Intervention delivered by the UK Envoy to South Sudan Peace Talks at the

440th AU PSC Meeting – 12 June 2014

The UK fully supports IGAD's tireless efforts to mediate a solution in South Sudan
and welcomes and applauds the continued engagement of the African Union, most
notably through the Commission of Inquiry.

The UK welcomes the progress of the last days, especially three events: we
welcome the symposium of 6 to 7 June, which opened a new discussion between
South Sudanese about the future of the country. It demonstrated the importance of

We welcome the IGAD Heads of State and Government meeting of 10 June, which
was a crucial further step, which made it clear that the conflict must end immediately.

We welcome the passing of UNSCR 2155 which remodels UNMISS, emphasises the
protection of civilians, and authorises a protection force for the IGAD monitors. This
makes clear that fighting will not be allowed to cause further destruction and

We remain, however, a long way from a solution for the people of South Sudan. The
UK is particularly concerned about two issues; human rights and the humanitarian

- We are concerned about reports of serious human rights violations and abuses in
South Sudan. The scale of these has been described by UNMISS and South
Sudan's own Human Rights Commission. It is vital, for sustainable peace and
national reconciliation, that all allegations be investigated and that perpetrators be
brought to justice. The UK looks forward to the outcome of the investigations of the
AU Commission of Inquiry and hopes its work will be fully integrated with that of the
UN Human Rights Council;

- We are secondly concerned that the response to the humanitarian crisis should be
urgently stepped up. The UK has committed over $160 m to the humanitarian effort
since the conflict started and has pledged a further $100 million at the Oslo pledging
conference last month. We ask others to do even more.

The UK will support the urgent engagement of the parties and the South Sudanese
people. We with our partners will encourage those who participate constructively and
we will support the imposition of punitive measures on those who fail to honour their

I thank you.

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