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Tuesday Hetuck 2014

Tuesday Hetuck 2014

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Tuesday edition of the Buckeye Boys State newspaper the Hetuck
Tuesday edition of the Buckeye Boys State newspaper the Hetuck

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Published by: bbshetuck on Jun 11, 2014
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Volume 76, Issue 2 Tuesday, June 10 2014

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Interview on Coach Tom Ryan
By: Matt Oviatt of Estepp & Photos Done By: Carter Adams of Garrity
On Monday night, The
Ohio State University’s head
wrestling coach Thomas Ryan spoke
to hundreds of Buckeye Boys State
delegates at the evening program in
the Stroh Center. He delivered a brief
message condeming complacency in
our society and regarding the value
of struggling through hardship before
turning the rest of his time to his
friend Ammon Butcher.
Mr. Butcher’s message was
very similar to that of Mr. Ryan’s,
that the character of a man should
have greater importance than any
other quality. Ammon Butcher is a
living testament of that. Paralyzed
since his junior year of high school
and in twenty-four hour care, Mr.
Butcher has had great success in
other facets of his life. He graduated
in the top of his class and became
a sought after student in college.
Of Ammon, Mr. Ryan said “He is
someone who has great wisdom
and has persevered through the
unthinkable.” Indeed, Butcher
delivered a message of perseverance,
persistence, and passion.
I was told I would be
meeting Mr. Ryan following the
assembly, but unfortunately, he
and Mr. Butcher had to leave early
partway through the program. I
thought my interview fell through
when later I was handed a phone and
told I was speaking with Mr. Ryan as
he was traveling to catch his fight.
Let this be said: being
the head coach for a major
university is no easy job. There are
many responsibilities, duties, and
commitments that come with the
position; and it was a great privilege
to speak with Tom Ryan, taking a
few minutes of his time traveling to
get to know him and hear what he
had to say.
I opened the interview
by talking sports. I asked him why
he loves what he does, coaching
wrestling. “I enjoy the work,” he
said, “the one-on-oneness of it
all.” He also mentioned he was an
awesome basketball player.
Coach Ryan obviously had
some success in his career. He was a
two-time Big Ten champ and NCAA
All-American wrestler for the Iowa
Hawkeyes in 1991 and 1992. He led
Hofstra University to six consecutive
conference titles, won the 2009
National Coach of the Year honor,
and led Ohio State wrestling to two
second-place fnishes at the NCAA
Championships. I asked him if there
was anyone or anything to which he
attributed his success. He said that “It
takes a village,” and cited his mother,
Coach Dan Gable of the University
of Iowa, and his workout partners to
“build a champ.”
I then asked, on behalf of
Boys Staters, what skills does an
effective leader need? Obviously
he’s a successful coach, and that is
only achieved by leading in a way
that gets results, which isn’t too far
2 The Hetuck
away from leading a business team or
holding political offce. He answered
“A leader has got to understand
trust,” and to build that trust. Coach
Ryan also said that a leader needs
three things: “Character, confdence,
and connection.” Take notes,
Regarding last pieces of
advice for delegates, Ryan stated
“Consider two options. One is that
we are here by chance, the other is
that we are here because of divine
creation. Neither are wrong answers,
but take time to fgure it out, because
there are many, many more trivial
things in life.”
Thank you for your time,
words, and wisdom, Mr. Ammon
Butcher and Coach Tom Ryan.
applicants. After the run, applicants
exhibited their ftness by pushing their
limits in sit-ups and crunches. Once
the physical portion of the exam was
completed, applicants took a ten question
multiple choice quiz over speed limits.
The candidates who passed the test were
announced that night at the evening
program in the Stroh Center. The new
troopers’ names were announced;
they stood and were recognized.
Congratulations to all State Highway
Patrol offcers!
Photo Done By: Travis
Nienberg of Merritt
delegates on what time they all left
their dorms to arrive to the exam.
It turns out that they all left ffteen
minutes early. I followed these banking
hopefuls all around McDonald hall,
as they searched, with no luck, for
the hidden testing room. Direction
after direction ended up failing, as the
delegates searched on.
When all seemed lost, one
legionnaire provided the delegates with
the treasure map to the exam room.
Would they be successfully arriving on
time? After all, it was supposed to start
on the time they arrived… However,
the sad truth turns out that too many
banking hopefuls arrived way before
the expected time of arrival to take the
exam. For the latecomers, the numbers
reaching into the hundreds and beyond,
their chance to take the exam ended.
Anger and frustration ensued, as their
job options landed on their ability to
reach the Job Fair before any others.
Good luck to those who
reached the exam before any others,
and good luck to those who will have to
fnd a job at the Job Fair.
Drawing Done By: Matthew Perry of
State Highway Patrol Exam
By: Caleb Welch of Dieringer
Photo Done By: Carter Adams of
At 2:30 in the afternoon on
Tuesday, some Buckeye Boys State
delegates took the State Highway Patrol
Exam in the Falcon Heights Building.
Of the 75 total hopefuls, only 20 were
chosen for the program. Applicants
arrived in the lobby and turned in
their forms which contained questions
regarding general information. The
applicants then went for a three mile
run without a time limit, and the run
was successful in ‘weeding out’ a few
The Demanding Bank Exam
By: James Barrows of Dieringer
In a surprising twist that
occurred Tuesday evening, hundreds
of banking hopefuls trekked around
the Bowling Green State University
campus in search of the seemingly
nonexistent bank exam. The location
seemed pretty easy to fnd: McDonald
North Hall, room 70. This was not the
Those who had a half hour to
forty-fve minute head start had plenty
of time to locate the exam. Others had
a more daunting task ahead of them,
in a situation resembling “The Search
of the Holy Grail.” I questioned these
The Hetuck 3
Typed By: Nathan Shively of Estepp
Governor: Larry Fulton
Secretary of State: Samuel Comshaw-
Lt. Governor: Matt Musso
Attorney General: Cameron Little
Auditor of State: Jordan
Treasurer of State: Johnathan Tucker
Chief Justice Supreme Court: Kwame
Associate Justice Supreme Court:
Jacob Miller, Elliot Kowalski, Clayton
Brown, Nathan Higgins
Judge Court of Appeals: Noah Madden,
Cameron Rentsch, Dylan Henthorne

