG A sexuAl vIBe When & hoW to KIss her FroM coFFee shop, MAll, superMArKet to the BedrooM: the nAturAl proGressIon Words oF WIsdoM WrAppInG It All up

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First of all, I want to congratulate you. You’ve taken the first step toward improving yourself. I know there’s a lot of information out there and, quite frankly, it can be overwhelming. Rest assured that your dating life will take on a positive spin after you’ve absorbed and integrated the information in this e-book. What you’re about to read is a product of years of trial and error. Anyone, regardless of age and experience, can benefit from this manual. Over the years, I’ve piled up all the useful information that I’ve discovered in my pursuit to perfecting daytime pick ups. In the process, I came up with over 2,000 pages filled with discoveries, theories, and tactics on meeting women during the daytime. 2,000 pages? Yes. I’ve compressed it all into this book. I don’t want you to take a year to see results. I want you to succeed now. So I came up with a manual that anyone, even my 8-year-old cousin, would understand. I learned the natural [**hard?**] way. I learned from my past failures, hanging out with guys that were good with women, and trial and error. It was a long and painful process but, at that time, I really had no other option. Worst of all, I had to learn how pick up women from scratch. Back then, there were no resources on meeting women outside of the “bars and clubs” context. There were no gurus, books, videos, or workshops that focused on daytime pick-up. It didn’t stop me though. I knew I had the passion and motivation to get this part of my life handled. I just needed to know how to operate in the field. After thousands of interactions and years of going out to the malls, streets, beaches, coffee shops, and college campuses, I’ve developed a step by step system that will allow anyone, with the right combination of passion, dedication, and perseverance to become successful with women, by choice. 

There’s a catch though… You have to want it. You have to desire success and do whatever it takes to become competent in this area of your life. So now, I want you to sit back, relax, and keep an open mind. You’re about to begin your journey. I promise you won’t regret it.

a Word on ConsIsTenCy
Do you want to know the secret to seeing results fast? One word: consistency. You can have the best techniques, the best system, and the best coach out there, but without consistency, it’s all worthless. Over the past three years, I’ve talked to hundreds of people who have successfully transformed their dating lifestyle. Eventhough they were from different walks of life and trained differently, there was always one common denominator. Day in day out, they each followed their pre-determined plan, consistently, without fail, and without excuses. There are many ways to achieve your goal, but you will never reach it unless you consistently exert the effort to put one foot in front of the other. You must find the determination, passion, and drive within yourself to see this through. If you don’t get this part of your life handled right now, then when will you? Treat this like going to college to get a degree. You won’t be in college forever, and you will not be figuring out this part of your life forever - only a few months! This is a short-term challenge to you! Ask yourself, would you be willing to experience a slight inconvenience and break through your comfort levels to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams - or will you continue to be an “average Joe” for 70 more years? Which path will you take? It’s time to make a decision. This manual is my helping hand to all those guys who want to learn how to successfully meet women during the day. Now, make a stand, and choose wisely. First of all, this book isn’t some magic pill that will solve all your problems overnight. It doesn’t work that way. You’ll need to take sometime to try out the tactics that you learn. 

I want you to approach this as you, would when you’re trying to develop a skill. The more you practice, the better you become. It’s similar to learning a sport. You need to practice several times a week, if you want to become competent.

GeTTInG The MosT froM ThIs Manual
There are two things that are directly correlated to your success. You need the right information and the ability to put that information into practice. I will spoon feed you with knowledge on daytime pick-up but that won’t be enough. You need to go out there and practice the things you learn. It’s a repetitive process that will propel you toward success. I’ll constantly be throwing new concepts at you, so be prepared. Some of them will be helpful to your current situation. Most of them, you will need in the future. Treat this book as a reference or encyclopedia. Read through it once or twice and absorb whatever you can. Come back and read the individual section from time to time. Read, absorb, and integrate the information you learn. Don’t ever, ever be satisfied with just learning this stuff, practice it! Don’t go jump right onto another book or program right away without practicing the things you learn here. Keep practicing, reading, and using it until you have it all down! Please feel free to e-mail me with your ideas, comments, complaints, or just a simple “Hi” note if you will. I want to know what you think. You can drop me a line at Let’s Rock n Roll! 

This book is copyright 2007, with all rights reserved. It is illegal to copy, distribute, or create derivative works from this book in whole or in part, or to contribute to the copying, distribution, or creating of derivative works of this book. When you purchased this book, you agreed to the statement on the bottom of the homepage of my website that stated: “©2007, All Rights Reserved. If you try to copy, steal, or distribute all or any part of my book or this web page without permission, I will have my attorney contact you and make you regret what you did. Count on it. By purchasing this book, you agree to the following: You understand that the information contained on this page and in this book is an opinion, and it should be used for personal entertainment purposes only. You are responsible for your own behavior, and none of this book is to be considered legal or personal advice. Neither, www.captivatetoconnect. com, nor Captivate to Connect, LLC assume any liability for the information contained herein.” I expect you to abide by these rules. I regularly and actively have my team search the internet for people who violate my copyrights.

Now that we’re finished with the warning, let’s learn how to be successful with women during the daytime... 

Section 1: the FirSt Step to Meeting And dAting More WoMen thAn You cAn hAndle
In this section, I’ll discuss some interesting things about the different steps before the approach, and how I’ve used this information to solidify my game and make myself more successful with women.

WhaT Is day GaMe?
Have you ever experienced seeing “your type” of girl walk down the street? Most likely you have. The question is, ”What Did You Do About It? Did you start giving second glances? Scratch your head in awe? Smile at her as she passed by? Or did you just look down as she walked by? If you didn’t do anything, then that’s normal. I have yet to meet someone who knows exactly what to do and how to do it when he sees a woman that catches his eye. I’ve met a couple of men that can pull it off, and believe me, they are rare. What exactly is your reason for buying this book? Tell me, I’m sure you wanted to accomplish something. Did you want a girlfriend? Did you want to expand your social circle? Or did you just want to have new dates every single day? If you answered yes to any one of those, then day game just might be the answer. Why? Day Game is the ability to meet any woman, outside of bars and clubs, build an emotional connection, get them on dates, and have the possibility of starting a relationship with them. It’s not luck, as most may think, it’s a skill set. Have you ever stopped to wonder how many hot women you see everyday? Women of all types of beauty are not hard to find, they roam around malls, beaches, supermarkets, and coffee shops every single day. Thousands of women go out during the day to run errands, shop, relax, have fun and a whole list of other reasons. The best thing about it is that YOU could potentially monopolize and have access to ALL these women if you knew how. 

What if I told you that it’s possible to approach these beautiful strangers and have something positive result from almost all of your interactions? Would you think I’m nuts?

an eye opener on Cold approaChInG
Cold approaching is walking up and talking to a complete stranger. I should know. I’ve had a history of being a salesman. Several years ago, I’ve spent a couple of months standing inside a phone booth in the middle of a mall, trying to get people to buy our products. I’d always be shouting “Hey sir, do you want to sign up for our service today?” yada yada yada. It rarely worked because I was already asking for the sale before I even got a chance to get to know the customer. Heck, I didn’t even know their name. I learned that building a relationship before asking for the sale was a must, and it did make sense. If selling something was possible without building a relationship with the customer, then there would be no need for salespeople. Occasionally, people would stop by for a minute to check out the things I had to say. But, more often than not, they’d just continue walking. What does sales have to do with being successful with girls? Everything. If you think about it, the one thing that’s similar with salespeople and guys that are successful with women, is their ability to communicate with people. Communication is key in everything that we do. I’ll talk more about this in the upcoming chapters. Now, let’s get back to my story… After failing to produce results in my job, I tried and experimented with a lot of different techniques, and that’s when I learned something… If my initial approach was unique, then people usually gave me a bit of their time. Remember the time someone tried to start a conversation with you? What happened? 

You probably heard them open with a familiar line like: “Hey what’s going on?” “Nice weather…” “It’s a pretty long line, isn’t it” Chances are you reply with some sort of answer, depending on your mood. Then the conversation comes to an end and you either say “Nice talking to you” or just simply turn around and carry on with your business. Looking back, why did you talk to that person? Was it out of politeness or were you interested in getting to know them as a person? Chances are it was out of politeness. How often are you approached by a homeless person asking for money? How do you deal with it? Are you polite or do you brush them off? I’m sure it comes to a point where you just have a set of prepared answers that you say when you get the same question. If you can relate to this scenario then...

WelCoMe To WoMen’s everyday realITy
Women get approached or hit on all the time. They’ve developed tolerance to men and the ability to be emotionally detached from the interaction. It’s not their fault and I certainly don’t blame them for being rude sometimes. There are a lot of whackos out there. The first thing you need to do is find a way to bypass her social filters. What does that mean? You’ve got to approach her in a way that she’s not accustomed. Your goal is to get her into a state of mind where she’s susceptible to be led. Make or Break Moment The first couple of seconds after you meet a person is what I call the make or break moment. It’s probably one of the most crucial moments of the interaction simply because it opens the door for escalating the conversation. 


It’s like going to someone’s house and pushing the doorbell. Just because someone opens the door, it doesn’t mean you get to go in and do whatever you want. Women will usually, if you’ve got your whole presence and communication skills down, open the door for you a little bit. But don’t expect them to be all over you after you’ve initiated the conversation. That’s just setting yourself up for failure. I’m going to go with the assumption that everyone’s time is special. We all have things to do and people to see. Most of the people you meet out there will have a very short attention span. Most women will give you somewhere between three seconds and three minutes to captivate their interest. That’s your window of opportunity, there are no second chances if you mess it up. A lot of your time, when you first start out, will be focused on perfecting the first few minutes of the interaction. It will be your first road block to success.

CreaTInG a vIsIon
Do you know where you’re heading? If you don’t then you might want to start brainstorming. If you want to be successful with women, there’s one thing you need to do first. You have to set a goal for yourself. If you don’t have one, then by the end of this section, you should have one. Goal setting is very important for various reasons. It gives you an overall direction so you know where you’re going. It’s always a good feeling knowing you’re working toward something that will benefit you in the long run. It motivates you and keeps you on track. If you have a vision of what you want your life to be then that is your incentive to work harder. If it’s something you really want then you WILL achieve it. A lot of people out there are like chickens running around with their heads cut off. They have no goals set for themselves. So I want you to take sometime to answer these questions. Have a pen and paper ready. Don’t skip this part. You’ll find it very useful on your journey. 

• Realistically speaking, what do you really want to accomplish? You’re obviously investing a lot of your time and effort into learning how to be successful with women. What’s in it for you in the long run? Like, in 10 years, where do you see yourself? What kind of person will you be by then? What kind of girl/girls will be with you? What’s your lifestyle going to be? What’s the difference between who you are now and who you want to be? • How long do you think it will take you to accomplish your overall goal? Have you set daily, weekly, and monthly goals to ensure that you’re constantly improving you skill set? How much time and effort do you need to put into this? What strategies do you have in order to stay consistent and committed to getting this part of your life handled? That’s just for starters. These questions should aid you in coming up with a solid vision of who you want to be and what steps you need to take in order to accomplish that.

aCTInG on your plan
Okay you have your plan, now what?! Anything on paper is just writing unless you put it to work. I know it’s a good feeling to have so much information that your brain begins to swell. One piece of advice though: Information isn’t power, it’s potential power. Once you’ve figured out what you want, the next step is to stick to your plan no matter what happens until you start to see results. 

4 sTeps To InCrease The effeCTIveness of Goal seTTInG
Know exactly what you want to accomplish. If you haven’t done this by now, then don’t continue reading. Put the book down and start working on it. For example: “In six months, I want to have the ability to date three new girls that I meet in the mall, every single week” or “I want to have a smoking hot girlfriend that’s half my age, and has a kick ass personality”.

1. Devise a plan on how you’re going to accomplish your goal. What steps are needed in order to accomplish your plan? How long is it going to take and what does it require of me? Make sure to always stick to that plan. For example: “In order for me to be able to date three new girls a week, I should get my skill set to that level. I need to interact with seven new girls three times a week for six months. I should always be pushing the interaction as far as it can go every time. I shouldn’t commit the same mistake again. After six months, I’ll be able to hold a conversation with a girl for 30 minutes, and schedule a date with her at the end.” Or “If I want a hot girlfriend I should be more experienced with hot women. I will surround myself with the kind of women I’d like to date and learn how to be comfortable in their presence. I’ll try to go on as many dates as I can so I can get experience under my belt. I’m also going to work on the different aspects of my life so that I become relationship material.” 2. Get all the right information that you need in order to get this part of your life handled. Make sure you use this information as a guideline and makes sure you’re on the right track. For example: “I was able to talk to several girls today. It was fun but I just can’t seem to get her to open up to me. I’m going to look for resources out there that will solve the problem for me. Or I can look for someone qualified to help me out. I’ll make sure that they can give me personalized and individualized attention. After getting advice, I’ll make sure to implement the things I learned right away.” 

3. Review all your results, find the strong and weak points, then make the necessary adjustments. This is the only way to keep progressing. For example: “Last month, I got five numbers and out of those numbers, three girls called me back. This month I got eight numbers but none of them called me back. So I need to review all my interactions and see where I’m screwing things up. Did I build enough emotional connection with her? Did I convey my personality well enough? Am I giving up easily without following up? If so how can I improve my skill? I should try calling her more often…” This is a very simple structure you can use in order to assess your progress. You should be able to analyze yourself and construct positive criticism. This is an essential skill to develop.

InTroduCTIon To The 8 essenTIal dayGaMe faCTors
I’m about to provide you with the most comprehensive information ever available on how use the 8 Essential Day Game Factors to dramatically increase your success with women. You see, I’ve identified a total of 8 Essential Day Game Factors that must be addressed if you want to maximize your success rate! You must first understand all of the factors and how they affect your ability to meet, connect, and date the woman of your choice. The 8 Essential Day Factors are structured in a way that helps build you up, starting from your core, then slowly focuses on the techniques and tactical part of the interaction. The main goal of the upcoming section is to provide you with a comprehensive foundation for daytime pick-up. In order to efficiently improve your skills, I suggest that you spend some time mastering EACH section of the book. Here’s a QUICK PEEK at what’s coming up... 

FACTOR : INNER STRENGTH We’ll start to build you up from the very core of your personality. I’ll discuss inner strength in depth and take you step by step so that you can develop a solid foundation . Don’t worry, I’ll only be throwing stuff at you that I know you’d need. I’m confident that by the end of this book, you’ll have a basic understanding of what inner strength is and how you can use it to gain an unfair advantage over other guys.

FACTOR : IDENTITY Do you know why most guys fail to keep a woman interested in them? Or even worse, why they can’t keep a woman in their life? It’s because they don’t develop the ability to convey their identity. I’ll go over the key concepts of identity building and how to effectively communicate who you are as a person.

FACTOR : LONG TERM AND SHORT TERM VALUE This chapter is guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows out there. I’ll explain to you the importance of long term and short term value and how it affects all your interactions. I’ll show you where most guys fail and how you can avoid most of the pitfalls out there.

FACTOR : COMMUNICATION Communication skills separate the beginners from the pros. A lot of guys don’t know the proper way of communicating with attractive women. They lose a woman’s initial interest due to their lack of communication or ineffective communication. I’ll teach you the same principles that I only teach in specialized 1 on 1 VIP seminars. I’ll show you exactly how to communicate with women. 

FACTOR : EMOTIONAL CONNECTION Emotional Connection is what I like to call “The Heart of Day Game”. This is my favorite part of every interaction and you’re about to find out why! I go over specific time-tested tactics that I’ve used to establish a long lasting emotional bond that gets her to dream about you even after you’re gone! This is a very effective tool that increases the chances of you going on a date with her! I’ll go over the proper way to build an emotional connection and the opportune moment for you to start engaging her in this type of interaction.

