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2011 Piping & Tubing Design Guide v1.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Basics
How the Routing Package Works
Cpoints & Rpoints
Design Tables
The 3D Sketch
Assemblies, Subassemblies, Parts & Routing Files
Routing Templates
How They All Work Together
Routing Options and Settings
Chapter 2 - Required Features of Components
Cpoints & Rpoints (What are they?)
Other Components (Valves, Filters, Strainers, etc)
Chapter 3 Starting a Route (creating a routing subassembly)
Things to consider before starting
The Design Library
Adding a starting component to the assembly
The Route Properties Dialog
Chapter 4 Routing Pipe
Route Properties/Settings
Routing Straight Pipe With Elbows
Routing Bent Pipe
Ending Your Route
Creating Custom Elbows (when you exit the sketch)
Piping Routing Files
Chapter 5 Routing Tubing
Route Properties/Settings
Routing Rigid Tube
Routing Flexible Tubing
Ending Your Route
Tubing Routing Files
Chapter 6 Editing a Routing Subassembly
Adding a Tee
Adding Components to Your Route
Using Split Points to Add Components to Your Route
Removing Pipe or Tube Between Two Fittings
Adding Back Removed Pipe or Tube
Adding a Reducer to Your Piping Route
Changing the Route Properties
Changing the Line Size/Schedule of Your Pipe/Tubing Route
Replacing Routing Components
Chapter 7 Miscellaneous Routing Procedures
Pipe Penetrations
Adding Mounting Brackets & Pipe Supports
Forming Subassemblies
Dissolving Subassemblies
Using Find References to Relocate Pipe/Tubing Files
Bolted Connections
Adding Branch Fittings (Weld-O-Lets & Bosses)
Chapter 8 Creating Custom Routing Components
Creating Custom Components (Valves, Strainers, etc)
The Vertical Axis
Creating Custom Flanges & Start Parts
Chapter 9 Inserting Subassemblies Into Your Route
Creating a Routing Subassembly
ACpoints & ARpoints
Inserting the Subassembly Into Your Route
Chapter 10 Design Tables
What Exactly Does the Design Table Do?
Adding Custom Properties
Pulling the Data Out of the Design Table & Into My Drawing
Chapter 11 The Drawing
How to Crop Pipe So It Looks Like Pipe
Dimensioning Pipe & Tubing
The Bill of Materials