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Michigan Supreme Court

State Court Administrative Office

Child Welfare Services
1Michigan Foster Care Review Board Program
3034 W. Grand Blvd, !400
"etroit, M# 4$0$
%313& '($!3$3
%313& '($!3$' F)*
+,ne 1$, $014
-o Whom #t Ma. Concern/
# am 0leased to write this re1erence letter on 2ehal1 o1 Ms. Geisele 3olmes who has ma4ored in
5ocial Wor6. # met Ms. 3olmes a00ro7imatel. ( .ears ago when she 2ecame a mem2er o1 the
8rder o1 the 9astern 5tar with Modern Free, #nc. -his relationshi0 has allowed me the
o00ort,nit. to watch Ms. 3olmes grow not onl. 0ersonall. 2,t also 0ro1essionall.. Ms. 3olmes
and # also have the 1ield o1 5ocial Wor6 in common since # am a licensed 5ocial Wor6er. )s a
res,lt, we have 2een a2le to grow closer 2eca,se we have so m,ch in common and have
colla2orated on several 0ro4ects. #n the 8rder, # have wor6ed with her as a 0eer and as her leader
where she also served as second in command with me 1or $ .ears. )t this time, she has 2ecome
the leader in the organi:ation and contin,es to 2e e7tremel. 1oc,sed on 0artici0ating in
comm,nit. service wor6.
5he is a wonder1,l individ,al and it is alwa.s a 0leas,re to interact with her. 5he is 2right and
modest at the same time and has an ,ncann. a2ilit. to 2e1riend others. 5he has 0roven over time
that she is a2le to ma6e good, mat,re decisions and is not easil. in1l,enced which is a strength
1or her. 5he is also sel1!ass,red and 1oc,sed.
Ms. 3olmes is ver. hard wor6ing when it comes to academics and serving others. 9ven 2e1ore
she was elected to 2e the leader o1 o,r organi:ation, she 0er1ormed co,ntless ho,rs o1
comm,nit. service wor6 and has strongl. enco,raged others to do the same since elevating in
the organi:ation. #n concl,sion, Ms. 3olmes is an o,tstanding individ,al who has a ver. strong
interest in hel0ing others, im0rove and 2ecome the 2est that the. can 2e. # will 2e more than
ha00. to share an. more in1ormation a2o,t Ms. 3olmes i1 needed. Feel 1ree to contact me 1or
an. 1,rther in1ormation ; %313& <4'!14(0.
Res0ect1,ll. 5,2mitted,
Brenda Ba6er!M2ac6=