FACTOR : COMFORT AND TRUST Most guys just don’t know how to build comfort and trust with the women they meet. This chapter talks about the things you must do and avoid.

FACTOR : LEADING & LOGISTICS If you haven’t learned yet, let me be the first to tell you… Logistics is one thing that you do not have full control over. I’ll give you a couple of tips on how you can maximize the effectiveness of the interaction by utilizing our logistic planning method. In this chapter, I’ll show you specifically how to get the girl from the mall to your bedroom!

FACTOR : INVESTMENT In order for anyone to be successful with women, he must first master the art of making her invest in the interaction. Look no further! In this chapter, I’ve compiled the most comprehensive approach to increase control over the interaction and decreasing the number of women flaking on you. I’ve decided to just go all out and reveal four major investment categories. 

Section 2: the 8 eSSentiAl dAY gAMe dAting FActorS

faCTor 1: Inner sTrenGTh
I know that most of you just want to learn what to say, in other words, “the lines”. I don’t blame you at all, I was the same as you when I first started out. You want to know what happened several years later? I sat down and told myself “If only I just build up myself first, things would have been so much easier for me…” So save yourself a lot of time and read and understand this section first before you go onto the next one. A lot of successful guys, I know, have one thing in common. This is the one thing that fuels them day in and day out. It’s that bright light at the end of the tunnel. It’s the driving force behind all their successes. I’ve tried to put my finger on it in the past but it took me quite sometime to figure out what it was. I used to think to myself, “What does this guy have that I don’t, I mean, we both have charismatic personalities and great sense of style. There’s something about him that makes him complete as a person.” I really thought I would never figure it out... Until this one day came. My friend and I were just chatting about life. I hadn’t seen him in years because he was stationed in Iraq. I admired this guy for his strength and courage. I always wondered how he was able to do it. So to make a long story short I asked him “It takes a lot of guts to do what you did. How were you able to handle it? Back in those days when you were stationed in Iraq, what were you thinking of?” He replied: “All those days I spent there just help built me up as a person. Most people probably hated being there, I just accepted it. I knew there would be a lot of people who’d be negative about the experience. I had that choice. I had two choices: should I go through all of this hardship, be negative all the time, and be the same person I was to begin with? Or should I just barrel through this period with my head held up high, cherish every moment of my journey, and end up to be a better person? I chose the latter. I just knew that I had it in me to succeed beyond a shadow of a doubt. Failure just wasn’t an option for me.” 

I suddenly had one of those “Light bulb popping up in your head” moments. These moments don’t come to me that often but whenever they do, they always hit me hard over the head. You’ve Been Programmed to Fail with Women and You Probably Don’t Even Know It! We all walk through this world with our beliefs. These beliefs have been integrated into our being, probably since we were little kids. What we believe in is a product of the things we were exposed to all our lives. There are a lot of factors that have molded us to be the person we are today. Examples of such factors are FRIENDS FAMILY SCHOOL SYSTEM SOCIETY MEDIA CULTURE ENVIRONMENT WOOOOWW! That’s a lot of factors influencing us. Sad to say, we’ve been programmed like robots to act in a self-sabotaging way toward women. Let’s start out with media and advertising. Love makes the world go round and money keeps it spinning… For the most part, we live in a society that’s driven by money, power, or fame. The ones on the top set the rules so that everyone can follow. Not only that, they set the standard of what is cool, attractive, and desirable. Let’s take on the subject of appearance. Contrary to popular belief, appearance isn’t everything. You can still get laid even if you do not look like the guy from the cover of a fashion magazine. You can get a girl even if you’re not rich, not well built, or not tall. You can make a beautiful girl with an outstanding personality fall for you regardless of your race! All of this may be hard to comprehend but it will make sense to you in a minute. Let’s take a good look at magazines for a second. This is true for both men and women alike. 

Who do you see on the covers of popular magazines? I’m sure you all know the answer to this one: Celebrities Attractive and fit people Rich people And everything else I forgot to mention Am I the only one that sees what’s going on here? Where can you find the hottest men and women? Usually on the front of a magazine, where there sculpted bodies are exposed and their stunning facial features modified to intimidate almost anyone. The average girl would think “That’s the girl that everyone in my school thinks is hot! She’s skinny and she wears (Insert brand name of clothing here), I need to buy everything she has and be like her so I can be hot too…” Same thing for a guy “Oh, that guy has the hottest girl I’ve ever seen. He’s rich, tall, famous… He even has the fastest car around, he has this sick ass watch, and…” To make the long story short, both the man and woman in this example end up concluding “In order to be desirable, cool, and up to date I need to have this, be this, and join this…” And whoever said advertising wasn’t effective? What actually happened was that the media brainwashed people into thinking that they need all of this in order to be cool. The truth is… YOU DON’T Yeah being rich, tall, famous helps but it’s not the only way. Anyone armed with the techniques and philosophies I’ll discuss in this book can attract the kind of woman that’s usually reserved for the good looking, famous, and rich! IT’S TIME TO RE-PROGRAM YOURSELF TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! Have you ever heard of the saying perception is reality? Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your belief becomes who you are. 

What if I told you that everything that you believe in, only if you really really believed in it, becomes who you are? Would you believe me? You better, because by reframing some self-sabotaging beliefs, you too can be successful with women. This is where everyone should start regardless of their goal. What if you can reprogram your entire self, so you can move through the world naturally attracting people in your life? Before I hear any objections, you’re not going to be someone you’re not. You’re just going to be a better version of yourself. You have to live up to your full potential. It makes me sad to see all the guys out there that are still walking through life brainwashed by society. If only I could snap them out of their trance… but then again, that would be too idealistic of me. Alright, back to my story. After I talked to the guy and realized everything I just told you, my whole world changed, literally before my very own eyes. I adopted bits and pieces of his philosophy in life, and went on a journey to seek the truth. Ever since then I began seeing some amazing results from all the interactions, struggles, and relationships that I’ve had. And that’s when it occurred to me that… YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE, BELIEVE, BELIEVE! I’ve learned a couple of lessons that I will be sharing with you. These have been very useful for me and hopefully will be for you. Change will not occur overnight, but the sooner you start believing, the faster you’ll get to your destination. I’m just sharing with you everything that’s worked for me and the thousands of guys I’ve trained after I discovered everything I’m about to share with you. Here’s how this works. I’ll be discussing 8 Inner Strength Lessons that I’ve found to be very useful in my journey. For the next 30 days, I want you to go over this chapter again and again. Don’t stop reading until you start practicing and believing the 8 Inner Strength Lessons. I will also provide you with exercises so your belief is reinforced with real world results. 


INNER STRENGTH LESSON : MY PRESENCE ALONE IS VALUABLE TO OTHERS Have you ever had the feeling that you’re not worthy to even talk to someone? Have you ever hesitated to approach a woman just because you had that damn “Why should she even talk to me? I’m not her type… and besides, I don’t know what to say” speech playing in your head? Let me ask you this, how can you be so sure she thinks that way if you haven’t even approached her yet? Okay, but I’ve approached girls in the past and they’ve shot me down more times than I can think of… Just because you had one bad meal in your life doesn’t mean you should stop eating right? Every girl is different. Every situation is different. If you believe that everything you say or do is valuable, then it will be valuable to others. Starting now, I want you to believe that your presence alone is valuable to others. I’m sure there’s a time in the past when you were yourself and everyone just loved you. The time when, all of a sudden, people were hanging off every word you said. The time when you were relaxed and comfortable with yourself. TRY THIS OUT I want you to start looking back and remember the times where you were indeed valuable to other people. I want you to remember the times when you made several people feel good about themselves. Got that memory? How does it make you feel? Have you ever surprised someone with something really special before? What did you feel like before you gave it to them? Felt good didn’t it? That’s how you should feel before talking to anyone. You’re doing them a favor by talking to them. Try this out, next time before you talk to someone, imagine that you’re about to give them a million bucks in the next five minutes, how does that change the way you act toward them? Try it out. 

INNER STRENGTH LESSON : TAKE WHAT’S YOURS! NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR WHO YOU ARE AND THE THINGS YOU DO! YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS! There’s one thing that you will realize later on… You can do anything you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. And you can get away with it. Once again, we’ve been programmed by society to look up to others for “permission” to do something we want to do. Remember the time when you were in grade school? You had to ask permission every single time you went for a trip to the rest room. Well, by the time you got to college, you just probably stood up and went straight for the rest room didn’t you? Another example is the very famous Bill Gates. Do you think he ever asked permission if he could start up a business and drop out of school as it took off? Nope, he just had a plan, executed it, and never looked back. So what do you want to do? What’s stopping you? You are your own boss. You have permission to go after the things you want in life. You have permission to be the best that you can be. And you have permission to date any girl you want regardless of what anyone says. You have permission to change your beliefs. I want you to live life like you own the world. Everything is yours. You do not need anyone’s approval before you do something. You do not need permission to dress in a certain way. You already have it in you. It’s about time to free yourself from the prison that your mind is in. Here are some tips you can start integrating in your life: • It’s always better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. Next time you go out to the malls and you see a bench with an open spot, just go ahead and sit down. Don’t ask anyone for permission just do it. • Make your own decision and take your own stand. Don’t wait for others to tell you what to do. Don’t look for others to make decisions for you. You can do them yourself. Always voice out your opinions. Don’t be afraid to state your opinions just because someone else thinks otherwise. Don’t be afraid to spark tension. Always say what’s on your mind, if you don’t agree with someone simply say “I disagree” and leave it at that. 

• Learn how to say “No”. It’s hard to get used to saying “no” but you have to give it a shot. Just try saying it. It’s not that bad. You’ll notice that people will begin to respect you more because you’re upfront. You wouldn’t want to be known as the “yes” man. If it’s reasonable and you’re up for it then say “yes”. If it will compromise you or for some reason you just don’t feel comfortable with it then say “no”. • I’m not trying to impress you. This boils down to being who you are despite what other people think. Don’t ever change just because someone else wants you to. Don’t be ashamed of your past, background, or status. Be proud, stand tall, and don’t bow down to someone just because you perceive them as being better than you. One motto you can use is “I’m not trying to impress you… And you sure have to do more than that to impress me”. TRY THIS OUT Let’s start out with simple exercises. The next time you’re about to line up, and someone gets there the same time you did, don’t hesitate to just smile and take the spot first. When you’re at a party and someone asks: “Who wants such and such drinks” Don’t hesitate to raise your hand first and say “Over here”. Wear an outrageous piece of clothing and when someone give you a hard time about it just smile and say “Thank you”. 

faCTor 2: IdenTITy
Do you know what people think of the first time they meet you? Do you know the first thing that pops up in a woman’s head the moment you approach her? Do you know what she will think about the minute she gets home after meeting you? “Who in the world is this guy?” So let me throw the question at you… Who Are You? Trust me, every single person you meet will wonder who you are. They ask you questions for a purpose. They are trying to form a picture of who you are as a person. Your job is to convey your identity all throughout an interaction. The clothes you wear, the stories you tell, and the way you present yourself to others, all of these play an important role in establishing your identity. So what exactly is your identity? Continue reading because this whole chapter is dedicated to the subject of identity. It All Started When You Were A Kid “There are two great moments in a person’s life: the moment they were born and the moment they realize why they were born.” - Mark Sanborne So What Did You Want To Be When You Were Seven? When I was seven years old I wanted to be a rock star. I wanted to be that guy that rocked people’s world with his guitar. I wanted to be that guy in the spotlight that made people jump to the beat of his melody. It seemed just like yesterday, when I’d just jump off the bed with a broomstick trying to mimic Slash from Guns n Roses. Why did I choose that as a kid? Beats me, I don’t really know. Maybe because it looked cool on television. Maybe I wanted to be a rock star because I’d be famous worldwide. Or maybe it was what everybody wanted at that time. 

The truth is, I never really thought about it until three weeks ago when I was in a car with a bunch of friends. Then out of nowhere someone started playing my song on the radio. That’s when it struck me. I’m an artist! I’m a musician! I really did achieve what I wanted when I was a kid. I didn’t stray away from it. I thought I would never be an artist because of what everybody said to me… “Being a musician won’t get you anywhere… It’s useless, you’re better of just having a 9-5 job where you can make a constant stream of income” Unfortunately, when I was a kid, I had no other choice but to listen to what everyone said. Becoming a musician was a dream. It really came from the heart but at such an early age, I was easily influenced by my parents, peers, and teachers. Now that I look back, I realize that each and everyone of us had dreams when we were little. As a result of growing up, we tend to stop feeling and just start thinking. Not that thinking it’s a bad thing, we just need a balance of both. One of my favorite sculptors, Michelangelo, once said “The Sculpture is already in the stone” and I never forgot that. It just put the pieces of the puzzle together for me. It means that every single time that Michelangelo worked on chipping away pieces of his sculpture, he was already done before he started. Yes, the product was already finished, all he had to do was to chip away all the unnecessary stuff. I believe that the person we want to be is already inside of us. We were all created unique and special. We were born to experience life and with that experience we grow and we learn. We become better versions of ourselves. Success is in already inside all of us. So let me ask you this: What did you want to be when you were seven years old? How to Discover Who You Are I’m not going to keep you waiting any longer. Here are several ways to discover who you are. I want you to pull out a piece of paper and jot down some notes. You’ll need some time to work on this. This is a very important section in this book. If there’s one thing I want you to accomplish after you finish reading this book, then this is it. 

• What Did You Want To Be When You Were Seven? Come on, think back, and write it down. Write it all down. • Make a List of Everything You Want to Become. Sky is the limit folks. I want you to write down everything. No one can see what you write. No one will judge what you write. • What are the Three Things You Like About Yourself. You could probably never stop listing reasons here. But please try to restrain yourself. I only want you to write down three. • Make a List of 15 Goals For Next Year. It can be related to fitness, health, business, dating, relationship, and traveling. It can be a big or small goal. Don’t force yourself to finish all these exercises in a day. Some exercises will take time to finish. • List 25 Things That Make You Happy. What makes you smile? What are the things you look forward to in the day? What’s your reward after a long day’s work? • Write Down Some of Your Main Theories, Beliefs, and Philosophies in Life. What are the things that you value in life? What are the important things? What do you stand by? What do you fight for? • What are Your Three Biggest Accomplishments? By listing them, you’ll discover what you’re passionate about. It will reaffirm in your mind that you, indeed, are talented. When you’re finished writing. I want you to post it somewhere you can see it everyday. Read it as often as you want for 30 days straight. It always feels nice to remind yourself who you are. Be proud of who you are. Embrace it with both arms. Don’t be afraid to let everyone see. So how is this useful in social interactions? Simple... Most men end interactions without really conveying their identity, the things their passionate about, and the things they believe in. This leaves women with a blank picture on their head of who you are as a person. It’s always good to be mysterious but you should also find a way to convey your identity all through out the interaction. 

