Boiler Corrosion.

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Sunday, 09 January 2011 18:29 -
It is the decay of boiler material by a chemical or electrochemical attack by its environment.The
main reasons for boiler corrosion are:

- Dissolved oxygen

It is the main corrosion causing impurity in water,this oxygen at high temperature and pressure
attacks the boiler material to form rust.

- Dissolved carbondioxide.

It is carbonic acid which has a slow corrosive effect on the boiler material.Carbondioxide is also
produced inside the boiler by the decomposition of bicarbonates.

- Acid from dissolved magnesium salts.

Water containing dissolved magnesium salts liberate acids on hydrolysis.Liberated acids react
with boiler material iron in a chain like reaction producing HCl again and again.Consequently
presence of even small amount of MgCl2 will cause corrosion of iron to a large extent.It is
avoided by adding alkalinity from outside.

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