Commissioner: Michael Keller, Grant
Gosche, Evan Youker
Clerk of Courts: Derek Angelone
County Treasurer: Curtis Dyer
County Auditor: John Metcalf
County Engineer: Jonathan Stratton
County Recorder: Connor Shaffer
County Sheriff: Payton Henderson
Judge Common Pleas Court: Nathaniel
Judge Municipal Court: Steven
Prosecuting Attorney: Kai Summers
State Board of Education: Curtis Dyer

Commissioner: Thomas Headley, Jordan
Furer, Zachary Ams
Clerk of Courts: No Candidate
County Treasurer: Seth Brewer
County Auditor: Nathan Miller
County Engineer: Andrew Makosky
County Recorder: Jason Hadley
County Sheriff: Jacob Haught
Judge Common Pleas Court: Zane
Judge Municipal Court: Aaron
Prosecuting Attorney: Benjamin
State Board of Education: Jacob Hill
Commissioner: Nicholas Reid, Hunter
Horning, Joshua Wells

Clerk of Courts: No Candidate
County Treasurer: Jacob Newlon
County Auditor: Dillon McBee
County Engineer: Connor Lang
\County Recorder: No Candidate
County Sheriff: Summit Rosenberg
\Judge Common Pleas Court: Elijah
Judge Municipal Court: Jack
\Prosecuting Attorney: Robert Gilmore
State Board of Education: Jared
Commissioner: Liam Shepard, Daniel
Phillips, Trevor Williamson
Clerk of Courts: Omar Segundo
County Treasurer: Brent Kahle
County Auditor: Mason Alexander
County Engineer: Alexander Vail
County Recorder: Larry Sands
County Sheriff: Tanner Morton
Judge Common Pleas Court: Jeffrey
Judge Municipal Court: No
Prosecuting Attorney: Bailey Cross
State Board of Education: Kevin
Commissioner: Joshua Thomas , Jacob
Artz, Trevor Riley
Clerk of Courts: Jacob Crabtree
County Treasurer: Bradey Garrett
County Auditor: Andrew Sotherland
County Engineer: William
County Recorder: Connor Keeling
County Sheriff: Alec Thieman
Judge Common Pleas Court: Nathan
Judge Municipal Court: Kyle
Prosecuting Attorney: Dennis Moriarty
State Board of Education: Seth Ollis
Commissioner: Joe Vidourek, Andrew
Martin, Nicholas Sartoris
Clerk of Courts: Dillon Bossell
County Treasurer: Nathan Meek
County Auditor: Noah Eblin
County Engineer: Jack
County Recorder: Levi Wiechers
County Sheriff: Hunter Thompson
Judge Common Pleas Court: Connor
Judge Municipal Court: Andrew
Prosecuting Attorney: Kyle Johnson
State Board of Education: Dillon
Commissioner: Austin Langdon , Austin
Wurm, Timothy Supeck
Clerk of Courts: Bryce Heitmeyer
County Treasurer: Jason Lewis
County Auditor: Thomas Zitko
County Engineer: Thomas
County Recorder: Austin Graham
County Sheriff: Nicholas Lewis
Judge Common Pleas Court: Ryan
Judge Municipal Court: No
Prosecuting Attorney: Scott Herb
State Board of Education: Matthew
Commissioner: Erik Wasowski, Austin
Elliott, Nathan Nye
Clerk of Courts: Nicholas Kemper
County Treasurer: Cole Cordonnier
County Auditor: Matthew Krispinsky
County Engineer: David Curry
County Recorder: Matthew Gregory
County Sheriff: Matthew Webb
Judge Common Pleas Court:
Christopher Kelly
Judge Municipal Court: Andrew
Prosecuting Attorney: Luke Schaub
State Board of Education: Luke Bricker
Commissioner: Noah Haines, Tyler
Dinardo, Connor English
Clerk of Courts: Dakota Kirtley
County Treasurer: Justin Gibbs
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4 The Hetuck
The Power of Persistence
By: Ryan Shockling of Abele
Despite any views, party
affliation, or rank within the Boys State
Government, one should truly take
time to appreciate the message of Ohio
State wrestling coach Tom Ryan’s guest
Ammon Butcher. Butcher spoke with
strength not commonly seen in any man,
especially not seen in those who have
shared his experiences and struggles.
Butcher not only displayed strength
through his speaking, but also through his
message of persistence.
Persistence, as Butcher shared,
directly correlates to success. He quoted
Calvin Coolidge, America’s thirtieth
president, when emphasizing persistence
as the best quality a man can possess. Our
nation’s sixteenth president, Abraham
Lincoln, also argued for persistence,
once saying, “Bear in mind that your
resolution to succeed is more important
than any one thing.” A person’s drive and
inner motivation to win or be the best
often times results in the success that