So, what do you do when you run out of things to say? An effective strategy is to just talk about something you’re really passionate about. Discuss your perspectives on life, art, travel, music, and anything your heart fancies. Remember, talk about the things that are interesting to you. If you’re enthusiastic about it then it becomes interesting to her. Bring her into your world. Give her a taste of what it’s like to be in your shoes for a minute. Discovering who you are and the things that make you tick is something you should work on regardless of your goals in life. Having this knowledge of yourself is so important especially when you’re interacting with people. It provides them with a window to your being and this makes you interesting. It puts you into a positive light but it’s still not enough to get you into any kind of relationship. You need to provide value. TRY THIS OUT This weekend, I want you to do an activity you enjoy doing but haven’t done in a long time. Invite your friends along and have a blast. Do this at least every two weeks. If you run out of things to do, try something new. 

faCTor 3: lonG TerM and shorT TerM value
So, I hear that you want to the secrets to dating women of particular quality and beauty during the daytime… In order to learn how to communicate with women, you must first understand them. Let me start out by giving you a glimpse of what it’s like to be an attractive woman. It’s no secret that women get hit on all the time. Just last week, I was walking in the mall with two girls, and a salesman pops up out of nowhere and asks one of the girls I’m with “Would you like to go out on a date with me?”. I think that’s what he said, it was hard to understand him with his accent. Anyway, we weren’t mean to the poor guy or anything. After all he had balls of steel for doing that. We smiled, waved, and took off. Then I suddenly realized something. If these girls got hit on twice when they were with me, then I wonder what happens when I’m not even present. How Women Decide If You’re A Contestant Most women have several choices of men from which to pick. So why should she give you the time of day? What is in it for her? I hate to phrase it this way but at the end of the day, it boils down to one question Are you an asset or a liability? It sounds so ridiculous but it’s true. In this society, women usually pick the guys that can provide the most value to their life. Value is determined by a lot of things such as social status, appearance, personality, communication, lifestyle, and all the others I’m about to discuss. Value is broken down in to the categories: short and long term value 

Short Term Value & Ways You Can Build It Up! Short term value is determined by the experience you give women the first time you meet them. Let’s say you see a pretty woman as you walk into a coffee shop. There’s one problem though, she’s busy reading something. Do you have what it takes to get her to want to slam her book down and just talk to you? It’s not impossible. It happens most of the time, in my experience. If she perceives you as being more valuable than what she’s currently doing, then she will go out of her way just to talk to you. That’s the power of short term value. Now let’s go into some examples of how you can cultivate short term value. • Always provide positive emotions. People tend to gravitate toward people that make them feel good. Your job is to provide positive emotions like fun, excitement, happiness, comfort, etc. Once you find a way to provide these emotions, you’ll instantly be magnetic to women. You’ll notice that women want to be around you more often. They’ll call you and even pester you to hang out with them. • Develop your own signature presence . Become unique. This is done by conveying a rich and textured personality. It doesn’t specifically mean that you have come up with something super original. There’s a big chance that somewhere in the world, someone’s doing exactly what you’re doing. So the key is to be unique in that given environment. Some ways of doing this are the way you groom and present yourself. Communication is a tool you can use to your advantage but that’s in another chapter. • Laugh, Laugh, Laugh with them… If you have the skill to make women laugh, then you’re already ahead of the game. You will get far with humor. Laughter is a good feeling. It’s addictive. Almost like a drug. It’s the moment when we shut the whole world off for a second and connect with ourselves. Laughter serves two purposes: Builds attraction within a girl and creates an unspoken bond between the both of you. You want to be able to laugh together. Do you remember the last time you shared a laugh with someone? Now, stop, just thinking about that moment…. How did it make you feel? See my point. • Let your inner teacher shine. Intelligence is another tool you can use to captivate a woman’s mind. The fact that you’re educated. You don’t have to be as smart as Albert Einstein, in fact you don’t have to be smart at all to pull this off. All you need are a few interesting topics in which you’re quite familiar. If you can share your ideas with her passionately, then BAM, you’ve got the ability to hold someone’s attention and 

interest. I know it’s easier said then done. Teach her a couple of things about your culture, traditions, language, a few fun games you probably learned as a kid, a trick, and a handshake. You can go on with this, the possibilities are endless. Just remember, share your knowledge with the world, teach everyone something. Show ‘em what you got! • You are the leader. Your job as a man is to lead the interaction. If you expect her to lead and even make the first move, then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. This can be conveyed with your attitude and the right assertiveness. Take her by the hand and make it easy for her. Lead the conversation. Lead the interaction. Don’t be afraid to take a stand and follow it up with an action. If you want her number then just ask for it. Instead of saying “Do you want to come?” say “Let’s go” instead. If she says “I’m not sure about this” say “You’re gonna love it, trust me”. Always lead and reassure her that she’s safe with you. • Classy, Cultured and Worldly. Classy defines someone who has high standard of personal behavior. This is usually learned through your family and the people you’re surrounded by. It’s also an advantage if you’ve done some traveling. Are your outfits coordinated well? Does your belt match your shoes? Do you understand poetry and the different works of art? Do you know the best restaurants in your city? Do you understand the world of fashion? Do you know a couple of classic movies? If you’re equipped with this, then it will be very hard for women not to notice you. • Romantic. Women love romance. Don’t believe me? Did you know that romance novels account for majority of the sales in bookstores? And that’s why women just love a guy that can give them the romantic fantasy. If you can be a substitute for a romantic novel then, as my friend Rish would say, “You’re so F****** money and you don’t even know it man”. Happy, Joyful, and Enthusiastic. Women are drawn to guys that are happy, joyful, and enthusiastic. These positive emotions bring value to their lives. Wouldn’t you? • Decisive. Always have an opinion, decision, and a plan. Never say “I don’t know”. Always make it a point to be a decision maker. If you step into that role she will allow you to play the role. Women constantly test for this. They want a man who knows what he wants. For example, when she says “Where are we going?” say “We’re going to grab some ice cream. Let’s go”. 


LONG TERM VALUE & WAYS YOU CAN BUILD IT UP So you’ve learned how to demonstrate short term value. Now it’s time to cultivate your long term value. Short term value opens the door to her life. You have to walk a little bit to get through the door and make sure that you stay in it. Your long term value is responsible for keeping a girl hooked on you. Remember, a girl decides if she wants to see you again, continue the relationship, or go on a date with you when you’re not there! These are the times when she probably evaluates you as a package and sees if you’re worth it. As hard as it sounds, these are the things that go on behind closed doors. That’s why you want to give her the best option so she can make an educated decision. Sounds like a sales pitch right? Right. The whole courting process is very similar to sales. The only difference is that you’re not selling an actual product. YOU ARE SELLING YOURSELF! Here are the features that you can add on to increase your long term value • Become a renaissance man. It’s time to rediscover and redefine yourself. Here’s a short description I found on the internet. A renaissance man is considered a man at the centre of the universe, limitless in his capacities for development. Do something new every single month. Do something adventurous, dangerous, or exciting and live to talk about it. Pick up a book every two weeks and read it. Make your life an open book. And don’t forget to make it an interesting book. Make it a routine to continuously be learning. Boredom is the enemy. • Emotional Connection. Coming up in the next couple of chapters. Stay tuned! • Dare to Dream. Ambition is a strong desire to achieve something in life. From experience, I can always tell the people who are ambitious from the ones that aren’t. It’s hard to explain over in text, but it’s sort of like a gut feeling. Lean more toward the energy that they give off. I think this is one major factor for women who are looking for a commitment. Women crave men who are ambitious. They smell this quality a mile away. There are a lot of ways ambition can be conveyed. The most obvious one is the way one talks about life. 

• Financially self-sufficient. “I want a guy who is rich, tall, and handsome”. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard that phrase from women. I hate to admit it but money is a deciding factor in the dating game. It’s not a prerequisite for her to date you but it plays a huge role if you want to have a smooth long term relationship. Don’t you wonder what women are trying to find out when they ask “So, what do you do for a living?” They’re trying to get a glimpse of how much money you earn. I’m not saying that all women are gold diggers. All I’m trying to say is that women screen the men to see if they are relationship material. You need to be able to support yourself and show potential for becoming financially stable one day. • Self-assuredness. This is similar to being confident. This is conveyed with the way you speak and carry yourself. How do you move through the world? Are you afraid to take up space in the world? Or are you comfortable in your own skin? Do you let bad criticisms get to you? Or do you accept them confidently? A simple test would be a woman giving you a hard time about something you either wear or do, now how do you respond to it? Do you get all offended and convincing her that you’re a cool guy deep down inside? Or do you just accept it with a smile, say “thank you”, and move on to the next topic? • Keep ‘em Guessing. Unpredictability is the spice of life. Being predictable takes the excitement out of a relationship or interaction. It’s not good to be too unpredictable either. It’s good to create a contrast in your personality. At times be romantic and shower her with attention and the next day treat her like one of your buddies. It’s fun. They get all excited when you do this. • Tenderness and Sensitivity. This can be demonstrated by the way you treat her. Do you listen to her when she opens up to you? Do you act as a protector and make sure she’s always taken care of? Do you steer her around corners when you guys are walking around? Do you make her feel comfortable at times when she’s not? • Assertive, Firm and Strong. Do you assert your wishes on others? Do you make sure that you’ve got everything under control? Do you bargain your way into getting something you really want? Do you take a stand a support it fully? • Sex God. It is no secret that women love men that are great in bed. Women are sexual beings just like we are. They enjoy sex as much as we do. Sex releases endorphins and it relaxes the body. Women like men that can give them a wonderful experience. They also like men that know exactly how to press their buttons and provide satisfaction. 

These are some of the essential components to building long term value. By now, if you’ve been doing everything right, you should have a killer understanding of inner foundation, big goal concepts, and a couple of helpful tips. Remember, you can have the best line or script in the world but if you can’t present it well, it’s useless. That’s the reason why communicating effectively is a topic I spend several hours teaching at the workshops. TRY THIS OUT Read through this chapter again. When you’re done, I want you to take a good look at yourself and your life. Now go through each quality I mentioned in this chapter and rate yourself from 1-5 (1 being the lowest and 5 the highest). If you’re below 3 in one of the qualities I outlined here, then take a week to focus on this specific quality. You at least need to be between 3-5 in all ranges in order to be successful with women. 

faCTor 4: effeCTIve CoMMunICaTIon
Your communication skills will either make or break you in your quest for success in all areas of your life. Whether you’re working on presenting an idea to other people, describing a movie you watched to your friends, or instructing a cab driver where you want to go, you need to be able to communicate effectively. You must develop strong and effective communication skills in order to get what you want in life. That’s the secret to success beyond your wildest dream. I’m not going to sugar coat it. That’s all it is. Actually, probably not, there’s more to it than that, but it’s a key ingredient my friend. Let me give you an example. Contestant # 1- Mr. Average Guy General Scenario: Mr. Average Guy is innocently looking for clothes to buy. And then, he notices something moving from his side. He looks over and notices big boobs, nice hair, a body to die for, and a Mona Lisa smile. In that moment, Mr. Average Guy’s hormones go wild. He starts getting excited or nervous and he knows why. Deep down, he wants her. Wow, that was fast, she got him all excited in less than a second… Contestant # 2- Ms. Plain or Hot Jane Scenario 1: Ms. Plain Jane is ordering a drink at Starbucks. She sees this guy. He’s smoking hot. She’s excited but she’s not going to give it all away because of that. Mr. Hot Stuff makes his way to talk to her. After three minutes of boring conversation and ineffective communication, Ms. Plain Jane starts to slowly face away from Mr. Hot Stuff. Two minutes later, she deploys her killer line: “Oh, I didn’t even notice the time. I almost forgot. I have to rush back home because I left the light on my boyfriend’s room. It was nice meeting you though, tata!” Scenario 2: Ms. Hot Jane is ordering a drink at Starbucks. She sees this average looking guy. He seems to carry himself well and has a good sense of style. She heads over to the table to sit down. Next thing you know, he walks toward her and starts talking. Minutes pass by. Hours pass by. She’s enjoying the moment. She stands up and leaves the coffee shop with him. He started out as a stranger and left like her lover. So what was the component that determined success and failure in each interaction? 

Effective communication. Just think about it, you can live the most interesting life in the world. You can have 99 good qualities about you but unless you know how to effectively communicate them, it’s useless. No one else will find out all these positive things about you. You are what you communicate. When you know how to communicate well you can get ... • What you want, when you want it, and how you want it • Your message across clearly for anyone to understand • Recognized for your ability to comm-YOU-nicate who you are, your beliefs, and your values in life. • Women to feel exactly any emotion that you want them to feel allowing you to control and predict the outcome of your interactions. • More dates and maintain relationships easily. The Communication Equation Individual + Effective Method of Presentation + Powerful Content of Presentation =Effective Communication TRY THIS OUT Go out to a coffee shop one of these days and order your favorite drink. Does the barista ask you any questions afterward? Good. Remember what she says. Now the next time you go out, make sure your order is so clear that you won’t be barraged with questions after your order. Just try it out for fun, it’s a really cool exercise. For example: “Hmmmmmm... I’m in the mood for a caramel macchiato, decaf, with no whip cream, to go please. Then hand out your cash or card. Presence is Everything I’ll share something with you. Most guys I’ve met always ask me for the techniques I use to start conversations with women. One of the most common question I hear is “What do you say to her to start the conversation?” 

I’ve experimented with a lot of conversation starters in public places. And believe me, when I say a lot, I mean a lot. Along the way, I noticed that some techniques worked better than the others (more about techniques in the last chapter) but there was always one thing common that made my approach work. It worked because of the way I presented it. It’s all about how you present yourself. Have you ever heard the saying “People buy you first before anything else”. I found that saying to be true. Having said that, here are six helpful tips to increase the power of your presence: • Learn how to smile. There have been several studies shown that women prefer men that smile while initiating a conversation, rather than being all serious and mysterious. Smiling makes women feel comfortable. It eases women up at times when they’re nervous. A genuine smile can take you a long way. • Communicate with your eyes. Did you know that there is a way to use eye contact to increase the effectiveness of your communication? It’s very important to hold eye contact at certain points in the interaction. Holding eye contact builds trust and comfort. I guess the saying “The eyes are the windows to the soul” does have meaning. • Facial expression. Your facial expressions can communicate messages of their own. Facial expressions are used to convey emotions like anger, joy, disgust, fear, sadness, and surprise. This helps to get your message across more effectively. Practice using a variety of facial expressions when you tell people stories. It makes a big difference. It really does. • Fashion. How stylish are you? What kind of fashion statement are you making? What can people tell about you by the way you dress up? Does your style leave a good or bad impression on others? Do you command attention? • It’s not what you say but how you say it. How’s your vocal projection and delivery. Do you slow down your pace when you’re emphasizing a point? Do you use pauses to amp up the tension and intrigue? Do you speak loud and clear for people to hear? Do you speak from your diaphragm or nasal? Do you eat your words? Are you relaxed when you speak? • Body Language. Are you comfortable with the way you stand, sit, or walk? Are you relaxed and calm during most times? Do you lean back when you talk to her? Do you move unnecessarily during the conversation? Your non-verbal communication is the window to who you are. Women are masters when it comes to reading body language. They categorize you based on how you stand up, how relaxed you are, and how you carry yourself. 

Body Language Tips for Day Game “Your body language, the way you walk, and the way you move through this world on a daily basis, will provide women with enough information to categorize you based on the impression you just gave them” Have you ever thought about the things you convey about yourself based on your body language? Did you know that women can tell if you’re confident and cool or nervous and inexperienced just by the observing the way you walk, talk and carry yourself? I think that body language is the biggest giveaway when it comes to revealing who you are and how you feel. So here’s to a good first impression. The  Commandments of Effective Body Language 1. Thou shall not shake or move a lot in the presence of an attractive woman. Men tend to easily get intimidated with women that are way above their league. It’s really funny to watch. It usually goes like this: Man sees attractive woman. Man starts to smile nervously. Man starts to make unnecessary movement because of the extra energy he feels. Man gets very jittery. When woman gets close, man tends to change his behaviors and act way cooler then he really is. If you’re nervous all throughout the interaction, chances are she’ll be nervous too. 2. Thou shall not have thy hands inside the front pockets. Never have your hand inside your front pockets when you initiate a conversation with anyone unless it’s below freezing and you don’t have any gloves. For some reason, I feel comfortable when my hands are out of my pockets. At the same time, don’t move your hands around too much when you talk. 3. Thou shall not stand or sit too close or too far from her. If you stay to close to her, right from the bat, then she will feel very uncomfortable. If you’re too far from her, then it won’t feel like it’s a conversation. I’ve had success with starting off at about 3-5 feet away, and slowly get closer at specific points of the interaction. Try mixing it up. At high and fun points take a step closer or move your chair closer. At low points step away a little bit. Experiment with it. 4. Thou shall relax and lean back. I’ve discovered that when you assume a relaxed position, even if you’re nervous, you slowly start to feel more relaxed. Next time you’re in an interaction, just lean back and try to be as relaxed and comfortable as you can. That includes doing things like slouching, placing your feet up on chairs, and leaning against the wall. 

