January 20, 2006
Phil Heimlich, Commissioner
Hamilton County
138 East Court Street, Rm 603
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
This letter is not about family matters, but concerns a serious legal matter which involves
you and me.
The December 2005 issue of Cincinnati Magazine includes an article entitled The
Heimlich Maneuvers by Linda Vaccariello. The following sentence is attributed to Robert
Kraft of Dan Pinger Public Relations Inc., Cincinnati.
Around the time Anglen’s stories appeared in the Enquirer, Kraft says that Phil
(Heimlich) was told by either the Ohio attorney general or the state medical board
that his brother had registered a complaint about (Dr.) Edward Patrick….
“Anglen’s stories” refers to two Sunday front page articles in the Cincinnati Enquirer by
reporter Robert Anglen which were published February 16, 2003 and March 16, 2003.
Neither article mentioned the State Medical Board of Ohio, the Attorney General’s office,
Dr. Patrick, or my name.
Based on Mr. Kraft’s statement, it appears you received information from the State
Medical Board of Ohio and/or the Office of the Attorney General regarding an active
Under Ohio law, all State Medical Board of Ohio investigations are confidential and are
conducted according to Section 4731.22(F), Ohio Revised Code.
1. Is Mr. Kraft’s statement true?
2. If true, who disclosed this information to you, when, and under what
3. Have you reported this disclosure to any law enforcement agencies?
I look forward to your prompt reply. Please send a copy via e-mail or fax.
Your brother,
Peter Heimlich
e-mail: sales@globalfabric.com
FAX: (208)474-7283 (dial manually & listen for instructions)