person craves. The power of this inner
drive frequently manifests itself in sports.
Athletes such as Michael Jordan, a former
Boys State delegate and six-time NBA
champion, represent the best their feld
has ever had to offer, mostly due to a will
to win capable of overcoming any and all
However, people often try
to avoid stressful situations, but success
cannot be gained without effort, sacrifce,
and struggle. Few men throughout
history have ever gained or maintained
success without a heartfelt dedication
for their craft. Sacrifces must be made
to win. Whether sacrifcing leisure time
for the practice and perfection of their
craft, or heeding the words of John
Rockefeller, the wealthiest oil tycoon
of all time, sacrifces are pivotal to
success. Nonetheless, the main aspect
of persistence is the adversity one must
overcome in order to reach the pinnacle
of their profession. Ralph Waldo Emerson
once said, “We sink to rise.” Emerson
and Butcher share a similar message,
indicating the effectiveness of failure
as a motivational tool. Michael Jordan,
as referred to earlier, used his initial
failure to make his high school basketball
team as fuel for his unparalleled inner
motivation; thus, he used his profound
work ethic to shape himself into what
most consider the greatest basketball
player of all time.
People often view persistence
and overcoming adversity more highly
than regular success achieved with few
obstacles. The determination required
to be the best calls for respect, which
can be seen in Ryan, Butcher, Jordan,
legionnaires, counselors, and many Boys
State delegates.

Gubernatorial Debate- Strong
By: Maxwell E. Hoover of Brady

On June 10, 2014, Buckeye
Boys State held its Gubernatorial
Debate for candidates running for state
positions within the program. Both the
nationalist and the federalist parties were
represented at the Gubernatorial Debate.
The debate was held in the Stroh Center
on the campus of Bowling Green State
The candidates for both
Attorney General, Secretary of
State, State Auditor, State Treasurer,
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court,
Lieutenant Governor, and Governor all
spoke at the debate. Both candidates
for a particular position (one from each
party) were asked a question pertaining
to the position they were running for
and were given sixty seconds to answer.
A ffteen second rebuttal period was
allotted to the opposing candidate for
each question.
Graye Miller was the
federalist candidate for Chief Justice
of the Supreme Court. When asked
whether or not judges had the right to
make decisions based on today’s society
he replied “If elected, I will follow the
Constitution reverently.” His opponent,
the nationalist candidate for Chief Justice
of the Supreme Court, supported the
idea of making judicial decisions based
on today’s society and the theory that
“the Constitution was not written in the
twenty frst century.”
Both candidates for State
Auditor agreed at detailed reports should
be recorded about the spending of
government money, but the nationalist
candidate for State Auditor suggested
fning politicians one thousand dollars
if they misused government funds, and
even spoke about a policy to remove
politicians from offce if they couldn’t
provide evidence for where government
money went.
When the nationalist
candidate for Secretary of State
was asked about the lack of voting
in America, he replied “We can all
make a difference [by voting] in our
government.” The federalist candidate
for Secretary of State suggested that we
“educate America’s youth on their right
to vote.”
Both candidates for Governor
highly supported improving education in
Ohio, and expressed their willingness to
work with a cabinet that had a variety of
parties present within it.
County Auditor: Joel Gillespie
County Engineer: Hunter Bernhardt
County Recorder: Nicholas Vogl
County Sheriff: Collin Mange
Judge Common Pleas Court: Cooper
Judge Municipal Court: Nolan
Prosecuting Attorney: Patrick Palumbo
State Board of Education: Keith Hansz

Photo Done By: Travis Neinberg of Meritt

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