Do whatever makes you feel better. For example, when I’m calling up a girl for the first time, I used to lay down flat on the floor and take deep breaths. For some reason, it helped me relax more. 5. Thou shall not stand up like a soldier. Have you ever been guilty of standing up too straight while you’re talking to a woman? Similar to how you would stand and act if you’re talking to an authority figure? Most guys take interactions with women too seriously. They stand up so erect that it’s almost too funny to watch. They’re shoulders become tense and they act all stiff to the point that they make themselves nervous. If you’re guilty of this, relax. Women are human beings too. They’re not some sort of super human goddesses from outer space you know? They do the same things you do. They just exert more effort and time into looking good. 6. Thou shall keep thy composure at all times. Have you ever been in a situation gone bad? You probably didn’t notice at that time but everything about you changed. Your voice tone probably changed. The way you stood up probably changed. Everything changed. I used to be that way every time I thought I got rejected by women. I’d stutter, become jittery, and eventually make a shameful exit. The exact same thing I did every time I experienced a mild confrontation. It shows people that you were emotionally affected by it. Not good. I’ve learned that if you keep your composure and act as if nothing happened then you end up maintaining control of the situation. 7. Thou shall mirror her body language. Mirroring her body language is a technique used to increase rapport and comfort levels. 8. Thou shall walk and move slow. I modeled this behavior after guys that were naturals when it came to dealing with women. Everything they did was almost too smooth. They walked, talked, and moved slow. They took their time almost like they owned time. And the more I started acting that way, the more positive responses I got from women. 

TRY THIS OUT Lean back... Feet spread apart... Don’t be too stiff... Don’t tense your shoulders up... Hands out of the pockets... Slow and confident movements... Be comfortable... Be comfortable... Be comfortable... Relax... Relax... Relax... Take a deep breath.... Inhale... Exhale... And make sure not to fall asleep.... Give Before You Take A lot of people are used to taking things from the world and from people. I’ve been guilty of this as well. It’s sad and I see it happen every day. Those one-way friendships where people just call you when they need something from you. People that just ask favors all the time. People that just keep asking question after question without really contributing toward the conversation. It happens so often that it’s become normal. Your job is to not be one of those guys. Here’s my view of the world: “I am a man. I move through the world with something to offer to everyone. I offer positive and fun emotions. My presences makes people feel better. I bring fun and excitement to everyone I meet. I talk about my life experiences and my view on things because I just want to share my life with other people. I give without really expecting anything in return. I just like to give. It makes me happy. At the same time I know my boundaries and I won’t be taken advantage of. I’m the sweetest and coolest person you’ll ever meet. I’ll take care of you and make you feel like you’re part of my family. But once you betray my trust, that’s a different story. I am a man and I have something to offer the world…” That’s how I view the world. It’s also the reason why I can give a woman a compliment without seeming like I just want to get in her pants. That’s the reason why women instantly open up to me when I initiate a conversation with them. 

That’s the reason why I am who I am right now. I am focused more on giving to people rather than taking anything from them. People sense this quality. It’s rare. You should learn to cultivate it. TRY THIS OUT Effective communication will open doors for you in this life. And you’ll soon realize that it opens women up to your ideas and messages as well. So if effective communication opens doors for you, then do you know what makes you stick in her mind? Endlessly? 


faCTor 5: eMoTIonal ConneCTIon
Now we’re getting to my favorite part of the book. How to effectively build an emotional connection. I’d like to call this the heart of day game. Let me tell you a little bit more about me. I grew up with four little sisters. I also happen to be the only guy. The ratio of girls to guys in my family is about 14:1. That’s 14 girls for every 1 guy. That’s off the wall. Growing up, I never really had a strong male influence in my life, and I had to work on this aspect later on. I’m about to tell you why. In order to be successful with women, in the long run, you need to cultivate both your masculine and feminine side. Let me explain. A man who is masculine and knows how to communicate with women. He is rare in this society. He’s actually much rarer than a really hot girl that has it all together. Men are usually too masculine or too feminine. They usually fall under the extremes. It’s hard to find guys that are just right in the middle. Women are attracted to the two profiles but there’s a flaw that exists in both. Women like men that can act like men. Certain profiles are assholes, bikers, gang members, frat boys. So why are women attracted to guys that act like jerks? Women are attracted because they don’t acknowledge her as some sort of higher being than them. At the same time, women crave the feminine side in men. Women wish that these guys would just stop for a second and actually take time to show her how much he appreciates her. It rarely happens though. If it does, it’s done in little quantities but never enough for her. This always keeps her on her toes. She hopes that one day, she’ll be able to make him change. Now let’s talk about the guy with a feminine profile. This guy is usually submissive in a relationship. He rarely has control of the things that are going on in his life. He’s more sensitive than most guys and actually shows his sensitive side. Guys like these usually worship the women they are with. Almost to the point of “I’ll do anything for you, even if you treat me bad”. Somewhere along the road, women lose respect for this type of guy. And that’s because they can’t live up to their role of being a man. 

Women look for men that are strong and at the same time gentle. Someone who has firm beliefs and opinions and at the same time is open minded. Someone who sees them for who they truly are and at the same time treats them as an equal. Someone who takes the bull by the horns and at the same time cares if she’s comfortable. Someone who treats her like a woman and the same time puts her at her place when there’s a need for it. Someone who can make her experience a variety of emotions and at the same time give her a chance to do the same. Ideally, women dream of guys that have cultivated both masculine and feminine sides to them. But guys like that are just hard to find. If you want proof that the above statement is true then I double dare you to show it to ANY of your female friends. Come on. Do it. If nothing else, it will be another fun experience for you. Anyway, back to my story. Looking back, I was very fortunate to be surrounded by women early on in my life. It taught me things that I never knew I knew. I unconsciously learned how to be comfortable around women and vice versa. I became familiar with the way a woman’s mind worked. Why they do the things they do and why they act the way they act. I understood what made them feel comfortable. I learned what they really wanted in a guy, not just what they said they wanted. I learned how to communicate with them effectively. And most of all, I learned how to build a long lasting emotional connection. Understanding Women In order to become successful with women, you first have to understand how they operate, the things they want, and how their minds works. Women have two sides to them… A logical side and an emotional side Oh I forgot, they also have a physical side, but that’s not until later. Her logical side makes all the decisions but there’s a much stronger side that can completely override it… it’s her emotional side. 

Women want you to believe that her logical side is in control but in reality, it’s the other way around, shhh it’s a secret. Women are emotional creatures. They enjoy experiencing emotions and they communicate with it. That’s why most women read romance novels and watch soap operas. They are filled with emotions. Drama is also something that certain women might be addicted to. That’s because there’s emotion involved in it. That’s probably the same reason why make up sex is better than regular sex. There are tons of emotions that take place prior to it. And now I’ll reveal to you the Equation for Getting Any Woman You Desire! Logical Connection + Emotional Connection + Sexual Connection + Proper place and time = The Perfect Seduction. That’s the same reason I believe that “If you can captivate the mind, the heart will follow, and not long after that, the body will too…” Looking back at my experiences, this is the natural progression of all my successful interactions. There’s one thing I want you to know before I give you all the techniques and tactics to meet, date, and keep women… And that’s the fact that... Every Woman Has a Fantasy Let’s rewind. I’m going to take you through a journey that’s about to open your eyes to the world of women. I’m going to give you a sneak peek at a place within women that they don’t want you to know. A place that’s been buried deep down inside that’s probably never been forgotten. It’s a place full of hopes, dreams, and fantasies. And it all began when she was a little girl. Growing up, she was probably exposed to all these romantic Hollywood Disney movies. She’s been exposed to movies about love and destiny. This just encouraged her to believe that one day, the perfect guy would come along. A guy that would sweep her off her feet and appreciate her for who she truly is. A guy that will come along and push all her buttons making her cherish 

the experience even more. A guy that knows what to do and how to do it. A guy that will take her on a memorable experience. This is at the deep core of every woman. Then she grows up and begins to realize that not everything’s perfect. Not everything turns out to be the way you expect it to be. She learns and begins to grow. Some women forget about this side of themselves usually because they get really hurt from a certain experience. Maybe a relationship gone wrong or just a really traumatizing experience. This causes them to toss away that dream, just like what happens when kids find out that Santa Claus isn’t real, and go for more superficial things. This explains why women may act bitchy at times. It’s because they’ve been hurt before. They’ve probably had a rough past. That causes them to protect themselves by acting “bitchy”. They do it because it works. Anyways... This is when they just start to settle for anything else out there. They go after the rich, hot, and famous, or available guys that probably can’t give them what they need. But at that moment, it satisfies her. Maybe it’s not exactly what she wanted, but it kept her busy during that period of time. Some women actually ended up holding on to that dream. These women are what we call the “Hopeless Romantics”. These women constantly wait for their prince charming every single day. Chances are they probably get into relationships hoping that someone can fit that role. Most of them just end up being disappointed. Everyone starts out as a hopeless romantic or they develop it later on in life. The Hidden Formula For Creating An Emotional Connection Man Opens up + Woman Opens Up + They Connect on Surface, Deep, Core, And Spiritual Level + Appreciation + Comfort with Presence + Commonality and familiarity + Shared Emotions = Long Lasting Emotional Connection 

Crash Course: 8 Killer Strategies in Order to Build an Emotional Connection 1. Open up to her. How do you expect her to open up to you if you don’t do the same? One way to help her open up to you is to do it first. It’s what I call the “Go First Principle”. Everything you do, early on in the interaction, will set up the stage on how it’s going to be. You’re setting the standard here. That’s why it’s important to become comfortable with sharing your life experiences with other people. As an exercise, don’t just open up to her. Open up to everyone you meet. Practice being social. Just learn how to keep on talking and sharing your experiences, beliefs, and the things you value in life. Always be leading. Lead with your personality. 2. Share a deep experience. Sharing a deep experience will encourage her to do the same. At the same time, it shows her that you’re just a human being. You’re vulnerable as well. It adds depth to your personality. You automatically become special once she’s shared this with you, and vice versa. She’ll feel like she knows you better. 3. Tell her something that nobody knows about you. This makes her feel super special. Once in awhile I like to add “I can’t believe I’m telling you this… I don’t even tell this to the people I’m close with…” This little piece gets the message across. By telling her a secret, you just build an unspoken bond between the two of you. Of course, you also want to encourage her to share a secret with you. After all, it takes two to tango. 4. Tell her how you feel. Most men focus on logical stuff. It’s important to emphasize and describe exactly how you feel. Whether you’re telling a story or just explaining your current mood, this will help a lot in building a connection. Especially if you know exactly how to tell her how you feel. You must tell her in a way that she can understand. Once you do a good job at describing the emotion, you can almost see it. You can see her face either light up or the other way around. It’s an important skill to be able to describe an emotion so effectively that she begins to feel it. The emotion in this scenario will, once again, build an unspoken bond. 5. Relate with her. You have to know how to relate with her. Most guys just relate with her on a superficial level. It’s always better to relate on the deeper topics. It solidifies whatever connection that’s present. 6. Shut up. Don’t interrupt her when she begins to open up. Everything she says is gold! Later on, it will give you a better picture of how you can effectively seduce her. That’s right, she actually gives you the winning cards that you can use on her. So the next time a woman starts to open up to you, just keep quiet and listen. When she pauses, don’t talk. Wait for another 3-5 seconds before you interject. It makes you look smarter. Same thing when women ask you questions, pause for a bit, and then give your answer. 

7. Kill the quick me too. I’ve noticed that most men are eager to say “Yeah, me too” whenever the opportunity arises. It comes across as if you’re trying too hard to be similar with her. What I’ve found to be very effective is to hold the “Me too” for 10 minutes or so and later in the conversation, I’ll start to talk about it indirectly. For example, let’s say she talks about how much she just loves to dance. I’ll just let her talk, even let the subject drift off, then later on, if I’m also into dancing, I’ll just casually slip in a story about how I won a dancing contest or something like that. Another example: Let’s say she tells me that her favorite band is Pearl Jam. Instead of telling her “That’s so cool, I like Pearl Jam too” I’d rather play my Pearl Jam CD when she rides in my car, or let her discover it on top of my CD player. 8. Pacing and Complimenting. More about this on the last section. TRY THIS OUT Play back the last conversation you had, in your head. Now, ask yourself if you were implementing the concepts covered in this section. If not, make a conscious effort to actually implement them the next time you’re out. You’ll notice a big difference in your interactions. If you’re good at connecting with women, then you’re ahead of most guys out there. Are you aware of the value of building an emotional connection now? Do you know that there are two things that you need to add to the equation in order to build the ultimate bond? That brings me to my next topic... 

faCTor 6: CoMforT & TrusT
There are a lot of differences between learning how to meet women in bars and club as opposed to public places. When you’re in a bar or club, it’s a social context. In the bars and clubs you have to deal with the music, the drinks, her peer group and the competition. So you’ll have to equip yourself with a unique style, a loud booming voice, and some serious entertainment skills. So when you walk up to women in this setting the first thing they think about is “Is this guy cool enough for me to talk to? There are so many guys, why should I talk to him”. During the day time, it’s a whole other story. She’s probably by herself, looking for clothes, loading up on gas, or shopping for groceries. Whenever someone talks to her she instantly considers them a stranger. And do you remember what your parents told you about strangers? Don’t talk to strangers, strangers can be bad. Well, here are the facts. She’s a woman and you’re a man. You can be anyone dangerous and she wouldn’t even find out. With the different crimes out there, women just need to be extra careful nowadays. So what factors do you have to address when you’re planning to meet women in public places? COMFORT AND TRUST In order for them to call you back, show up on a date, or even answer your call, she must be comfortable with you. In order for her to go anywhere with you, she must at least trust you a little bit. That’s why it’s so important to take her on an... INSTANT DATE That’s right, it’s a date right on the spot. Who says you need to wait a couple of days before you take her out? Taking her on an instant date will dramatically increase the chances of her picking up your calls and going out with you later on. Let me share with you a quick story on how I discovered this key element. 

A few years ago, I went out with my buddies to go learn how to meet women in malls. I remember my goal for that day. It was to start a conversation and stay in for three minutes. In my mind, I would have been very happy if I got to hold a conversation for three minutes. Little did I know, this was the day that changed my life. Are you ready for this? While I was chatting with my buddies, I noticed this tall brunette girl. She was in a business outfit and had some shopping bags with her. I looked her up and down. She was about three inches taller than me, had a slim figure, and a cute semi angelic/naughty face. My heart skipped a beat for a second. In that moment. It was on. I slowly stopped her from walking and we ended up chatting for a bit. I was doing pretty well, considering it was my first time trying to meet girl at malls. Three minutes passed by. I hit the five minute mark. And then all of a sudden, she starts fixing her bra in front of me as I was talking. I was completely clueless at that time, but now that I look back, I keep kicking myself in the foot. Anyways, after a bit of conversation she said, “Hey, my legs are tired, let’s sit over there”. I complied. I still couldn’t believe it though. Fifteen minutes passed by and she said, “Hey, I’m really thirsty. Let’s go to Starbucks and get something to drink.” Another 20 minutes passed by and she said “Let’s go for a walk, to get our blood to circulate throughout our bodies…” Then while we were walking, we ended up talking about her place. Apparently, she lived like five minutes away from the mall by the ocean. Then she pulls off her killer line “Hey, I left my cigarettes in the car, come with me”. To cut the long story short, I ended up kissing her, shortly after getting inside her car. And the rest I would say, is history… If we ever meet one of these days, I’ll probably tell you what happened, only if you promise to keep it to yourself. Looking back at that interaction, she was the one who took the bull by the horns. She kept on leading me and I followed. 

