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Dear Lizzie. Friday, jun 13, 2014.

friend. I tell you I'm in quertaro, I know, the plan was to come at 2, but
I stand a chance and it is wonderful.
I tell you ... at first we did not know where to start, but turned out to be
investigated and is a historical center, then we decided to go see the
The Temple San Francisco, The house corregidora, The garden Zenea,
Convent of the Holy Cross and the museum house zacatecana.

All these places are Baroque style dating from the seventeenth and
eighteenth centuries, located in the historic center of the city, where
the streets are seen laid out harmoniously.

Went to Sierra Gorda and we rode ATVs, cuand acavamos this, we
went to the Oasis Spa is freshwater, this delicious water. for 3 days were
in the ecotourism camp boar, this very well because we planned this
take you by rivers, forests, canyons ... very different from cabo.

A few days later went to the zoo in Wameru, fascinating, we had a
variety of animal beautiful snow leopards, Bengal tigers, African lions,
panthers, baboons, macaques, African elephants, giraffes, rhinos,
monkeys spiders.

Besides this, here is a super limpio.todavia place we are many more
places to visit, I did not want to go from here, I'm amazed. I am
enjoying yourself. without playing well, hopefully someday we can
come together, or come apart but hopefully enjoy the journey as well
as I'm enjoying it.
P. S. Do not envy me.
I love you. Dany.