1. If Truth be our Merchandise and Carriage, and Truth be our Capital-- we earn too the Profit of Truth. We sit in the Lord's True Court; for the Prayer of the Devotee is for Truth. (Sri Rag M. 1) 2. Truth is the highest of all Virtues; but higher still is the living of Truth. (Sri Rag M. 1) 3. Nanak: The Lord alone is the Tester: (for), who else can tell who's True, who's False. 4. We know the Truth when the heart is True, And we cleanse our body of Falsehood and make it Pure. We know the Truth, when we love the Truth. And, if hearing the Lord's Name our Mind is Pleased, we Attain to the Door of Deliverance. We know the Truth, when our Soul knows the Way; And cultivating our bodies, we sow the seed of God. We know the Truth, if we receive the true Instruction (of the Guru). We know the Truth if we dwell on the Pilgrim-station of the Self. And (if) as is the Guru's Will, so abide we. Truth is the Cure-all, it washes one clean of Sin. But Nanak's prayerful call is to those whose (only) possession is the Lord's Truth. 5. If Truth Then, Truth Devotion of If Truth be Mainstay, We mount to be the Farm, Truth the Seed, Truth the Trade: is the Profit it yields, and so is one brimful with the the Lord. the food, Truth the wear, and Truth, the Lord's Name, our the Abode of God, if the Lord Blesses us to. (Vadhans M. 3)

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