Of course, I stole my whole script from her. With a little bit of tweaking I’ve used something similar and have experienced unbelievable results with it. Let me give you the benefits of going on an instant date • You get to hit two birds with one stone. It’s like going out on your first date right there and then. At least, that’s how her mind processes it. • You keep the interaction moving forward. It keeps you moving forward. Helps you reach your goals faster. Your primary goal when you start talking to a woman, regardless of any technique you use, is to create an “Our World” vibe. That means, having a shared bond between the two of you. That bond is unique for every girl. • It separates you from all the other guys. When you get her on an instant date, you officially are operating on a different level. Most guys just go for her number. They say things like “We should hang out sometime” and “Yeah, you should give me your number”. You’re not like that. You’ll play on a different level. • Shift from “You vs. Me” to “Us vs. Them”. When you first meet her, you’re a STRANGER in her eyes. When you go on an instant date you become a potential partner. It creates a shift in the atmosphere. It’s really powerful. • Gives you more time to get to know her better. It gives you more time. More time means getting to know her better and vice versa. • Decreases the chances of flaking later on. If you play your cards right, you significantly increases the chances of her calling you back and going out with you. • Chance for you to show that she’s safe with you. When she takes the chance and goes to coffee with you, she puts herself in a position where something bad can happen to her. You’re still a complete stranger. So it’s your opportunity to prove to her that you can be trusted and that she’s safe with you. • Helps you get through conversational barriers. It helps you get through conversational stalls. Somehow it creates a new environment for the both of you therefore making it easier to talk about other things. TRY THIS OUT The next time you’re in a conversation for more than 10 minutes, take her on an instant date. At least try to. Forget the concept of getting her number for now. When you’re at a high point in the interaction (Example: she’s laughing or there’s a good vibe) just say: “I’m really thirsty. I’m going to grab a drink real quick and since you’re fun, you can tag along, let’s go”. 

Ok, so let’s say you’ve done a great job at interacting with her. Probably you’ve passed the test with flying colors and you even have a lot of inside jokes and secrets. What’s the next move? You’re supposed to be in tune with the environment because it will help you figure out the best logistical approach you can use to escalate the interaction further. 


faCTor 7: loGIsTICs
Do you know where you’re going? A lot of guys don’t go out prepared. And this is true especially for the beginners. What if I told you that… She would have gone home with you only if you were prepared?! Won’t that piss you off? Sure did piss me off, when I discovered that. It was the painful truth. Don’t ever sabotage your success by not being prepared. With that in mind, here are 0 Golden Tips To Help You Master Your Logistics 1. Have a plan before you go out. Know exactly what to do before you even go out. How will you take her on an instant date? What will you say to get her number? How do you get her back to your car? How do you get her back to your place? 2. Have a pen and paper with you. Always have a pen and paper with you. Remember, you want to exchange contact information with her. Not just give her number or take her number because it limits what you can do. 3. Bring protection. Enough said. 4. Have some pillows and blankets at the back of your car, just in case. You’ll never know where you’d end up going. A nice little fold up sleeping bag that fits two people in it will do. The BEST experience in my life involved a girl, a blanket, a guitar, a beach, and me. 5. Make sure you have a clean place. Your place will say a lot about you. Women will judge you based on how clean your place is and how creative you are with it. Is your place classy or trashy? Does your place convey what you’re passion about? What does it say about you? Do you have clean sheets or dirty ones? Do you have dirty clothes all over the floor? Does your place smell good? 6. Know your location well. Pick five places in your mall that you will take her on an instant date. You can also string along and take her on multiple instant dates. That’s an advanced topic though. 

7. Always be leading. It’s your job to lead the interaction. Tell her where you want to go. Don’t ask just lead. Instead of saying “Can we…” say “Let’s go…” This little trick might make all the difference in your interactions. 8. Don’t give up at the first sign of resistance. Women will sometimes refuse to do what you want them to do. Don’t be fazed by it and don’t walk away. Stay in there. Talk a little more. Get to know her and spend a little more time with her then try again. Next time you feel like walking a way, stop for a second, stay an extra minute or two, then give it a shot! 9. Assume first. It’s better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. Always assume that she’s up for it. When you say “Let’s go” start to walk in the direction you want to go. Almost as if she’s expected to follow you. If you’re dropping her off at her house, don’t wait for her to ask. 10. Be prepared for contingencies. Again, it all boils down to being prepared. When she says “Uhmmm, I’m in a hurry, I need to do my shopping” say “That’s cool. After we get some ice cream for five minutes, you can go on with your shopping… and besides, it might only take three minutes… who knows, you might say something to turn me off and I’d be running for my life” or something to that effect. The point is, always be prepared for contingencies. This last piece of the puzzle is probably the most significant topic in this whole book. It’s what separates the guys that are successful with women, with the guys that aren’t. This will all make sense to you sooner or later in your journey. 

faCTor 8: InvesTMenT
Do you know how to make someone want something? How do you make someone value something? Simple, make them work for it. The more they invest in you, the higher the chance of you getting what you want out of it. Do you remember the last time you worked hard for something? How did it feel in the end? How satisfied were you when you accomplished it? This is the same emotion that women feel if they’ve worked hard for you. The best way to persuade a woman to do something is to make her want to do it. Here’s a list of the different types of investment a woman makes and how to get the most out of each and every one. Emotional Investment. This goes back to building a solid emotional connection. She gets more and more invested in you every time she opens up. Talk about her passions, hopes, dreams, values, future and share your view in life as well. This stuff is very powerful. Use it wisely. I don’t advocate playing with women’s feelings, so use this stuff carefully. Time Investment. How much time does she spend with you? Do you see each other often? Do you spend some time talking with her on the phone? Does she spend a lot of time winning you over because you have standards? The more time a woman spends with you (Talking on the phone, hanging out, etc.) the more she gets invested in you. Social Investment. Have you met her friends? Do they like and approve of you? Has she met your friends? Do you go out to social activities often? Do you have any mutual friends? They key to getting her to invest in you more, is to be a part of her life, and get her to be part of yours too. It makes things so much easier for the both of you. Physical Investment. Another way to get her invested in you is to be physical with her. Sex is the biggest investment. Once you’re passed that level, it becomes a lot easier. You’ll start to realize that you can actually just relax and appreciate her company. In my experience, sex opens up all the lines of communication. It’s smooth sailing from there. 

Section 3: putting it All together: StArting converSAtionS, rAcking up dAteS, And getting phYSicAl

KIller MIndseT for MeeTInG WoMen
I just got off the phone with a student I had last weekend. Here’s what he told me: “Right now, I enjoy talking to people, regardless of where I am. I don’t get as nervous as I used to be. Before the workshop, I used to think that women wouldn’t want to talk to me. I felt like I wasn’t worthy to talk to them. After the weekend, something clicked inside of me. Since then I’ve been more relaxed and comfortable meeting women. My whole view changed and I think that it had to do with the way I viewed things.” Here’s the truth… Practicing techniques, lines, and all the tactics to meet women is easy. Yes you would get results instantly! But that’s not the real challenge. The hardest part is going against everything that is preventing you from achieving success. And most of the time, that’s your own self. Yes. You heard me right. You’re your own worst enemy. Mental barriers are very strong and, in my experience, it’s what makes or breaks you. I’ll be sharing with you the proper mindset that you should have before you go out there. Here are the things that you should not think about: “Wow she’s so hot. I’m not even qualified to talk to her. Come on, she’s way out of my league. I have nothing special about me. She’s not even going to give me the time of day. She’ll ignore me, laugh at me, and think I’m weird. Everyone else will see that I am talking to her and they will think that I’m a loser. I don’t want to talk to her. And besides I’d have to try hard to entertain her 

and be really slick and smooth. I just can’t be myself and get her to like me. It’s impossible…” I’ve heard that objection more times than I can count. The first step to being successful with women is to look at things in a positive way. Looking at things in a positive perspective will get you far. Here’s how you should think and feel about meeting women… Ok, imagine that you possess a winning combination to a lottery ticket. The one ticket that will probably get you set for life. Your job is to give the ticket away to anyone… But here’s the catch, that person doesn’t know what a lottery ticket is. They’re completely clueless. It’s a like a foreign concept for them. Here’s more, you just have a couple of minutes to convince them to even hear you out. So how does this apply to approaching women? Here’s how you should think… “I am a man of purpose. I live life to the fullest without apologizing for anything I do. I am who I am, you can take me or leave me, either way I’ll still be happy. People’s reactions toward me don’t define me. My own values and passions define me. I don’t seek approval from anyone. I walk through this world as if I own it. I take pride in being me. Any woman will be fortunate to get to know me. Women are fortunate that I give them the chance to get to know me. I make them happy. Every time I talk to women, I am doing them a favor. I’m everything and more that a woman can ever ask for. If she rejects me, then she doesn’t know what she’s missing. I am a man of purpose. I live my life for me…”

Where To MeeT WoMen
There are dozens of places during the day time to meet women. The best part about it is that women are everywhere. You can see them crossing the street, shopping for clothes, or playing in the sand. You will never run out of women to approach. I seriously doubt it. Now you’ve got to ask yourself, where do I want to meet women? 

In order to figure that out, you need to figure out what type of women you want to meet. General places to meet women are malls, beaches, coffee shops, parks, streets, college campuses, supermarket, and pretty much everywhere. Now, let’s talk a bit about specialization… If you want girls that are into health and fitness then go to the nearest gym. If you want smart girls then hit up the library. If you want spiritual girls, then join a yoga class. Did you know that the ratio of women to men in yoga classes is like 15:1? Well, take advantage of that.

be In Tune WITh The enerGy level
In order to be successful in approaching in various public places, you must be aware and in tune with its energy level. Violating energy levels puts social pressure on the woman you’re talking too. And she might not be used to handling it. So to avoid unnecessary complications, just be in tune with the social energy level of the location. If you’re approaching a woman on the street then you can get away with speaking a little bit louder. When you’re approaching a woman in a library, then that’s a different story. So the key is to be aware of the social energy in the place that you’re in, and match it. TRY THIS OUT Go to five places this week (coffee shops, bookstores, etc.) and observe how people communicate. How loud do they speak? Do they command respect in an interaction or not? When you discover this, imitate them or slightly be more animated/energized then they are. 

Crash Course In sTarTInG ConversaTIon WITh WoMen
Let me make something clear… There are dozens of ways to initiate a conversation with women. You can tell jokes, ask their opinion, say something situational, and so forth…. They all work… I’ve tried them all. But here’s the question, What’s the fastest and most efficient way of initiating conversation with women? I was looking for something that cut right through the bullshit. I needed something that I could use anytime, no matter where I was. After a little bit of tweaking, I found the perfect opener for daytime approaches. Here’s how it works. Whenever I see a girl I’m attracted to, my heart pumps faster, and I slowly make my way towards her. I suddenly feel the ball of energy inside of me. Tension begins to fill up my body. Confidence begins to radiate through every part of my body. The first thing I do is get her full and undivided attention. This is a very important step in my overall structure and let me tell you why. If you don’t command her full attention then she won’t process your verbal communication effectively. Let me give you some examples. If she’s walking the opposite direction, I would slowly walk in her pathway so she would be forced to come to a complete stop. It’s basic law of physics: An object in motion will stay in motion unless an outside force causes it to stop. If she’s walking to her car, I run after her and tell her to stop. I act like she dropped something on the ground. If you pull this off correctly, she will stop. If she’s sitting down I make sure to sit down as well, make myself comfortable, and then deliver my conversational opener. If there’s no chair beside her, I make sure to grab one and place it right next to her. I want to meet her and I will meet her. There are no possible excuses in my mind. So after I get her attention, I say something like: 

“Hey… (pause) I begin to smile as my eyes are locked on her eyes. I continue with “I’m a complete stranger and I know this is really random but… I was just passing by… and I saw you standing there… I just wanted to tell you that you are… Really… Really… Beautiful. Tell me about yourself” She smiles, we shake hands, and I relax from that point forward I get to know her more for who she is. Now let me break down the opener and explain to you why and how it works.

breaKInG doWn The opener
Step : Pace her ongoing reality Pacing is an essential skill that you should master. I use this to overcome any objection that might pop up into her head. When I say things like “I know this is totally random…I’m a complete stranger” it actually serves several purposes. It makes her more comfortable. It shows her that you’re sensitive to her needs and that you understand her concerns. By addressing potential objections you demonstrate social awareness. It’s like an unspoken bond. Women love guys that know what’s going on without a woman having to tell him. It conveys that you’re intuitive and socially intelligent by nature. Gives her a chance to agree with you. Saying things that she can affirm as true, only build your credibility in her eyes. Every time you say something that she agrees with, she gives you a silent nod. Step : Tell Her the Reason Why You Are Attracted to Her Honesty is the best policy. I found that being upfront, honest, and sincere is the way women like to be approached (CAVEAT: If you do it right). The only reason why other men can’t pull this off is because they’re not coming from a place of power. Tell her you like her because you want her to know. Not because you want her to feel obliged to be nice to you. Sets up the proper foundation for the interaction right from the beginning. When you use this approach, you instantly demonstrate that you’re honest and sincere. 

You tell people what you think about them. This is a very powerful frame from which to come. Creates the feeling of attraction. This approach is so powerful that it creates attraction within seconds. When combined with the proper non-verbal communication and delivery, this approach can be very deadly. Gets right to the point. It skips through most of the games and takes you were you want to be… and that’s building an emotional connection. Step : Give Her a Chance to Talk About Herself You want to get her involved in the interaction as soon as possible. This is done by saying stuff like “Tell me about yourself?” “I just wanted to know if there’s more to you than meets the eye, what’s your story?” “Who are you?” “Where are you from?” Letting her talk about herself gives her the chance to impress you. It also… • Gets her committed to the interaction. As soon as she starts answering your question, she slowly becomes committed to the interaction. • Gets her to subconsciously accept you as a potential partner. After the opener, everything you say begins to be categorized in “The Potential Partner” context. Even boring rapport questions will work after the opener. That’s because she’s processing the whole interaction differently. Since you created so much attraction, everything you say will be in the “I’m getting to know you before we date” context. • Gives you a chance to introduce yourself. After she says anything that might impress you, you can say “I like that, I’m (insert your name here)”. Shaking her hand is very important. It makes it official that you two are in a social interaction. 

dealInG WITh ConTInGenCIes
One of three things will happen, depending on how well you execute your opener. First Scenario: She loves it. She smiles. She becomes extremely flattered. She wants to get to know you. Second Scenario: She kind of likes it. She’s not really enthusiastic about it. She’s just being polite and sticks around for a bit to see what you have to say. Third Scenario: She gives you an objection, tries to walk away, or doesn’t give you the time of day. I absolutely love the third scenario because it’s challenging for me. I also get to express my personality and my positive traits. Here are some examples of how you can handle certain situations. The Boyfriend Objection Guy: Opener Girl: I’m sorry, I have a boyfriend. Guy: Awesome, So what do you like to do for fun? *I’m not even acknowledging her objection. Indifference by far is the most powerful way to overcome this objection. She Walks Away While You’re Talking To Her Guy: Talk, Talk, Talk Girl: Talks and walks away Guy: (smiles) Oh come on now, you’re way too classy to be walking away when someone is talking to you. But if I’m making you uncomfortable in anyway, then just walk away. Go on now. Runaway girl, Runaway girl (I sing playfully) Anyways, what do you do for fun? * As you can see, I set up an expectation for her. I tell her she’s way too classy to walk away, and of course she wants to be perceived as classy so she will stay for a bit. I also tell her to walk away which is reverse psychology and then I act like it never happened by asking her a question, which re-engages her back in the conversation. 0

She’s Rude Or Doesn’t Acknowledge Your Presence Guy: Talk, Talk, Talk Girl: Says something rude like “Why are you talking to me”, doesn’t look at you, or something to that effect. Guy: Why are you acting like this? Why can’t you just be yourself. I don’t know where you’re from but where I’m from, people are real. If you’re not going to be real, I’m just going to walk away (I act as if I’m about to leave). I know this is not who you really are. This is just a protection shield. Grungey10: I understand. Come on, look around you. There are a lot of creepy guys out there that try to get something from you all the time. I’m not one of those guys so don’t treat me like one of them. I know you’re a cool person deep down inside. I’m almost sure. So let’s give this a shot one more time, I’m Oliver. Girl: I’m Michelle. Sorry I was being rude, I was just having a bad day. Guy: No worries. So what do you do for fun? * See how I called her out on how she was behaving? It demonstrates that I am a man who demands respect in an interaction. This stuff is very powerful.

