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Schedule of Training Program on Siemens S7400 PLC

Siemens S7-400 (1 days-10 AM to 6 PM )

1 Morning Siemens S7-400 Over View

2 Morning Features of the S7-400

. A graded CPU platform

. Upwardly-compatible CPUs
. Enclosed modules of rugged design
. Convenient terminal system for the signal modules
. Compact modules with a high component density
. Optimum communication and networking facilities
. Convenient incorporation of operator interface systems
. Software parameter assignment for all modules
. Extensive choice of slots
. Operation without fans
. Multicomputing in the non-segmented rack
3 Morning Assempling information on S7-400 System
4 Morning Tea Time
5 Morning Wiring information on S7-400 System
6 Morning S7-400 Addressing Concepts

A. Logical Address
B. Default address of module and Channels
7 Morning Launch Time
8 Afternoon Start up information on S7-400 Procedure

. Recommended Procedure for First Startup

. Checks Prior to Switching On for the First Time
. Connecting a Programming Device (PG) to an S7-400
. Switching On an S7-400 for the First Time
. Resetting the CPU with the Mode Selector Switch
. Cold, Warm, and Hot Restarts with the Mode Selector Switch
. Inserting a Memory Card
. Inserting a Backup Battery (Option)
. Starting Up a PROFIBUS-DP Subnet
9 Afternoon S7-400 Maintenance Procedures

. Replacing the Backup Battery

. Replacing a Power Supply Module
. Replacing CPUs
. Replacing Digital or Analog Modules
. Changing the Fuses in the Digital Modules
. Replacing Interface Modules
. Replacing the Fuse of the Fan Subassembly
. Replacing Fans in the Fan Subassembly During Operation
. Replacing the Filter Frame of the Fan Subassembly During Operation
. Replacing Memory Cards
. Replacing Interface Sub modules
10 Afternoon S7-400 Instructions Over View

Examples for following Instructions

. Comparison Instructions
. Shift Instructions
. Rotate Instructions
. Accumulator Transfer Instructions, Incrementing and Decrementing
. Jump Instructions
. Function Blocks (FB)
. Functions (FC) and Data Blocks
. System Functions
. System Function Blocks
11 Afternoon Tea Time
12 Afternoon How to Develop the Program using STL Method and SFC Method
13 Afternoon How to trouble Shoot the S7-400 Processor
14 Afternoon Over View Information on S7-400 Communication Module and
Function Module