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a laborious job or process is long, difficult, and often boring
We eventually began the laborious task of sorting through his papers.

a laborious way of doing something is slow or boring and therefore annoys people
The author has a somewhat laborious style of writing.

to think carefully about something for a long time before reaching a decision
used for saying that something is certain to happen
Inevitably, reports of the failure were soon appearing in the newspapers.
That kind of success inevitably attracts admirers.
not needed or wanted
They were superfluous to requirements (=not required).
plain in style and without decoration
The church is large and austere.
strict and serious in manner
An austere, silent woman showed him round the small flat.
an austere way of living is simple and not very comfortable
He was a man of austere habits.
severely reducing the amount of money that is spent, in a way that is likely to produce unpleasant effects
austere measures
austere economic policies