GIfT shIfT Theory
In order for this approach to work, you must come across from a place of power and positivism. If you approach with the “I just want to get into your pants” mentality, then it will not work for you. You will get rejected by women left and right. Then you will begin to wonder what you’re doing wrong. When you experience that situation, I want you to remember this section and read it over and over again. The way you think and feel affects the way you interact with people. Have you ever talked to someone before and felt like they just wanted something from you? Was it a gut feeling? How often were you right? I bet you were pretty accurate at it. In order for this approach to work you need to switch the way you see things. Now I want to share with you the Gift Shift theory. 

It’s simple. You are a gift. Yes, you are. Your job is to provide women with positive emotions. Your job is to give them an unforgettable experience. Your job is to take them on an emotional journey with you, away from the world they are in right now. I know, I know, it sounds sappy but it’s amazingly effective. Whenever I talk to people, I feel happy. I feel happy knowing that I’m about to make this person’s day. I get results because I have something positive to offer. I’ve worked on myself to the point where I just am naturally attractive and interesting to women. You can do it too. How would you act if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that if only women knew you, they would fall for you? Ask yourself that question over and over again. Am I conveying who I am in an interesting way? Is she getting to know me or am I just talking out of my ass? TRY THIS OUT Next time you go out to meet women, I want you to do this. Take five minutes and imagine that you’re someone she’s been waiting for all her life. She’s been dreaming about you. She’s read about you in books. She’s seen you in movies. You’re the guy she talks about with her best friends. There’s a catch though. She will only find out that it’s you after she’s gotten to know you. That means you have to barrel through her persona. Knowing this information how does this change the way you’ll view your future interactions? Remember, you are a gift, you’re giving that gift to her. You have the upper hand and not the other way around. 

The pInG ponG MeTaphor
In my opinion, conversations with women are very similar to playing ping pong or table tennis. The ball just keeps going back and forth across the table. One person hits the ball then the other person hits it back. It’s an ongoing cycle. That’s how conversations should be. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Someone usually carries the conversational burden more than the other person does. Eventually the conversational ratio should be as close to 50/50, girl talks as much as guy does, but it takes skill to be able to do that. You need to be interesting and interested. I’ll say it two more times because it’s very important. You need to be interesting and interested. You need to be interesting and interested. Making sense so far? Were you ever in a conversation with someone who talked way too much? It’s like you were watching television because you couldn’t contribute to the conversation at all. On the flipside, were you ever in a conversation with someone who just kept asking question after question without really contributing anything at all? Well you need the balance of both. You need to lead the interaction and at the same time, get women to follow your lead. You need to help them invest in the interaction. Not everyone’s socially savvy. Sometimes, you need to make it easy for them to contribute to the interaction. This book help you cultivate the skills you need to be both interesting and interested. 

Go fIrsT prInCIple
“You must become the change you wish to see”- Gandhi In other words, if you think change is needed in a situation, think about changing yourself first before changing everything around you. I want you to look back on all the conversations you had with women that you liked. Here are some questions for you. Were you… Both comfortable, relaxed and at ease? Exchanging fun stories from your lives? Sharing secrets and vulnerabilities with each other? Speaking formally or like friends do? Able to build familiarity and substance in the interaction? Here’s my main point. If you want her to do something, you should do it first. If you want her to start opening up to you, you must open up to her first. It’s your job as a man to lead the interaction. You should lead and expect her to follow. TRY THIS OUT Next time you’re in a conversation instead of asking a question, make a statement. Instead of saying “Where are you from?” tell them a story about where you’re from. Instead of saying “How are you” say “I’m feeling so happy today, you have no idea why”. See how people respond to you. 

poWer TalK
What you say and how you say it is critical when you’re interacting with someone. A couple of years ago, I remember watching a comedy show. This guy walked on the stage and started making jokes. There was forced laughter here and there but that’s about it. I ended up just looking at my watch impatiently thinking to myself “What time is this show going to end?!” Couple of months later, I watched another comedy show. A couple of minutes into the show, my stomach started to hurt from laughing, tears started falling from my eyes, he got me. I don’t remember laughing so hard in my entire life. The jokes weren’t extremely funny, it was his personality. This is true for everyone out there. Whether you’re a comedian, a salesman, a student, or a friend, people will respond to you based on how you present yourself. Here are some tips to empower yourself. • Avoid hesitation when you talk. Be firm with what you want. For example, instead of saying “Uhm, I was thinking if, uhm, we could go out sometime” say something like “Hey, I’m going shopping this Thursday, It’s going to be a blast, you should tag along”. Don’t flinch. Don’t be nervous. Say it like you would if you’re talking to your 11 year old cousin or something. • Power of ambiguity. Keeping a woman on her toes keeps things challenging in an interaction. Every other guy jumps at the opportunity to hang out with her again. Instead of giving all your cards away try using words like “maybe. We’ll see, I’ll get back to you on that one”. An example would be “Hey, you seem fun, if we’re both available this weekend, then maybe we’ll hang out”. • Avoid over politeness. Being overly polite communicates subordinate status. When you’re communicating with women, you shouldn’t treat them as if they’re a goddess from Venus. If you treat them like royalty, they will act like royalty. Treat them like you would treat your buddy. Don’t be overly polite. 

WhaT To do afTer InITIaTInG The ConversaTIon
A lot of guys don’t know what to do after they’ve initiated the conversation. Well, to make it really simple, it’s a combination of two things CAPTIVATE & CONNECT Captivate her with your personality by building a connection. Let me go over my structure on connection building. After I’ve captivated a woman with my presence, my next goal is to get to know her on multiple levels. I don’t need to know her whole life story. I just want to touch base and build both familiarity and substance with her. What is my goal? I want to convey who I am as a person. I want to find out what makes her special. I want to know what makes her tick. I want mutual appreciation. I want her to remember me when she wakes up the next day. I want to make a mega solid impression so that she won’t stop rambling about me with her best friend the moment our conversation ends. So I start out by getting to know her on the surface level. Then I try to build familiarity by connecting on a lot of different topics. Then we discuss each other’s passions in life and connect on a deeper level. My goal is to build familiarity and substance all throughout the interaction. I do it multiple times, over and over again. I relate to her on the surface then I go a little deep and find out the things that make her tick. When I do, I relate to it and appreciate her for it. I make her feel special for the person that she is. I genuinely appreciate her and I am very successful at it because I believe that all women have something beautiful inside of them.

you MusT CreaTe a ConneCTIon
“It all started with our ancestors. What was familiar was generally safe and approachable. What was unfamiliar was more often dangerous and threatening. Evolution has hardwired into us the tendency to bond with those who are familiar and wary of those who are unfamiliar.” - Psychology 101 

I don’t care what anyone else out there thinks but if you can open your mouth and talk, you can build a connection with anyone you meet. Building an emotional connection is the heart of daytime pick-up. It’s where the magic happens. It’s my favorite part of the interaction. No matter what system you use, your main goal is to get to the point in the interaction where you both can just be yourselves. You need to be in that place where both your guards are down and you can just connect on all levels. That’s the secret to a successful daytime interaction. Here’s a system you can use to build an emotional connection: Step 1: Build Familiarity Step 2: Build Substance Step 3: Appreciate Her as a person Step 4: Incorporate A Romantic Spin

hoW To ansWer lIGhT rapporT QuesTIons
A lot of people I’ve met still don’t know how to convey their personality in their day to day interactions with people. There’s a time to be cocky and funny and avoid a question that’s thrown your way but should you keep on avoiding it? No. There’s a time when you should answer it. Imagine how you would feel in this kind of scenario: A girl has been talking to a cool guy for quite awhile. He’s cool and interesting. She’s hooked She becomes so interested that she starts to ask you questions to find out who you are. The problem is most people don’t know how to convey who they are. When she asks you a question, she’s trying to figure out who you are as a person. She’s trying to figure out if you have more going for you than your initial impression. She wants to find out if you’re real and if you have any depth to you. If you allow this process to happen, and let her open herself up to you as well, then you create an emotional connection. This is what separates you from every other guy that’s tried to meet her. So let’s break down what usually happens 

Scenario 1: Girl is attracted to guy Girl begins to ask questions to get to know him better Girl: so what’s your story? Guy: whoa! We’re getting a little ahead of ourselves here, we’ll get to that in a minute… anyway…. ---------- 45 minutes later -----------Girl: so what’s your story? Guy: Oh, I’ve read ton of stories as a kid (insert something cocky or avoid the question asked) Conclusion: She wanted to get to know you better. She was ready to build an emotional connection but you threw the opportunity away. She ends up giving up and going home knowing nothing about you. She may have been attracted to you at first but it won’t last for a very long time. When she gets home, give it a few days and that attraction will probably fade away. Why? It’s because you’ve only created short term attraction. Real and long lasting attraction comes from building commonalities, being vulnerable with each other, appreciating and relating with life experiences, and building a strong emotional connection. Ideal Scenario: Girl is attracted to guy Girl begins to ask questions to get to know him better Girl: So where you from? Guy: Oh… You wouldn’t want to know… It’s extremely cold there… Girl: Where? Guy: I live in the North Pole… It’s so fun swimming with the penguins everyday… It makes me so happy Girl: Ugh… shut up!!! No really where you from? Guy: I actually moved here from LA two months ago. Things are so different back where I’m from. Everything is fast paced back in LA. ( I talk about LA for a 

while then compare it to Tucson) Things are very simple out here. It actually gives me time to think about everything going on in life and see the bigger picture. Like the other day, I was on my way to a ranch and it was really interesting. We were driving through empty green fields and… (insert semi deep and meaningful story here) Conclusion: • You stand out from all the other guys because you differentiate yourself from them. You’re not answering her question in a boring way. You actually demonstrate a lot of personality by being comfortable sharing your thoughts with her • You lead the conversation. • She knows right off the bat that you’re a good communicator. • It gives her a window of opportunity to see how you view the world and the type of person you are. • It sets the stage for building an emotional connection. It makes her comfortable and easier to open herself up to you. So remember: Never ever give boring answers to simple questions such as Where are you from? What do you do? What’s going on? Tips on how to do that 1.) Where are you from? When you get this question, ask yourself What makes my place different from where I am right now? What’s so unique about my place? What are the fun things to do there? What do I love most about my place? How does it make me feel? What would you recommend for her to do in your city? 2.) What do you do? What are you really passionate about? What makes you tick? How did it start out? What happened then? What’s so special about what you do and how does it make you feel? Have you ever met someone that just talked about the same thing over and over again? It gets very boring after awhile. Now, how you ever met someone cool that could just talk about anything under the sun? 

Like if you had a story about your grandfather, she’d have one too. If you had a story about guns, she’d have one too. If you had a story about your pet hamster, she’d have one about her spider. Now, this is what familiarity is all about. You need to connect on multiple topics. Ok, let me teach you a helpful exercise here. It’s called the association game. Once you’ve mastered this, you’ll never run out of things to say ever again. Alright, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word elephant? Actually, give me 10 things that you can associate with the world elephant? Take your time. Think some more. Come on, do the exercise, it’s included here for a reason. Done? Here’s are the things that came to me when I heard the word elephant: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Animals Grey Tusk Ivory Africa Jungle Lion King 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Cartoons Movies Big Zoo Water That’s all

Alright, let’s go one step further. Give me 10 things that come to your mind with each word above. If you did the exercise, you have around 130 words. Now that’s 130 things you could potentially talk about. Don’t tell me you don’t have any experience with at least one of the topics I listed above. Here’s the beauty of it, elephant is just one word. A sentence has how many words? Do you see where I’m going here? If you master the art of conversational vibes, then you’ll never run out of things to say again! 


TRY THIS OUT Next time you’re in a conversation with a woman, just pick out one word and riff on it for a minute or two. Do this until your jaw is numb from speaking too much. Next time there’s an awkward pause in the conversation, think back to the previous topic, pick a word out, and riff on it. This tool is very powerful. Use it. Here are some topics you can explore to build familiarity: -Goals and aspirations -Passions -Ideal vacation -Relationships -Friends -Youth and childhood -Love -Art and Photography -Traveling -Favorite films and music -Concerts and theatres -Family - Hobbies - Fitness -Animals

buIldInG subsTanCe: aCTIve lIsTenInG, fIndInG her Core value, and leadInG WITh your passIons
You now know how to build familiarity. Let’s get you acquainted with building substance. You see, learning how to build familiarity is an essential skill to have. Women will feel like they have a lot of things in common with you. Building substance takes the interaction to a whole other level. Building substance solidifies the connection between you. It also makes you stand out since it’s something that only close friends do. Most of the things women tell you, once you’ve barreled through their persona, are gold. Take advantage of it. Another skill you should focus on is active listening. 

Active listening is a habit, as well as the foundation of effective communication. Active listening intentionally focuses on who you are listening to. As an active listener, you should be able to repeat back, in your own words, to whoever you’re talking to what they have said to you. Here are the benefits of active listening: - Ensures understanding of the subject matter. - Demonstrates interest in her as a person. - Expresses understanding of her feelings A couple of basic pointers for active listening: • Rephrase and feedback. You should rephrase what she just told you and, in your own words, feed it back to her. Doing this affirms your understanding and builds dialogue. • Ask questions. Always ask her what she means, and how it makes her feel. Doing this will strengthen your understanding of the situation • Summarize what she tells you. Once again this shows her that you understand her and that you’re paying attention to her. • Shut up and listen to her. Don’t always be eager to fill in the silence when there’s an awkward pause. Don’t answer right away, pause for three seconds before answering something. Just learn how to listen to her completely without butting in. It will improve your conversation skills tenfold. Finding Her Core Value And Building A Quick Connection A lot of guys try to connect with women on the surface area. For example a guy asks: “Who’s your favorite artist? Oh Mariah Carey, me too, we’re so similar”. That’s great if you guys like the same artist. But what if you guys don’t like the same artist? Does that mean both of you have nothing in common? No. You have something in common with her, and that’s her core value. You see, your job is to find out what makes her tick. You need to find out what is the underlying motivator that drives her to do the things she loves to do. Once you find these underlying motivators, you should relate to them. 

