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Sarah Mulhern 2009

Miss Mulhern’s Mock Newbery


This fall, we will be reading and enjoying a variety of novels as

part of our daily read aloud. While these novels will be very
different- various genres, authors, and topics- they will all have
one thing in common. Each book we share as a class from
September to January will be eligible for the Newbery Award in

I have chosen the following books for our class mock Newbery:

During our daily read aloud you will be responsible for listening
and participating in class discussions. In early January, we will
spend two weeks studying the Newbery Award criteria. Once we
are familiar with the criteria you will use them to write an essay
wherein you choose the book most deserving of the Newbery
Award, supporting your choice with the criteria. We will then
choose a class Newbery Award via secret ballot.

On January 26th we will come together as a class to view the live

webcast of the awards. Hopefully, one of our read alouds will win
the Medal or an Honor!
Sarah Mulhern 2009