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Eclipse and Java for Total Beginners

Tutorial Companion Document

Ter' =uick Definition
/efactor To improve a program $it"out c"anging t"e $a# it $or7s ?i.e.8 its A+I@.
E=ample include renaming fields or variables8 streamlining code8 etc. 2er#
important in agile development because of emp"asis on self0documenting
/eference 2ariable In Java8 variable t"at "olds an obect reference ?e.g.8 p T ne$ +erson?@V@.
+oints to an area on t"e A"eapB $"ere t"e obect resides. Contrast $it"
value variable.
)crapboo7 +age Area in Eclipse $"ere #ou can e=ecute Java code AsnippetsB and see "o$
t"e# $or7. 'reat for e=perimenting $it" Java statements.
)tatic (et"od A met"od t"at belongs to t"e entire class instead of one instance of t"e
class. Invo7ed $it" QClassR.Q(et"odR ?e.g.8 +erson.getTotalCount?@@.
6sed for met"ods t"at donGt rel# on an# one instance of a class.
)$ing A set of standard Java pac7ages t"at implement a grap"ical user interface
$it"out using an# AnativeB code.
)!T ?)tandard !idget
)et of Java classes and native programs developed b# Eclipse to allo$
Java programs to "ave t"e loo7 and feel of native programs on eac"
platform. 6sed to create t"e Eclipse IDE.
T#pe In Java8 an attribute of a variable to indicate eit"er a primitive t#pe ?int8
boolean8 etc.@ or class members"ip. For obects8 t"e t#pe is t"e class to
$"ic" it belongs. T#pes also include interfaces and enumerations.
2alue 2ariable In Java8 variable t"at "olds t"e value of a Java primitive ?e.g.8 integer8
c"aracter8 etc.@. Held in t"e memor# stac7. Contrast $it" reference
!or7space Top0level container for Eclipse $or7. Holds multiple proects. In a single
Eclipse session8 onl# one $or7space can be active.

Additional ,esources
T"ere are man# resources available for learning more about Eclipse and Java. T"ese are ust a fe$
t"at IGve found "elpful.
Cop#rig"t > 2<<9 (ar7 De=ter. ,icensed under t"e Educational Communit# ,icense version 4.<. +age 4- of -.