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Regents Prep Day 4

Government and Legal


I) Legal Systems

A) Legal Systems system of laws / government

I) Legal Systems

B) Hammurabis Code

1)Hammurabi = ruler of Ancient Sumer
2)Laws believes in the severe punishment
of people who commit crimes
3)Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth
4)****First written laws*****

Why is it important to have
laws written down?
I) Legal Systems

C) Justinian Codes

1)Justinian = emperor of the
Byzantine Empire
2)Made less laws so it was easier
to understand

I) Legal Systems

D) Asokas Pillars -

1)Asoka = king of India
2)Put laws on pillars so
everybody could see the law
at all times

Why do you think he
put the laws on pillars?
I) Legal Systems

E) Roman Twelve Tables -

1) Laws found in Rome
2) All citizens were equal
under the law and
innocent until proven

What does this sound like
in America?
I) Legal Systems

F) Parliamentary government-

1) Government found in
2) People choose their
leaders to represent them.
Like Congress in the U.S.
3) Similar to a democracy

How do you think Britain's
government is set up?

I) Legal Systems

G) Democracy-

1) Western Europe mainly
2) Natural rights
3) Elections to choose your
4) Representatives in
government chosen by vote
& represent the people
I) Legal Systems

H) Direct Democracy-

1) Found in ancient Greece
2) Every citizen represents
themselves in government

Why would this type of
not work in the U.S. today?
I) Legal Systems

I) Dictatorship-

1)One person control a country
and government
2)Examples Cuba and Fidel
3)Russia and Joseph Stalin

How does a dictatorship
compare to a democracy?
I) Legal Systems

J) Totalitarian government-

1)Complete control by the
2)Example Hitler in Germany
I) Legal Systems

K) Bill of Rights & Magna

1) Written constitution
2) Natural rights and a
democracy set up
3) Limits the power of
monarchs. Gives power
to the people.

I) Legal Systems

L) Absolutism-

1)Complete control by the
monarchy (King)
2)Absolute leaders rule comes
from God (Divine Right)
3)Example Louis XVI in France

How does absolutism
compare to totalitarianism?