Vision & Ideas

June 10
, 2014
Spring 2014 intake
What is a good idea? How do you come up with good ideas? Does passion
matter with ideas? How can you tell what you are passionate about? How do
you translate your passion into one or more business ideas? What basic
tools should every Founder have from the start? What tools should Founders
use to develop their ideas in the beginning? How does being a Founder align
with personal goals, objectives and vision?
Today’s Session
1. Director Welcome
2. Working Group Reports
3. Hotseat Set 1
4. Mentors’ Presentations + Q&A
5. Hotseat Set 2
6. Working Group Meeting
7. Founders Drinks!
Ashwin Anandani
Partner and Managing
Director, On-Off Design &
Today’s Mentors
Kevin Leung
CEO, Muku Labs
Daniel Szuc
Apogee Asia Ltd
Kristin Low
Founder, On-Off Design &
Organizing Meetings: Each Working Group should meet at least two times per week,
ideally once in person. The President organizes these regular meeting and keeps
attendance, tracking the progress of Founders in the Group.

Posting Notes: After each session, the President needs to post notes from the Group
efforts to complete the assignment to the bottom of the session detail page under

Reporting Progress: The President posts notes on the performance and attributes of
Founders in the Working Group using a special note area with a chat bubble in the
Founder Directory (

Flagging weak Founders: At the end of the Working Group, the Presidents will identify
any under-performing Founders. The Presidents should have the evaluation done and
submitted to the Local Director the day before the Working Group changes.

In-session Reporting: Each Working Group President should stand up for a couple
minutes and quickly outline the key positive highlights and the key negative setbacks
that they face in their two Working Group meetings.
Duties of Presidents
What’s Next?
 Check your account page for assignments
& deadline
 Meet with your group
 Presidents: report on your group’s activity
 Book a meeting with a Director IF
 See you next Monday!

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