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Autism and Genetics

Alyx Davidsn
!ayside "igh Schl

The%e a%e many &a%ning signs and $ehavi% '%$lems that child%en % even adults culd 'ssess
li(e nt even &anting t hug thei% mthe%) *hat is this st%ange dis%de%+ The dis%de% is mst
&idely (n&n as autism) Many 'e'le a%e ,ighting this dis%de%) The%e a%e many little things
a$ut autism li(e h& it 'lays a %le in genetics- di,,e%ent things $eing dne t ma(e the li,e
easie% ,% a 'e%sn diagnsed &ith autism) In this 'a'e% I &ill $e tal(ing a$ut autism and h& it
%elates t genetics and much m%e need t (n& in,%matin a$ut the t'ic)
Keywords: Autism- &a%ning signs- dis%de%- genetics- diagnsed
Autism and Genetics
Imagine that the%e is a child &h desn/t s'ea( c%%ectly- and has %e'etitive $ehavi%)
May$e this child desn/t even let yu tuch him) *hat culd $e &%ng &ith this child+ *ell-
the%e a%e many &a%ning signs and $ehavi% '%$lems that child%en % even adults culd 'ssess)
*hat is this st%ange dis%de%+ The dis%de% is mst &idely (n&n as autism) Many 'e'le a%e
,ighting this dis%de%) The%e a%e many little things a$ut autism li(e h& it 'lays a %le in
genetics- di,,e%ent things $eing dne t ma(e the li,e easie% ,% a 'e%sn diagnsed &ith autism)
Autism is a dis%de% s'%ead a%und the &%ld a,,ecting many 'e'le 0Times- #11#2)
3Autism is (n&n as a cm'lex devel'mental dis%de%) The cnditin is the %esult , a
neu%lgical dis%de% that has an e,,ect n n%mal $%ain ,unctin- a,,ecting devel'ment , the
'e%sn4s cmmunicatin and scial inte%actin s(ills)5 Said Medical Ne&s Tday 0#1162) A
%ecent study 0Ca%ey !) #11#2 sh&s that ne in eighty7eight 'e'le have autism) The%e a%e t&
ty'es , autism: As'e%ge% Synd%me- and Autism S'ect%um Dis%de% 0Autism Sciety- n)d)2)
As'e%ge% Synd%me is a dis%de% that a,,ects the language and $ehavi%al devel'ment in
child%en) Autism S'ect%um 8%de% is a little di,,e%ent9 it is any devel'mental disa$ilities that
have $een caused $y a $%ain a$n%mality 0Autism Sciety- n)d)2)
The%e a%e t& causes ,% autism: envi%nmental ,act%s and genetics) "&eve%-
the%e is n single (n&n cause $ut the%e a%e a cu'le main causes 0Autism Sciety- n)d)2) The
envi%nment cmes int 'lay in ne main &ay) As sciety has evlved m%e- and m%e metallic
'llutin has $een 'ut int the ai% 0Ca%ey !)-#11#2) Sme 'e'le &ith a Meta$lic Im'ai%ment
a%en/t a$le t '%cess the metallic 'llutin that/s $een 'ut int the ai%) This is called Autism
S'ect%um Dis%de%) This is the mst cmmn ty'e , autism 0Autism Sciety- n)d)2) Genetics can
als 'lay a %le in Autism) A study 0Times- #11#2 sh&ed that i, the ,athe% is at an lde% age
&hen he has a child- then his child is m%e li(ely t devel' autism) This is due t the %andm
mutatins that $ecme m%e nume%us &ith 'a%ental age 0Ca%ey !)- #11#2) The the% genetic
cause is &hen a child is $%n &ith an ext%a % missing gene) #1 ut , the #. ch%msmes have
a%eas &he%e they may $e im'%tant ,% autism 0Unde%standing Genetics- n)d)2)
The%e a%e many signs and sym'tms , autism) Sme , the main &a%ning signs a%e that
the child may seem as i, they have &ei%d $sessins- % they may sim'ly nt $e mving alng as
,ast as the the% (ids thei% age 0Ch%istian N- #1162) A child &ith autism &uld nt have any
em'athy and this means that they &ill nt ,eel any emtin) !ehavi%al '%$lems can als ccu%
in child%en &ith this dis%de% 0Ch%istian N-#1162) The mst cmmn '%$lem is that the (id &ill
nt $e as 'hysical) ;% exam'le- i, smene &anted t give a child &ith autism hug they &uld
have t g u' and give the hug themselves $ecause the child &ith autism &ill nt g u' and give
that 'e%sn a hug) Nt eve%y child is the same- the%e,%e each child &ith autism &ill devel' in
thei% &n &ays <ust &ith a ,e& sym'tms 0MNT- n)d)2)
The%e a%e many things $eing dne t hel' smene c'e &ith autism) The%e a%e many
tem'%a%y things that/s a%e $eing dne) Sme , &hich a%e su''%t g%u's that cme t aid and
su''%t a child &ith autism and the%e a%e $imedical t%eatments that can hel' smene c'e &ith
autism 0Autism S'ea(s- #11#2) This dis%de% is mstly (n&n t e,,ect child%en- $ut it des
e,,ect adults as &ell) As a &ay ,% many child%en t deal &ith autism they get hme schled)
This is '%ima%ily due t thei% ina$ility t ma(e ,%iends 0Ch%istian N- #1162) Althugh it is ha%d
,% many child%en t c'e &ith autism- many , these child%en d ,ind a &ay t live a $ette% li,e
&hile having the dis%de%)
The%e is n cu%e ,% autism 0Autism S'ea(s- #11.2 h&eve%- the%e is a lt , %esea%ch
'e%taining t autism) Recently- scientists ,und the ea%liest (n&n sign , autism 0Autism
S'ea(s- #11.2) This means that dct%s can n& identi,y autism ea%lie% and hel' &ith ea%ly
inte%ventin &hich culd leave the child t live a $ette% li,e) Autism S'ea(s 0#11.2 als stated
that sme 'e'le can actually g%& ut , autism) The%e a%e als a lt , hel' $eing dne t aid
'e'le &ith this dis%de%) Many 'laces a%e sta%ting t have &al(s- ,und%aise%s and even
inte%ventins ,% 'e'le &ith autism 0>l'e C)- #11:2) The main 'int , these activities is t
hel' s'%ead the a&a%eness , autism) Even thugh the%e is n cu%e- a g%eat e,,%t is $eing 'ut ut
t hel' thse &ith autism)
In cnclusin autism is a '%etty &idely s'%ead dis%de% that is m%e li(ely t a,,ect
child%en %athe% than adults) Autism is a dis%de% yu shuld (n& a lt a$ut) ?u might nt
even (n& it $ut autism culd $e a,,ecting ne , yu% ,%iends- ,amily- % even smene yu <ust
see &al(ing d&n the st%eet) Autism is $viusly cnnected t genetics $ecause a change in a
ch%msme culd decide &hethe% % nt smene &ill devel' autism) As yu can '%$a$ly
tell- autism isn/t the mst se%ius dis%de% $ut- it shuld still $e ta(en li(e it is) @i,e &ith autism
may seem ha%d- h&eve% its nt im'ssi$le)
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