Relate to those underlying motivators. It’s more powerful than relating to her on the surface level. After you relate with her you should appreciate her for who she is. Yes, you need to reward her for opening up to you. This encourages her to do it more often. Social Learning Theory And The Power Of Conditioning Social learning theory states that we learn social behavior by observing and imitating others and by being rewarded or punished. Women gravitate toward positive emotions and move away from the negative ones. So how do we use this to our advantage? It’s actually very simple. But before I explain it, let me give you an example of social learning theory and conditioning at work. I want you to rewind and remember your childhood. Was there ever a time you got burned by something? Maybe you touched a hot stove or candle. Whatever it was, you just instinctively jerked your hand back, and you probably learned something afterward. You learned that you shouldn’t touch it again. Another example would be a parent disciplining their kids. Whenever they do something right they get rewarded. On the other hand, whenever they do something wrong, they get punished. Later on, they’ll be conditioned to do things that would lead to them being rewarded. This applies to women and dating as well. Women will test you, early in the interaction, to see where your boundaries are. They will test you to see how you will respond. If you don’t set your standards early on they will step all over you. You should take time to think about what behaviors you will reward And which ones you’ll punish. For example: You should reward her for giving you a compliment, opening up to you, and laughing at your jokes. You should punish her for disrespecting you, not complying with your request, and being rude to you. 

leadInG WITh your passIons
A lot of the so-called “pick-up artist” I’ve met are curious as to how I can captivate a woman by just being myself. Here’s my dirty little secret… I talk about the things I’m passionate about. I tell her the things I love to do and why I love to them. I suck her into my world. Having passion is very attractive to women. Being passionate about your passions (as funny as it sounds) is even more attractive to women. Not a lot of guys talk about the things that make them tick. If ever they do, they don’t convey it in a way that’s interesting to women. Leading with your passion separates you from every other guy that’s tried to hit on her. It also builds trust, comfort, and safety. Here’s a question to help you figure out what you’re really passionate about in life. What is it you would do for free if you never had to make money again? Emotional Connection Accelerator There are a lot of different ways to accelerate the process of building an emotional connection and my favorite one is regression. The word regression means moving backwards. I won’t get into detail on this topic but I’d like to share with you a very effective technique to build an emotional connection. Before I do let me share this quote with you. “Tell me and I may remember. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will carry them forever.” Remember that you always have to involve her in the interaction. Here’s what I call the life story tactic. It’s one of the most powerful tools in building an emotional connection. Here’s how you do it. 

Your life right now is separated into beginning, middle, end, and future. The beginning includes your childhood and middle school experience. The middle includes your high school and college experience. The end includes your present experience and your future plans. How do you turn this into a system? Alright, right now, I want you to come up with at least two to three stories for each phase of you life. It can be fun, adventurous, mischievous, or sad. Mix it up. The more emotions the better. Now, you can start by asking her about her childhood or talking about yours. The key is to exchange stories and go from childhood to future plans. This can take somewhere between ten minutes to sometimes even the whole day. This technique is very powerful and it solidifies the emotional connection instantly.

a Couple of effeCTIve ConversaTIonal Tools
Here are several topics I’ll discuss briefly. Tools you can use later down the road when you’ve mastered the basics. • Identity Interleaving. This is an advanced technique I use to quickly convey the things I’m passionate about thirty seconds into the conversation. She should have an idea of who you are and what you’re about early in the interaction. • Standard Interleaving. She should know what your standards are. She should know the things you love and your pet peeves as well. She should know your rules on dating and relationships. You can do this directly or through storytelling. • Conversational Plowing. You should always move the conversation forward. As long as you keep talking she will stand there in front of you. If she walks away, she’s being rude, and you can call her on it. Trust me on this one. If a girl says “I have to go” and you say “nice, meeting you” then she will walk away. On the other hand if she says “I have to go” and you ignore the thread and talk about something else, she will not leave. 

• Cold reading. Cold reading helps captivate her and builds familiarity instantly. It’s a tool I use once in awhile, especially at times when the woman I’m talking to is hard to crack or if I’m in a hurry and I want to build a quick connection. A good resource for cold read is the Forer’s effect. Try searching that on Google or something. • Romantic spin. Always include a romantic spin after building an emotional connection. This always steers the interaction toward the right path. Some examples would be taking her on an instant date, talking about fate and destiny, and, of course, kissing her. • Fractionating. This helps intensify the emotional connection that you’ve built. Here’s an example of fractionating: Talk about something light, then go a little deep, go light again, then this time go a little deeper than you were before, then make her laugh a little bit, then go deeper. This is a brilliant way to ease into deeper topics. • Preempting objections. Whatever objections she may have make sure to use them first. Tell her that you’re sad you met with no mutual friends to introduce you to each other, and that’s why you can’t hang out anymore. Say this after a high point in the interaction. On Storytelling Storytelling is very powerful if done right. When you tell a story you communicate on both levels. They listen to what you say and how you say it. Constantly ask yourself this: What am I trying to communicate? Am I getting my message across? You want to demonstrate good qualities about yourself with the stories you tell people (e.g. adventurous, trustworthy, protector of the ones you love, ambitious, humorous, romantic, etc). Next, you need to check your body language, vocal tonality and projection, eye contact, and your non verbal communication to see if you’re communicating all the right things like being comfortable in your own skin, confident, demands respect, etc. Builds comfort and trust. Telling a story builds comfort and trust because you’re opening up to somebody you don’t know. People usually don’t just go up to people and start telling stories. Well some do and they’re either super social, story tellers, or just used to talking people’s ears off. Well if you’re one of them then you’re on your way to becoming successful. Why? It’s because learning how to express yourself is the first step in getting good at meeting women. 

So let’s get to the important part How do you make a good story? Here are some terms that are important in storytelling and I’ll discuss only a couple of them Opening line, sequencing of events, character development, engaging the senses, and emotional projection. Probably the most important part of telling a story is your vocal projection and your delivery. Let’s take for example a comedian and an actor. Give him the best script created by the best minds in the world and when performance day comes, the presentation can still bomb. It can still suck. On the other hand, you can give a guy who’s good at telling stories a very boring and ridiculously horrible story line and he can turn it in to something very interesting. What’s the difference between these two guys? The way they present it and he way they deliver. Every time you’re telling a story I want you to ask yourself these questions • Am I passionate about what I’m talking about? • Am I enthusiastic? • Am I paying attention to everyone that’s listening? • Am I relaxed and comfortable? • Is my voice loud enough? • Am I talking slow and clear? • Am I projecting the emotion I need to project through my voice? (If you’re telling a scary story sound scared, if it’s suspense then use a lot of pausing) • Am I pausing at the right times? • Am I using a wide range of facial expressions? 

So here’s a quick formula for a spontaneous story. 1.) OMG, the funniest/craziest/most embarrassing/ wildest thing just happened to me yesterday/today/couple minutes ago.... (pause) 2.) Describe what you were doing at that time, who you were with, what you could see, hear, smell, feel, etc. 3.) Then slowly insert stuff like “and then I realized”, “all of a sudden”, “out of nowhere”, “then out of the blue”, and “surprisingly”. 4.) The climax of your story. 5.) How did it make you feel? What lessons did you learn? 6.)* Then ask her* Does that ever happen to you? (throwing the ball back at her) You want to talk about emotions because you want to communicate on her level. You want her to be able to relate to you. Men usually communicate with logic while women value emotions more. It’s something they can relate too. You want to engage all her senses, as much as possible when you’re telling a story.

here’s a ConversaTIon I had In The pasT
Grungey10: Hey, I’m Oliver. Bookstore girl: Oliver, Nice meeting you. I’m Lisa. Grungey10: Lisa, interesting name. Speaking of names, a light bulb just popped up in my head. Did your parents ever tell you about embarrassing stories when you were kid? Bookstore girl: Yeah, I get that every time there’s a family get together. Grungey10: Exactly. Well can you believe that my name was supposed to be Amanda? Bookstore girl: Amanda?! (laughs) Grungey10: Yes, Amanda. Now stop laughing at my baby name, it gets bruised easily. Bookstore girl: (laughs) 

Grungey10: Anyways, apparently, when my mom was 6 months pregnant, she went to the doctor and she had this machine... uhm... the one that detects the gender... it’s on the tip of my tongue. You know what I’m talking about right? Bookstore girl: You mean a sonogram? Grungey10: There you go! Good girl (briefly touches her shoulder). Anyways, after the sonogram, the doctor’s like “Ma’am, we don’t see anything moving down there, your first born will be a girl”. Bookstore girl: OMG (laughs) Grungey10: I know! Isn’t it funny? So what actually ended up happening was... Grungey10: My mom got so excited that she started decorating one whole room in the house, just for me. Get this, she actually decked the whole room out with a “My little princess” theme in mind. So the room was all pink! It had pink stuff toys, pink crib, and even a pink welcome banner hanging from the wall saying “Princess Amanda, welcome to the family!” Bookstore girl: (Eyes get wide) Really?! That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. What happened next? Grungey10: All right, all right, we’re getting there.... So here it comes. The moment of truth. I was born and the doctor hands me over to my mom wrapped in a white towel. My mom holds me with tears in her eyes saying “Wow, it’s my beautiful little princess Amanda. Look at you. Say hello to mommy. Hello... Hello... Hello...” Then she slowly unfolds the towel and then all of a sudden... Badoink!!! A moving “thing” down there?! She was devastated! I never heard the end of it. Bookstore girl: (laughs hysterically) Grungey10: No, this is not a laughing matter. I don’t think you understand. Every time a friend comes over to the house, my mom always whips out the album with me dressed in a pink room all dressed in pink, which I do not find very funny, thank you very much. Bookstore girl: (Continues giggling) <Now I’m going to throw the ball back at her so she can invest more in the interaction> So what were you like as a kid? Was there anything your parents gave you a hard time about? Bookstore girl: Hmmmm... Not so much my parents but my grandfather and I had a really strong bond when I was growing up. I remember him teasing me a lot about being a tomboy back in middle school. 

Grungey10: (nods head but keeps quiet) <It’s very powerful to pause and not be eager to fill in the silence in a conversation. You’ll notice that women have a lot more to say when they don’t get interrupted. As an exercise, try pausing for three seconds after she finishes her sentence, before responding to her.> Bookstore girl: (smiles as she recalls) Back then I was a boy hater. I went through that whole phase. If you have sisters then you’d know what I’m talking about. I was also a very competitive kid. < She gave me multiple topics to choose from. I can pick any topic and start rolling with it.> Grungey10: Boy hater? I better watch out for you now. I might not even be safe here (smiles). Bookstore girl: Oh shut it (hits me in the arm). That was back then. I’ve changed a lot since then. < I have a choice. I could start building more familiarity by talking about my sisters. I can also build more substance by exploring what made her change but I chose to explore the subject of traveling.>

buIldInG faMIlIarITy & subsTanCe
Grungey10: If you could live in any city in the world, for a year, where would you live? Bookstore girl: I’d live in Africa. Grungey10: Why would you live in Africa? Is it because you want to help out? Or do you just want to explore the place? Bookstore girl: I guess a little bit of both. You see, I’ve always wanted to make a difference in the world. At the same time, I love going to a new place and learn everything about the culture there. It’s fulfilling for me. <I’m going to build more substance now> Grungey10: I find it really interesting that you love helping people out. What do you accomplish when you’ve made a difference in the world? Let’s say you’re in Africa and you get to educate the kids there, and at the end of the day, you see improvements in their lives, how does it make you feel? 


Bookstore girl: It makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. I guess satisfaction would be a better way to phrase it. Grungey10: You know what, Bookstore girl, I get the exact same feeling of satisfaction every time I finish writing a song. It may take me an hour, a day, or sometimes weeks to put a song together and it pays off bigtime. At the end of the day, I just relax on my bed, playback the song I just made, and feel good about myself. It’s something I’m really passionate about. Grungey10: What are you passionate about? Bookstore girl: Well, I love painting. It’s something that I got into back when I was still seven. It’s a stress reliever for me and at the same time I get to express myself through my work. < I’m going to start flirting and appreciating her> Grungey10: Wait a minute here... You love traveling and you’re an artist too?! This is way too perfect. There must be a catch here, I better leave before I start to fall in love with you. You’re kidding right? I just have the biggest thing for artistic people. Artists are very creative. They see things from a different perspective, and for the most part they’re real. You see, songwriting is very much like painting. We both put are minds and hearts into our work. Not a lot of people understand what it takes to do what we do. A lot of people might think it’s easy for us. <After creating familiarity and substance, I solidify the attraction by giving here a sincere compliment. This is when the magic begins.> Bookstore girl: Yeah, I totally understand what you mean. Grungey10: Bookstore girl, let me tell you something. A lot of people have forgotten the meaning of what it is to be passionate about something. They usually just live their lives with one thing in mind, and that’s usually making a living or going to school. In the process they lose in touch with who they are and what they’re all about. Only a few people actually live their lives to the fullest and at the same time, do the things they’re passionate about in life. It’s a rare thing. I don’t think enough people appreciate you for that. Bookstore girl: That’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever told me in the longest time (blushes). Grungey10. It’s the best job I’ve ever had. You see a lot of people are imprisoned by their day to day activities. They go to work or school and they change to fit the environment they’re in. You see them working with the “work” 

face on. Then they go home and hit the sack. It’s the same routine over and over again. Well I go through my day-to-day activities with the biggest smile on my face because I get to be myself the whole day. It’s the best thing ever. I’d highly advise everyone to try it for even a week. Coffeeshop girl: I know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s actually something that I’ve been working on for awhile now. <Conversational cycle continues>

The arT of GeTTInG phone nuMbers & seTTInG up daTes
After hundreds of interactions, I realized something very important. Getting a number doesn’t really guarantee success. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t even guarantee that you’ll get to see her again. Girls give their numbers to guys for various reasons. Some give their number away to get rid of the guy. Some give their number away because it boosts their ego. Some give their number away because it’s fake. Some give their number away with no intention of ever answering your call. Some give their number away and save your number as “Weird & Creepy Guy, Do not answer”. Women give their phone numbers for a variety of reasons. Normally, I’d like to actually get to know the girl first before I even get her number. This may take somewhere between 10 minutes to two hours. If I’ll see the girl again then I won’t even get her number. Numbers mean nothing if you haven’t done your job well. I found that timing is very important when it comes to getting a woman’s number. But before I even get into that, I’d like to share with you some of the things I learned. • Don’t leave after you get her number. I’ve noticed that most guys make their exit after they get a woman’s number. I suggest staying for an extra five or ten minutes before you leave. You always want to leave on a positive note. When you leave right after you get her phone number, it makes it seem that was all you were after. • You can return her number to her every time she does something to turn you off. Don’t be afraid to test new things out. When you get a woman’s number, they instantly know what’s going on. No matter how smooth you pull it off. In their minds, they still have control of the interaction. One 

little trick you can do is to give her back her number every time she says something you don’t like. It’s a really neat way of communicating “I could care less if I get your number or not”. At the same time it demonstrates that you have standards. • Tell her you want her number but don’t get it. I found that it’s very effective to display more interest in her, at the peak of an interaction. At times when she tries to impress you, make you laugh, or after an emotion filled moment. I usually say something like “Wow, you like classical art? That’s so cool, I so have to hang out with you…” then I just continue talking about something else. At this point she will either ask for my number or giggle. That’s my cue to see where I am in the interaction. • Pacing to avoid flaking. I discovered that pacing would, once again, would be useful after getting her number. Pacing can be used to address future objections. • It’s better to exchange numbers. It’s better to exchange numbers than to just give her your number. When you give her your number, you leave it all up to her to make the move and give you a call back. Guess what that does? It drastically decreases the chance of anything happening by 50%! Why, because not all girls will call you up. Some girls just never call guys up. Some girls will throw your number away. Some girls might like you but forget to call you. And some girls will simply just lose your numbers. So it’s best always best to exchange number because it gives both of you the chance to call each other up. • Don’t try to bargain if she doesn’t give her number. I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times. Guy ask for girls number, girl refuses, then guy tried to bargain. It’s not going anywhere. It’s a downward spiral that leaves you lower than you were before. If she doesn’t want to give you her number than just let it go. She’ll probably flake on you anyway even if she gave you her number. Not unless, you’re really skilled at using the phone to your advantage. • Simple yet effective lines. Any line will work if you say it at the right time. You job is to get her to want to give her number to you. When you reach that point in the interaction, any line will work. Some of the lines I’ve used are “Let’s exchange contact information” “Give me your number” “I really had fun talking to you, but unfortunately I have to get going, how can we continue this conversation?” • Objection blaster. Whenever they give me an excuse such as “Sorry, I have a boyfriend” I usually just stare at her all confused and say “Yeah… and?”. If she still gives some excuse I say “Don’t get a big head now, I just thought you were an interesting person and that you’d make a cool buddy, but since there appears to be an issue with it, I’m just going to leave now.” 

