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Application of Ir Spectroscopy

Application of Ir Spectroscopy

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Published by Ayman Fawzy
Application of Ir Spectroscopy
Application of Ir Spectroscopy

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Published by: Ayman Fawzy on Jun 12, 2014
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Application of IR Spectroscopy.

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Written by V R
Sunday, 26 December 2010 18:47 -

1. The force constants for different bonds.
2. Shape and symmetry of molecules.
3. Bond length can be calculated by IR spectra.
4. Identification of unknown compounds.
5. Impurity detection and qualitative analysis.
6. Study of chemical reactions
7. Structural elucidation of organic compounds
8. To distinguish between intra and intermolecular hydrogen bonding
9. Identification of functional groups in organic molecules.
10. Tautomeric equilibria can be studied.
11. Study of coordination compounds.

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