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How to wind bobbin on Singer touch and sew model 648?
My husband just bought me a sewing machine, and I don't know how to wind the bob
bin. I've read online that you just thread the machine, wrap the thread around t
he screw for the pressure foot, push the button with the bullseye to the left un
til it clicks, and just start "sewing" to wind the bobbin. trouble is, that butt
on won't click over to the left. it will move a little, but not a lot, and it ju
st pops back when i let go. am i doing something wrong, or is it possible that t
his part is broken? otherwise, the machine runs great, just can't figure out how
to wind bobbin.
please help?
Best Answer
kay answered 4 years ago
This series of machines is often known by those of us who have used them as "tou
ch and swear", "sew and throw" and other appellations that are not suitable for
tender ears.
50 years of sewing
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Other Answers (1)
Judy answered 4 years ago
The best thing to do is look online for the Singer Touch and Sew Model 648 a
nd ask for a manual. It will show up on adobe and then you will download it and
print it out. The manual will explain most everything about the machine and how
to use it.
For a very important lesson it is best to clean and oil the machine before y
ou do anything else. This manual will show you how to do these things. To wind t
he bobbin it takes power so lift the pressure foot. Make sure nothing else is in
operation so it has all the power it needs to wind the bobbin to the left. Make
sure you use the same thread that you intend to use will be used on the top as
well. This will prevent trouble with breaking threads. Also very important that
under the pressure foot that the bobbin holder is cleaned and free of dust and d
irt. Clean with alcohol and dry. Once these jobs are completed the machine will
run much better. Cleaning and oiling is most important for all sewing machines b
efore you encounter problems. The winding bobbin will work the best after these
jobs are done. Then go forth and put the bobbin into the correct spot and thread
the machine with the same type of thread. Never use anything other. Your machin
e will run great. Just make sure the same thread is always used in the bobbin as
in the top thread.
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