• Tell her exactly how it’s going to be. It’s good to set up some rules right from the beginning. Tell her what time you’ll call her and how to respond to you over the phone. Stuff like “Ok, I’ll call you just once… and leave a message once. That’s it, I really hate playing phone tag. When you do answer I expect a really cool joke from you. If you don’t have any, then you owe me vanilla flavored ice cream on a cone…” You can go anywhere with this technique. • Finalize your plans before you leave. I prefer to make plans before leaving the interaction. This technique has worked well for me. It usually goes something like this “You know what, you’re pretty cool. It’s not everyday that I meet someone that I can just be real with. Listen, every Wednesday, my friends and I love to bowl at Golden Pins. Have you ever gone cosmic bowling?! It’s the most fun thing in the world. They have these huge crystal disco lights, 80’s music, and on top of that you get to bowl. What more can you ask for? We do this every Wednesday, but wait a minute, you’re not some weird psychotic girl right? Cool, you should come join us. It’s fun”. How long should you wait before you call? This sounds familiar doesn’t it? There are a lot of different opinions when it comes to the best time to call. Here’s a couple “You should wait at least three days before you call her. It will communicate that you have a life and that you are not needy” “You should call her on the same day so that she gets comfortable talking to you. Just act like it’s normal. Go call her! And if she doesn’t pick up then call up two more times” “You should call her the day after you get her number. Then make it a point to be the first one to hang up or pretend that someone else is on the other line. If all else fails, make sure to end the conversation on a high note” It doesn’t get better than this. “You should call her after a week or two. It will really communicate that you have more important things to do. You’ll come off way cooler, trust me. After you talk to her, make sure to let her know you’ll be calling in the next couple of days” You must be wondering which strategy works best. They all work, believe me I’ve tried. It really depends on the situation. My suggestion would be to try everything until you find the one that works best for you. 

Here is a simple strategy, I used in the past, in order to find out which strategy worked best. Let’s say I’ve collected around 12 solid numbers in two weeks. That’s pretty good considering the fact that I’ve only got so much free time on my hands. What do I mean by solid? I’ve spent an average of about 45 minutes to 2 hours with them. That includes multiple dates within that day, and emotional connection that’s been built all throughout the interaction. Aggressive Method Call the numbers up the day you get them You can call the next day and the day after to follow up Call at unpredictable hours of the day Varying time limit on each call Ask her out later on For some reason this method worked best on cold approaches. I would say two out of every four girls answered on the first call. The others eventually responded after my follow up routine. Occasionally, there’s that one girl that never picks up her phone. Traditional Method Call her after three days Space your calls out and have at least three to four days in between them Ask her out on the first or second call This method works best on girls within your social circle. There’s no rush to call her up soon because you’ll see her over and over again. Let me ask you this… What’s your strategy? Let me suggest this… Try everything out. Give it a shot for two weeks then switch. See which ones work best for you. 

8 TIps for an unforGeTTable fIrsT daTe
The tips I’m about to share with you are priceless. It took me years to figure some of them out. Most guys don’t know what to do on a first date. Don’t be generic. “Would you like to go to dinner and a movie with me sometime?” I don’t want to hear that coming out of your mouth anytime soon. OK? That’s what every other guy does! The last thing you want is to be like everyone else. There are lots of other things to do besides that. Save that idea for a later date. Something you’re passionate about. Are you passionate about sports? Singing? Shooting guns? Surfing? Art? Rollerblading? Anything at all? Bring her in to your world. Do the things you’re passionate about with her, on a first date. The best part about is that you can teach her how to do these things, if she doesn’t know how. Accessible- You don’t want to take her to the mountains located two hours from you. You want somewhere near and accessible. Fun & Exciting. Some of the best dates I’ve had were in amusement parks. It’s fun. It’s exciting. It provides the both of you with the same experience you can bond on. Plus, the emotions you experience will bring the two of you closer to each other. Unpredictable. Don’t tell her where you’re going. Tell her it’s a surprise. Get back to your place early on. Find an excuse to get back to your place early on. Your goal is to make her feel comfortable and to get that step out of the way. I do this by saying “These shoes are killing me, I just need a second…” drive to your house and say “Alright, I’ll give you a quick tour, we can only stay for five minutes cause we’re running on a schedule”. I go in the house, change my shoes, and rush her out of the house after giving her the tour. I don’t crowd her space. I don’t go for the kiss. I just relax and really just give her a tour of the house. This serves two purposes. Makes her trust me more and gets her comfortable in my house. Go to the supermarket. Take her with you to do groceries. Two techniques you can use. You can pick up a cookbook and have her pick up ingredients with you so she can help you cook. Another thing I like to do is to get some ice cream. Unfortunately I have to get it back to the house before it melts. AHA! Either way, you end up going back to your house or hers. 

Ideas For Second Dates Theme parks The beach Picnics Shooting range Cooking classes Sporting events Grocery shopping Flying kites in the park Comedy clubs Dance lessons Art galleries Rollerblading Go cart Wine tasting Wall climbing

on CreaTInG a sexual vIbe
Creating a sexual vibe gets her ready for the kiss. You must learn how to project sexuality. Sexuality can be projected by the way you talk, look at her, touch her, and the way you present yourself. It’s mostly non-verbal communication. This is the next level you need to master. Here are some of the ways you can project a sexual vibe. The way you look at her. Look at her in that sexual “You know what’s about to happen” kind of way. You can do stuff like staring at her eyes while biting your lower lip then looking back at your eyes. You need to be able to turn on your bedroom eyes and sexual smile in a snap of a finger. The way you talk to her. Slow down. Slow down. Slow down. Lower the volume of your speech. Try speaking like you’re saying something really profound. Whisper in her ear at some point in the interaction. The way you touch her. Hold her hand at key points in the interaction. It’s important to have some kind of body contact. Begin to face her directly. Place your hand in her inner leg and gently stroke it. Knees or feet touching each other. Stroke her hair while looking at her lips. Incorporating Pausing. Pause in between words to create a sexual and intriguing vibe. 

I Can’t Believe I’m Sharing This With You I came up with a strategy to project sexuality quickly. As a matter of fact, I only teach this in my Day Game University Boot Camp. So let me ask you just one favor. Please don’t teach this method to anyone. Ok, maybe a friend or two, but no more than that. Deal? Good, now that we got that out of the way. Here’s what I call the Airplane Method I want you to think about the two hottest women in the world. It can be an actress, model, friend, or make believe women. Don’t continue reading unless you have your two hottest women. Now, imagine that you’re in a private jet plane. You own the plane. It’s yours. You’re relaxing and leaning back with your feet stretched comfortably. Your pants are down and one of the hottest girls is sucking your penis while the other one is sucking your balls. Now how do you feel? I really want you to put yourself in this situation so you know what I’m talking about. Now let’s say someone calls you over the phone. How will you talk to them? Would it be fast? Or all slow and sexual? Here’s how I learned this technique. A couple of years ago, I met my good friend Asian playboy, who specializes in picking up women in bars and clubs. When this guy spoke, he just had this seductive and sexual presence and for the longest time I couldn’t figure out how he did it. Until one day, I thought to myself, what could this guy be thinking? I mean he gets laid a lot, and he’s good at what he does. What’s his secret? Then it suddenly occurred to me. AHA! He must be thinking about being in an airplane with two hot women going down on him. That’s probably what it is! There’s no other explanation I can think of! Thus, the airplane method was born. Props to Asian playboy. TRY THIS OUT Next time, before you go for the kiss, you should try the airplane method and talk all sexual for 5-10 minutes. This builds the stage up for the kiss. 

When & hoW To KIss her
Kissing on the first day sets the stage, early on, that it’s going to be a sexual relationship. You should kiss her before the day ends. Women are eager for the kiss as much as you are. There’s a window of opportunity that opens up sometime in the interaction, if you play your cards right. It’s almost too obvious to meet. You usually feel butterflies in your stomach, and you know that it’s time. Here are some important pointers that will be helpful for you. • Three second rule. Do you know that moment when you run out of words to say and your eyes are locked on hers? Next time that happens, don’t look away. I want you to ccount 1,2,3 and if she’s still lookg at you, then that’s your cue to go for a kiss. • Explore her eyes. Start looking deeply at her eyes, while you slowly tilt your head. Slowly move in for the kill. • Put her hair behind her ears. Put her hair behind her ear and lightly stroke the side of her face. • Nothing else exists. In that moment, let the whole world just fade away. Nothing else matters. It’s just you and her that exist. Nobody else. • You don’t need words. The best part about this approach is that you don’t need words. It’s something you’ll learn to do. After you get into that situation, quite a number of times, you’ll start to get a feel of EXACTLY when you should go for it.

froM Coffee shop, Mall, superMarKeT To The bedrooM: The naTural proGressIon
There’s a natural progression of how I like to do things. First, I built as much comfort, investment, and connection as I need before I try to escalate things further. Here’s a sample progression I’ve used in the past. I approach the girl I want right away. If she’s walking, I make her stop to talk to me. If she’s walking away from me, I make sure she hears me running towards 

her, and then I stop her and make her turn around to talk to me. If she’s inside her car, getting ready to leave, I knock on the window and start talking to her. You get the point. After I’ve established enough investment on her part, I ask her to sit down with me. I usually say something like “My legs are dying, I’m going to sit down over there, Let’s go…” she usually complies. We talk more. Get to know each other a little bit and begin to open up. I usually talk about deeper topics when I’m sitting down. The perfect time to lean back, relax and discuss deep topics is when you’re sitting down. After I establish some kind of connection, I say something like “I’m really glad I met you. I’m sorry we met like this, with no mutual friends to introduce us to each other. It’s pretty rare to meet someone you can just be real with. Someone you can just talk to about anything and everything. You’re not going to be one of those awesome girls that I meet and never see again. Tell you what, I’m hungry, Let’s go grab something to eat.” We go some place to eat. After eating I make it a point to do other things. I do stuff like walk around the mall with her, play arcade, and shop for clothes. Sometimes I even take them on an instant movie date where we sneak out in the middle of the movie and go watch another movie. All these crazy things you’d do when you were young. This usually demonstrates that I’m fearless and exciting. After all this, I say “Oh, I almost forgot, it’s grocery day today” and then we head out to the supermarkets. It varies. Sometimes, I just kiss her, call it a day, and then set up another date with her. At other times, I’d prefer to see how far I can take it. So, after we buy groceries, we go back to my place to prepare dinner. We prepare dinner together, like couples do. Before entering the door to my house, I pull out my phone, punch the number 9-1-1 in and say “Look at this number. If at anytime you even slightly try to grab my ass… it’s over, I’m dialing this number. I will not tolerate disrespect and sexual harassment especially from women. I know it’s going to be hard for you, but just try hard to resist the urge ok? I’m not that easy” It’s a little funny piece that takes the tension out of the scenario. I discovered that if you make fun of uncomfortable situations, then it becomes comfortable. 


From here on I just build as much tension as I can. I act as if everything is normal. I treat her the same way I would treat my buddy. At this point, she’s usually not sure whether I like her or not. At the same time, I pump up her emotions by saying things like “I know what you’re thinking, I hate to put you down but, I don’t put out that easily. All I am is a big piece of tease”. Then later on in the night, I pull of childish behavior like initiating pillow and water fights. After that’s done, I jump right into my bed and I tell her “Goodnight, I’m off to bed, see you tomorrow”. At this point my back is turned toward her and I start to do fake snores. Here’s the key piece of the puzzle. I used to try to seduce her and touch her as much as I could the moment she walked through the door. Then I learned that if you just leaned back, increase her desire... For you, and give her space to chase, she usually ends up doing just that. From here we start to cuddle. I always pull away first and give her an excuse why we should stop, before she even has a chance to do so. We eventually start kissing and rolling over the bed. Just minutes after it gets really hot and heavy, I pull away and pretend to sleep. I do this a couple of times till clothes start to come off. I play the frame that “I’m a good boy, but I’m feeling so good, and I need to stop before it gets really far”. When she reaches her boiling point and all the clothes are off, I just unleash the beast and take full control of the situation. In that moment, she’s way too invested and aroused to even pull back. From this point, it should be a done deal. 

Words of WIsdoM
There are four stages you will go through in your journey to get this part of your life handled. You need to become a master of all four stages Stage 1: Becoming Social and Expressing your personality Stage 2: Learning how to make her invest in the interaction (emotional, time, physical, social) Stage 3: Learning how to handle logistics (getting her number, going on an instant date, getting her back to your house) Stage 4: Beyond the pick-up. (phone game, second dates, and managing relationships)  Tips On How to be Happy Be optimistic and outgoing (positivism) Have close friendships and meaningful relationships (Build your social circle) Work or leisure that engage your skills (fun time) Have something to believe in (foundation) Sleep well and exercise (taking care of yourself) Having a high self esteem (healthy relationship with self) “ If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably wind up somewhere else.” Where are you in your life right now? What are your goals? Long term and short term? Create a plan Don’t give up until you see results Who you are is the product of the past. Who you will become depends on the things you do today. 

Balance Is Key In order to achieve happiness and live up to your full potential, you must become congruent with the three main aspects in your life: Be good at what you do Enjoy what it is you do Feel a sense of fulfillment while you do it 

WrappInG IT all up
“I’ve never met a failure, I’ve only met people who make failing choices. I’ve never met a loser, I’ve only met people who make losing choices” People say: Life’s a bitch and then you die... I believe Life is about choices and then you die... You have something in common with every successful man has ever walked on this planet and that is choice. I’ve given you all the fundamental tools that you need to get started meeting, captivating, and connecting with women in daytime locations. I consider the eight dating factors described on these pages to be fundamental to understanding daytime pick-up. In the future, I will be talking about the specifics of each of these fundamental principles. So stay tuned ... It’s now up to you to get good. The ball is in your court now, and it’s your shot. I hope that this has been helpful in giving you a picture of what day game is and how to master it. Once again, I want to congratulate you on a very smart purchase. For those of you who have read, understood, and appreciated the material, two thumbs up to you. Now get out and do it! No excuses! If you need the extra push to go from theory to practice, you can always take advantage of my coaching services. To find out more go to Now I want to hear what you think. Let me know if this material is of any help to you. I want your feedback, the good and the bad. Bring it on. So if you have any questions, stories, or you simply just want drop by and say HI, then feel free to drop me a line at Love & Respect Your Friend Oliver T.