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Gl Interface Specification

Gl Interface Specification

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Harword university example doc for gl interface
Harword university example doc for gl interface

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Published by: vidyasagar00729 on Nov 23, 2009
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Many local units need to transmit their institutional data to the UIS-maintained Unix server to conduct
official University business. This data may contain sensitive information such as accounting data. To
secure the data and to secure the authentication information needed to conduct the data upload, UIS
requires that all 'feeds' of data are transmitted via SSH. The recommended procedure for a secured
copy is to use the scp2 MS-DOS utility that comes with the F-Secure package.

To read more about the product (F-Secure/SSH) and what the procedures are to obtain, install and use
this software, please go to: http://www.soc.harvard.edu/ssh/home.html

User administration for both SSH and Unix accounts is part of normal UIS/SOC activities.

Harvard University
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The following diagram illustrates the processing layers utilized by the GL Interface.

Tier-1 Feeds - Transfer Architecture

(Software Components / Layers)


Feeder (Client)


Intermediate Networks

SOC Secure Subnets

Feeder Files

Client S/W

w/ encryption

SSH2, SCP2 (rsh, rcp


[also SQL*Net tunneling]

Various IP Network Clouds

(Harvard local and backbone,


SSH Server Software

File Copy Staging Area

(IP Access Filters - in router)

GL/AP Import Software

(encrypted data stream


Mainframe (HARVARDA)



Harvard University
25298306.doc DRAFT ISSUE

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