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Womens Shoes Red Satin Shoes With Peep Toe Pumps and Polka Dots

Womens Shoes Red Satin Shoes With Peep Toe Pumps and Polka Dots

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Shoe Review on Red Satin Shoes
Shoe Review on Red Satin Shoes

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Published by: WomensShoes on Nov 23, 2009
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Womens Shoes Red Satin Shoes with Peep Toe Pumps and Polka Dots

Shoe Review on Red Satin Shoes Womens shoes are an incredible fashion accessory. High heels can truly pick up outfits. So, it pays to choose your shoes carefully. I found these high heels one day after finding at about.com--but they were no longer available. The red and white polka dot shoes turned up in my search, luckily. I ordered the polka dot shoes for a mere $39 with free shipping. The shoes were shipped the same day I ordered them and arrived two days later. Couldn't believe it. These are red satin shoes with an ankle strap and solid heel. The height on the heel is perfect, it gives my leg a great shape--giving them a long lean look, but not too high, so they are easy to walk in and they are comfortable, which was surprising. I love the satin peep toe pumps because they show off my nicely pedicured feet and also toe cleavage on top. The red pump is a gorgeous color red--not to the orange, nor to the blue, so they work well with any skin tone. The shoe is light weight, so when my husband and I go out dancing, I can wear these shoes easily. I have never owned polka dot shoes before, so was a bit timid about it, but with the price point being only $39 I felt there wasn't much to lose, after all I have much more expensive shoes sitting in my closet that I don't wear for one reason or another. The red satin heels pair well with many more things than I realized. I often wear a plain black turtle neck and black pants or skirt with a colorful sweater over the top. It is easy to travel in and comfortable. The satin peep toe pumps jazz the outfit up tremendously. Plus, with the satin fabric of the shoes, I have been more adventurous in other things. I have started wearing bright red nail polish again, got out my red pocketbook, and pulled out a red belt I haven't worn in a long time. Now, my fashion sense has taken on a new chic level that brings some brightness to my closet, suitcase, and wardrobe. I absolutely love these shoes. What a great surprise. They also look fabulous with my white jeans and yellow and white polka dot top, my silk red shirt and black pants, my turquoise dress with the red belt, and my brown cashmere sweater and brown, red, and white skirt. I am finding there are a lot of great combination's these shoes bring out. It is fun. So cheers to Your-Shoe-Store.com, to red satin shoes, and to perking up my wardrobe. This has been fun.

BTW, every time I wear these shoes, people stop me and compliment my shoes, they bring up more fun conversations. My new ruby slippers are making me new friends all over the place. When I wear my polka dot shoes, I always come home with a smile on my face! Who knew womens shoes could be so much fun?!

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