Derek Lynch
Empire State Development
633 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10017

To Whom It May Concern:

As an 11-year resident of Dean Street in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of
Brooklyn, less than a block from the Barclays Center Arena and directly adjacent
to the Atlantic Yards footprint, I have several questions about the past and the
future of my neighborhood:

1) With a project of the scale and cost of Atlantic Yards, with the millions of
dollars of subsidies paid by us taxpayers, a project which used the threat and
exercise of New York State’s eminent domain to clear the project site, a project
which is supposedly a “public-private” partnership, which is projected to take 25
years to complete, which will add 20,000 new residents to the area: if you lived
on my block, and had endured the years of demolition and construction, with
many years of the noise, dust, disruption and aggravation yet to come, wouldn’t
you, too, want oversight and governance of the project that has to answer to your
elected representatives? Wasn’t this in the original agreement with Forest City
Ratner? Wasn’t this promised years ago? What’s taking so long?

2) If you lived on my block, would you be okay with the way in which Forest City
Ratner and its subcontractors continually and willfully ignore city and state laws
that govern construction and environmental protection? Wouldn’t you demand
that they follow the law and be held accountable when they don’t? I suspect that
the continued violation of construction laws and regulations never happens near
the Governor’s Mansion nor near the residences of our elected officials.

3) If you represent the people, and if this is truly a “public-private” partnership,
why does if often feel as though Forest City Ratner’s interests trump ours?

Crosswell (Tracy) Collins
545 Dean Street
Brooklyn, NY